Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled

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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

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M. Becker

April 14, 2017

Color, weight, quality!

A wonderful and colorful addition to the unisonpreamps. Its not only changing the tone, it is changing the quality of the sound! Everyone should try it while tracking. Usually using it for vocals and drums. It really takes your tracks to the next level.

And for mixing purpose - the eq is stunning. Using it often as a snare top EQ. Have the feeling that the transients are getting tighter by using it... Great virtual Gear!

M. L

April 9, 2017



Q. Rodgers

April 3, 2017

Blown Away

Henrik Hjortnaes's Avatar
Henrik Hjortnaes
28th June 2014
My Studio
My Recordings/Credits
I also find the video unfair. We all know how level mismatch, even the slightest, will make the loudest stand out as the best. No wonder most dynamics plug-ins will raise the output level. It sells.

I just did a quick test between the Scheps and IK Multimedia EQ 73. Same story. At default settings on both, everything at Off/Zero, the latter is typically 1dB louder on the material I tested with (vocals). So just by engaging the IK EQ73 you get 1dB of RMS gain. Then, when I start twisting, the difference becomes 1-2dB. I know I can't compare the two like that, but at ANY setting the IK EQ73 is louder. That's gotta say something...

Back to the video and the UAD Neve 1073. Okay, it's louder than the Scheps, but surely that doesn't account for all the difference, does it? To me it sounds like the UAD add an insane amount of... crosstalk(?). I mean, it changes the whole stereo image. But maybe once again, I'm fooled by the increase in output level...

C. Buenviaje

April 1, 2017

Does Magic to every track

I'm so blown away with the Neve 1073 plugin. The warm and color it adds to a track is outstanding. Use it on a snare drum or in a buss it gives that grit and analog kick to any track. Inspite of it's power hungry traits it is still a good plugin and it forces you to be creative when it comes to managing your resources.

C. Jolley

April 1, 2017

An EQ winner gets even better

I had the 1073 plugin prior to upgrade, and use it frequently on string instruments and vocals. But the Preamp has that extra bit of musicality that is essential for ITB recording. I find myself adding it to mix busses just for the Preamp coating. Like the Pultec, even flat settings provide a little bit of color that is highly desirable.

B. Miranda

March 30, 2017

I love this preamp

The color I get from the plugin is awesome. Makes guitars sound huge!

J. Jones

March 30, 2017

Unison 1073 & Me

Once my 3rd round of free 14 day trials was expired I finally made the commitment . It's a lush sounding preamp plug-in and worth every dollar; however I held out for a sale and used a $50 coupon, to make this purchase. I'd pay full price if I had to replace it because I won't record without it.

M. Lim

March 30, 2017

Perfect Preamp

When I use this for vocals, it sounds so good that I cannot use other preamps

J. Yellen

March 29, 2017

Really great

Makes a big difference recording vocals through this. I highly recommend it.

P. King

March 23, 2017

Best 1073 so far!

Great job on this. Has all the character and vibe of a well kept original

D. Iljes

March 21, 2017

Just great

This really is a gamechanger. Pitty for the processor power.

A. Hrvatin

March 21, 2017

sonic bliss

A great revision of an already super useful EQ plug-in. Now also the preamp "colour" sounds great... It can add sheen and depth, clean up the mid range in a very musical way.

W. Choi

March 20, 2017

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

The best pre-amp for recording so far. Great mid and bass freq makes the sound more solid.

S. Murphy

March 19, 2017


Love the Neve 1073 Channel Strip.
Sounds great for everything!

P. Klassen

March 18, 2017


I have a couple of Neve 1073 pre's and when I tried out this demo I was blown away. I personally can't tell much of a difference if any from my actual pre's and that's a HUGE reason to own this which I now do :).

D. Webb

March 17, 2017

Perfect Preamp

The Neve 1073 is a very welcome addition to all in the box recordings. Especially for giving life to sampled drum instruments. I'm blessed to actually own a 1073D. A/B comparisons on vocals and string instruments are very close. If you love crisp tracks with as-close-to-authentic recordings, this will give your tracks punch and pronounciation. Good Job UAD Folks! Thank you for all your excellent products!

M. Christiansen

March 15, 2017

Incredible smooth analog distortion

I don't own an Apollo and so I can't use the unison feature. But I use the preamp on all kinds of instruments and the sound is incredibly smooth and 3d. Very useful for some grit.

M. Engell

March 12, 2017

Great Sound!!

The Neve 1073, is great sounding adding warmth and harmonics to drums, guitar vocal etc. Really good in unison. For an Apollo twin it use´s way to much DSP though!!

K. Gleason

March 11, 2017

Solid Emulation

This was good enough in unison to sell my racked 1272. As UAD upgrades their pres, this plug will get even better. Definitely the best of UAD.

P. Mansson

March 9, 2017

My goto Preamp

My goto preamp using Brauner VMA for vocals. Also for tracking drums. My hardware 1073 are sleeping in the rack nowadays.

201-220 of 703 Results