Moog® Multimode Filter Collection

Moog® Multimode Filter Collection

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Moog Multimode Filter Collection

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a. braband

September 22, 2018

Perfekt für Hard und software synths

Perfekt für Hard und software synths

J. Walter

September 19, 2018

The one plugin I absolutely had to have.

For those of you who, like me, have dreams of owning a few particular Moog Synths which are particularly pricey, this really does a lot for you. The Moog sound is so distinct, I was blown away when I heard this plug-in for the first time. They really nailed it, and for $99. If I didn't see the price tag myself I wouldn't have believed it. This allows anyone making tracks in their DAW to get that Moog sound that spans a wide range of genres, yet still sounds contemporary. While I must admit that the Moog Sub 37 is my next addition to the studio once it shows itself at the right price..... This plug in will keep me happy until then, and I doubt that I'll be able to learn all the possibilities this plug-in has to offer by then. When I bought my midi-controller synths it was for products like this that emulate products which I could never afford. Now that computers are so incredibly capable, my dreams have become a reality, having access to any piece of gear through a plug-in that both sounds as good as the physical hardware, and is cheap enough that anyone can get them, even folks on a tight budget can save up and watch for sales.

Never before in history has it been possible to go to a concert or music festival and watch someone perform and say to yourself, "that looks like a lot of fun, I'm going to try my hand at that and learn how it's done". It would take a lifetime of music lessons and natural talent, but now if you really have the interest, products like this exist and just 10 years ago this would have never been accessible to the vast number of musicians out there who are curious, but not $20-50k curious. Now it's possible for us all.

h. mayanja

September 18, 2018


WOW THIS REALLY NICE, i even tried to use the filter as a preamp , taking advantage of the distortion , highly recommend to ant edm producer

K. Stoopid

August 17, 2018

Really fun

I originally bought it because it was on sale and was surprised that it worked so well!

K. Stoopid

August 17, 2018

Really fun

I originally bought it because it was on sale and was surprised that it worked so well!


July 13, 2018

"Un filtre ou une distorsion ? Les deux !"

C'est un super jouet qui nous fait perdre la tête! Le son est au rendez-vous, il est même devenu ma distorsion préférée. Et j'en suis qu'au début! Pas les mêmes sensations qu'un vrai Moog, mais au niveau du son, oui, vraiment les mêmes vibrations!

G. Westwood

June 26, 2018

The best analog filters plugin on the planet

Both the flitter and arpeggiator are excellent
Turns even the simplest of sounds into some thing unique in your sound arsenal


June 26, 2018

Moog Multimode Filter Collection .... GREAT!!!

I wanted this collection for quite awhile, finally could afford it, and use it so much creating spaces .... I am playing analog music but using this for many types of filtering. From subtle to astounding! Imagine analog guitars slowly walking across the space backwards .... while the whirly is in a nice piano filter space .... I like the low cpu as well . A keeper all the way.

W. De Jesus

April 10, 2018

Excellent source for sound design.

I’m in love of Moog Multimode Filter Collection. It’s perfect not only for my comercial productions but also for my film scoring sonds.
It’s an excellent source for sound design.

h. YU

April 10, 2018

이건 말이지...

내가 가지고 있는 플러그인 들 중 단연 최고중에 최고~

정말이야~ 뭐든지 할수 있다고

J. Wilson

April 7, 2018

Great Filtering and Useful Sequencer

This has replaced my Moog Minitaur as my go-to ITB filter. Sounds almost identical without the higher noise floor of analog, but still gives you that transparent LP filter and resonance that is very hard to find with other software. What I thought was just a nice addition to my collection has become one of my most used UAD tools.

L. Holzapfel

March 29, 2018

Geratest Filter Tool i ever used

very warm and musical sounding you can create real sound paintings from flat tracks without having to resort to prefabricated sample libraries.
That's great!

M. Zappile

March 23, 2018

Sounds like a Moog

Perfect recreation of the Moog sound.

R. Dent

March 20, 2018

Best filter plug in ever

I've used every vst filter since time began (1997 in my case). This is only thing that comes close to the real thing. It's like cream. The only thing is that resonance cancels out a lot of the gain from the input signal, unlike the Ableton filter. But the drive function warms things up nicely and doubles as an overdrive effect.

S. Norland

March 4, 2018

Love it... great upgrade!

The original Moog filter was a great plugin and now the upgrade has taken it to the next level. Everything from smooth filtering to delicious crunchy distortion with a real Moog vibe. The new modulation and sequencer features make it even more versatile and double the fun!

S. Tib

February 13, 2018

Very Creative tool with a great overdrive and Sequencer

I have just upgraded to the Moog Multimode Filter Collection, the old UAD Moog filter was good but this new upgrade adds a different flavour with an amazing sounding distortion and a great sequencer for an extra creative weapon! The presets are a good starting point to have a good idea of its possibility.

j. van den berghe

February 7, 2018

Wonderful sounding package

These guys sound amazing, from colouring pads to creating rhythmic mayhem. Awesome plugs!

R. Aarts

February 7, 2018

Endless Filter Fun

Upgraded from Moog Filter SE to XL, it's so powerful I'm spending hours tweaking it's parameters.

M. Monn

January 15, 2018


So creative and fun to use. Sequencer is great! The way you can randomize and turn the sequence to run in any direction is perfect when you’d like something unexpected and surprising to happen.
Creative and fun. Sounds great.

r. timmermans

January 14, 2018

Loving it!!

This is so much fun and it sounds incredible! Very versatile and useful on many sources. Thumbs up for UA!

61-80 of 155 Results