Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled

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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

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B. Ward

August 18, 2016

Neve 1073 Mic Pre/EQ is superb

After reading up on the Neve 1073 plugin I was still really amazed once I tested it in my studio. It makes everything sound better. Now I understand why there was so much excitement over it. Inserting it on a track and simply turning on the EQ without changing any settings improves the sound. Tracking with the 1073 in unison mode will save you a lot of mixing time that you would have spent trying to make things sound good.

UAD User

August 15, 2016


I love this preamp so much! I can't wait to do all my recordings with it.

UAD User

August 3, 2016


I LOVE1073!veryverynice!!amazing!

h. Shin

July 18, 2016

When I use for Vacal with NEVE 1073 Preamp

I recent purchased Uad's Neve 1073 Preamp So I'm not Good well.
But I hope to use with Low cut Plug-ins. Good Lock Everyone ^^*

s. peterson

July 13, 2016


Did a small live event with my wife as the vocalist. I finally tried my apollo twin duo in a live setting.

My chain... The apollo twin duo, the Neve 1073, the Cambridge EQ, the LA-2A-L, the Pultec Pro Legacy, a Telefunken m80 and an outboard BBE 482i as my signal chain. RealVerb Pro on an Aux. Ran it all into a small format mixer then to powered speakers.

Again, Awesome!

J. Walsh

July 13, 2016


This plug in is worth twice the price! I've used it in Unison-I have a few outboard Neve preamps now I have a few more-DSP hungry yes, but possible to use the preamps alone while tracking then you can colour the tracks with the less hungry SÉ and Legacy EQ's-as soon as I use these as inserts, the tracks instantly sit well in any mix I've used them on-I have many UA plugins but this one has quickly become my number one!

UAD User

June 28, 2016


Perfect for almost anything.
I use it on guitars, vocals and...
I simply love it :-)

L. Bimbi

June 28, 2016

Sounds incredible

Either in Unison mode or in session, sounds amazing. Really spot-on to the real thing. Very musical and easy to use. Rock'n'Roll!

L. Tomasic

June 27, 2016


love, Love, LOVE the 1073. It is ultra-magnificent!

S. Householder

June 23, 2016

If you could turn an Orgasm into sound, it would be the 1073.

If you could turn the FEELING of an Orgasm into sound, thats what the 1073 plugin is like.

It tickles your earlobe and then crawls inside to throb its way into your happy place. Then you have to turn the sound off because your ears are suddenly too sensitive.

Every time I track a vocal with this thing, the punch, the clarity, no matter what mic I use, HOW DO IT KNOW?! HOW??

This plugin will give you the greatest vocal you ever had, and then it'll hold you while you smoke a cigarette. It doesn't care about your past, it loves you for who you are. And its going to stay right here...and it will never cheat on you with your f--king a-hole drummer.

Open the door. Let the 1073 in. You know you want to.

R. Elliott

June 22, 2016


Love this plugin! Like the Pultec, just inserting this makes my tracks sound better. Using it on the way in is even better and saves time mixing. I love pushing it a bit on drums to give them some grit. Guitars and vocals sound incredible as well.

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Simple and easy to use

Easy to use and it's unison so a must have for any Apollo owner !
I've been using this more and more recently on all sources but it's killer on guitar cabs !

V. Garcia Gruartmoner

June 21, 2016

Too much DSP

It's good but it needs too much DSP

T. Hunter

June 20, 2016

EP-34 Echo Tape Plugin

Absolutely Awesome on guitars and vocals! I love the Old School characteristics of this plugin it really complements my mix with its warm delays and echoes.

K. Ford

June 13, 2016

Neve1087 Preamp & Eq

First off I purchased this plugin for$199 and it was on sale for 129 I called sales and left a message of the mistake and no one got back to me I also contacted support and still no one got back to me so you really don't want my review you guys need to make this right now let's see what you do other than that I love it

A. Bodochi Ursu

June 12, 2016

Great Plugin!!!

As usual UAD delivers with this one again!
I only wish I had more DSP on my system (Apollo 8 quad) so I can put it on all the groups in the mix.
Haven't tried tracking with it yet so I cannot pronounce on the Unison Technology but I'm more than sure that it just does exactly what they say in the tutorial/promo video!
Bottom line, great sound, can use it on everything. Tried it on the Masterbus and it just makes it go WOW... :)

R. møller

June 9, 2016

Very fast results!!!!

This plugin is very nice, It is a fast way to get that old school sound without having to use several distortions plugins and eqs. would be nice with some auto gain compensation because this plugin ads alot of db.

B. Thompson

June 9, 2016

So that's How it's Done!!

I have never used the 1073 hardware or recorded vocals thru anything but an inexpensive interface. I have always tried to fix the mix with plugins. I recently purchased an Apollo USB and decided to give the 1073 unison preamp a go with a tube mic. I finally found out how the Big Boys get their sound. The preamp was stellar at bringing my vocals out and warming them up. I am just blown away with the quality of this rig. My struggles are over and its back to making more music and less fixing it. I'm sure I will be purchasing more unison technology and expanding my studio. Hooray for UAD. I did purchase for 149.00 with a discount and 2 coupons only to find it on sale the next month for 129.00. I'm not gonna complain got work to do.

M. Altieri

June 3, 2016

Fantastic !!!

i think one the best! in every channel or buss you can hear the right sound! with eq switch "on" all the feeling rise up , try it and buy it! ok more dsp killer but you can mixdown the tracks if insert before all , and than use it...

J. Raper

June 2, 2016

Everything I hoped it would be

What an amazing character to both the EQ and the Unison Pre.

Been using this to track vocals and guitar and its out of the this world!

Love it and use it every session.

321-340 of 703 Results