MXR® Flanger/Doubler

MXR® Flanger/Doubler

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Customer Reviews

MXR® Flanger/Doubler

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81-100 of 109 Results

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D. Morgan

February 25, 2015

MXR on Logic X

Excellent Plug-in for réal effect …

R. Savoie

January 23, 2015

not sure what to make of it

it's a pretty mild effect. it will take some experimenting to get some interesting sounds out of as the presets aren't of to much interest

J. Seung

January 20, 2015

best subtle flanger

not for sound design.
but very efficient for subtle vibe & stereo width.
my go to flanger. better than others.

C. Brannon

January 19, 2015

Identical to the original !!

So excited to get my MXR Flanger/Doubler back in my mixes after selling the pair of originals I had years ago !!
Thanks Universal Audio for bringing back the classics !!

M. Weiser

January 19, 2015


Creamy and delicious :) Does a great job thickening up a sound in a smooth fashion.

C. De

December 24, 2014

Best Flanger plug period

Best Flanger I have tried.
Works very wel on stereo material 2!
Terrific for the lush filtered disco sound!
Keep it Fonking UAD. Merry Christmas

F. Boic

December 18, 2014

Analog forever

I am a fan of vintage gear. I had one original MXR Flanger in studio when I work. I compared it with this one,and there is no difference that I can hear. Only the original hardware version makes more noise. But who wants noise in mix at the end of 2014?

P. Mccosh

December 10, 2014

Warm & Rich

A flanger like no other.....great dimension & characteristics.....definitely unique....very happy :)

B. Freedom

May 26, 2014

MXR Review

I can highly recommend this plugin. It does sound rich and detailed. It offers a flanger sound that I did not find anywhere else. And it offers a feature that is very important to me and very, very rare on plugins: You can sync the modulation to the SONG POSITION. So the sweeps will always be at the same point, which can be very important.

M. Smith

May 2, 2014


I love this plug, it is a little bit noisy, but so was the hardware unit. Overall this a great emulation and saves me from having to spend $ on a hardware unit that is more fickle and harder to use!

B. Munyon

April 25, 2014

The Flange

Working on sci-fi sound effects, rockets, spaceships, really fast moving stuff, a flanger is the classic way of accomplishing the effect of futuristic movement. Not all flange effects are created equal (I tried a lot and was not happy). The MXR IS THE FLANGE effect I was hearing in my head and does sound like the stuff of Star Wars/Ben Burtt. Excellent modelling!

L. Perillo

January 12, 2014

Warm your pads

I use it to warm a give a bit of emotions e movement to my electronic pads.
Second to no one plugin in the universe for flanging! Amazing!

R. Veiga

December 18, 2013

I love that plugin.

Great plugin to give hard transient sounds some clean depth. Great plugin!

T. Wybrow

December 14, 2013

top draw

simply amazing how it just fattens things up, very true to the original

T. Tobin

December 1, 2013

Nice, thick, authentic

Great to have an easy-to-use plugin for doing some nice flanging and doubling. Never used the original hardware, but this plug is definitely reminiscent of some classic analog delay/flange boxes I've used in the past. Swishy goodness.

G. Gassert

September 27, 2013

Musical Modulation

I saw one of these in a major studio once and thought ,,,whats that doing in the rack? Now I know, it sounds amazing . Didn't realize it was used on so many famous recordings .

C. Sammarco

September 25, 2013

MXR Flanger / Doubler

Fantastic plug in. Sounds great on pads, percussion, basslines. The best software flanger I've heard by far

S. Woolgar

September 6, 2013

Exactly what I was looking for in combination with Engl amps

This combined with the Engl amps is a killer guitar sound. Thanks for the excellent plugin.

G. Piazza

August 9, 2013

very analog whackiness! fun for the whole family..

They nailed the bucket brigade sound with all the analog quirks. If you need fattening via doubling or chorus, this and the Cooper cover the possbilites better than most of the other plug-ins I've tried that puport to do similar tasks. Plus, the analog whackiness is all there in spades. Put it on a drum buss for a section and go 'Kashmir'! Or fatten that vocal track organically, unlike most 'doublers' on the market. This is the only flanger you need!

Y. Kawahara

July 17, 2013

MXR Flanger Doubler Plug-In

Universal audio MXR Flanger Doubler Plug-In is very nice.

81-100 of 109 Results