Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled

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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

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UAD User

May 31, 2017

Smooth and clear, synths come to life!

Every recording with my synths with this Neve preamp is sounding more vivid, cleaner, smoother and with a perfect low end and crystal clear high frequency. Yes, it uses a lot of dsp but for recording it doesn't matter. For EQ you can use the Legacy channel strip, that baby does the job. Very nice package, totally worh the money. Even my Virus TI2 and Nord Stage are able to sound very, very analog and creamy.

UAD User

May 31, 2017


Once again an awesome sounding unit, really digging & enjoying it! Keep up the great work!!! Tab from Germany

T. England

May 30, 2017


Beautifully done plugin!

F. Brasil da Silva

May 30, 2017

Very Good


e. nedd

May 29, 2017


the real deal!!!!

UAD User

May 29, 2017

I didn't think plugins can be so good

I'm very glad I've bought Universal Audio APOLLO 8 and now I'm using plugins, The sound is just beyond of my imagination (possible, I don't have big imagination) ,. anyway, I'm very happy with UA's plugins
Thank you all, who is doing such an amazing work

d. longo

May 26, 2017

Powerful eq

Lovely colour and vibe for days!

A. Hollman

May 23, 2017

Can't tell the difference

I honestly can not tell the difference between this plugin and the real Preamp. This preamp is best in Class and I use it for color and gain on almost everything track I do.

Universal Audio *****

A. Lopez

May 22, 2017

Mixing Enginier

Very nice plug in gives a very nice sound clarity

A. Harrington

May 19, 2017

No brainer

I picked this up with a coupon and a sale and must say, it's outstanding. The unison capabilities and the switchable impedance are amazing. With or without unison this plugin certainly adds mojo and lives up to the hype. It's a dsp hog, but who cares since you can track through it!?!

J. Dale

May 18, 2017

Killer plug in

I'm by no means a professional sound engineer, but Neve seemed to be the end all be all in the studio. These plug ins seem to verify all the talk, and are simple for a novice like me.

UAD User

May 18, 2017

Oh my gooo

This is so nice sound,and so agressive tone!!


May 16, 2017


Best 1073 plug-in all over the world!

R. Calegari

May 14, 2017

El principio de todo!

Todo lo que pasa por el 1073 toma color y calidez...con este plugin nadie puede decir que suena a digital! Gran emulacion, simple pero muy eficaz, con ese tono de Neve tan maravilloso. Uad lo vuelve a hacer!

w. lee

May 11, 2017

nice agressive preamp

it is my go to plug in for vocal & drum sounds.
it can add a super magic low bottom sound.

J. Dale

May 9, 2017

Never for the common folks

Neve is the name you hear most often, but who can afford the hardware? Universal audio has made it available in the software version for the rest of us. I may not be a professional mix engineer, but the recordings I make in my home studio are certainly sounding better.

R. Saunders

May 7, 2017

Simply wonderful!!

Sounds great. Phenomenal in all regards. Musical beautiful and tonally creamy and inviting. If you had to record through a single plug-in, this would be it. I can't see why you'd need to buy another pre amp style Real Time plug in after this: it's simply that musical and wonderful.

A. Lehmus

May 6, 2017

Oh my god

Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god...amazing.

T. Utz

May 5, 2017

Instantly What Was Looking For

I think every musician and their mother has always been eyeing the 1073 since she was your crush in middle school. Lower end interfaces wound up compromising the warmth and tonal characteristics from the original source. The gain staging ability makes it quick to dial in the correct tones that you want. The unison technology is genius. I think universal audio doesn't quite have THE best plugins, however the unison makes a MASSIVE difference when you're trying to capture the sound. Makes me glad I purchased the Apollo Duo. Try to get the same tone straight from the box by bypassing the Unison technology. It just won't happen.

J. Ivarsson Björklund

May 3, 2017

Not just another...

...preamp plugin. I've been on stand by for this one since I already own the API channel strip and the DSP usage is a downside.
But I pushed the demo button last week before tracking vocals, acoustic and electric guitars and I guess I "need" to buy this one now. Sounds great and another beast than the API (and 610).

181-200 of 707 Results