Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

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Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

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M. Henrique

September 13, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ

Wonderful, I can use it with voice, drums, bass ... it's really amazing the power of pre !! I recommend !! Thanks UAd!!

S. Kim

May 27, 2014


It's deeper than old 1073 plug-in and has more open sound.

But it takes 9% of dsp power in my uad octo card.

Except dsp issue, it will be my go to eq.

M. Brawer

May 25, 2014

great plug - dodgy pricing

picked this one up on release for 299 usd, price dropped to 150 less than 2 weeks later. come on UAD, show a little consistency here - this has happened before! don't penalize your most loyal customers... otherwise, it's a lovely sounding plug in

M. Quinn

May 23, 2014

Good eq but is it worth 1 full dsp per instance?

Ok so its a really nice sounding eq but ... Universal audio are soon going to render my €1600 octo similar to the worth of a uad-1 soon with all of the dsp these new plugins are taking up.

Its a little nicer than the original but in a mix situation it will kill your dsp with 7-8 instances and then what? More $$$!!

C. Edmonds

November 17, 2014

Love the Plug. Feel like a sucker

The plug in sounds great. I can't imagine going back to tracking (vocals especially, it's just beautiful sounding) now that I own it. But I have to say, after I just paid $299, to see it selling for half?? i mean...can you feel my pain a little bit? $150 is not going to bankrupt me, and if i couldn't afford the $300...well i might have bought it anyway. But I feel a bitter taste knowing that I basically paid twice what is currently being charged. Am wrong to feel irritated? Let's just say, I'm not going to be buying a plug-in full price from UAD anytime soon. Plug-ins are great, gear is great, source recordings and talent and good songs are 4689% more important than "color." Even if it's a beautiful color. It's a final touch.

F. Cabral

January 15, 2015

I am not a happy customer!

Neve 1073 and other problems:

1) After only one incidence of using the NEVE 1073, I then went to load up a different track with the NEVE 1073 again and the warning message (which I dreaded seeing ...before I bought the OCTO) came up telling me that the plugin would be disabled and that there wasn't enough DSP to run it !!!
I had not even come close to "scratching the surface" of maxing out my DSP power in the OCTO, but it wouldn't let me run more than one incidence of the Neve 1073?

2) An errant, loud, distorted screeching sound for 3-5 seconds on playback of my mix .


I sent two separate requests to UAD regarding a separate topic / issue and have not heard back from anyone.

Its been 4 days and still waiting !!!???

D. Cook

June 26, 2014

I was hoping for massive sound and got bogged down.

I want to start out saying this plug in sounds great. I love what the pre does for my tracks. It really brings my snare and vocals to life. But here's the reason I am writing a bad review. This thing is glitchy. I am using a quad satellite with an iMac i7 (incase you're wondering). To start with, the instance count is low (8 mono/4 stereo). Yes 8 virtual pre's cost way less than 1 real pre. However, some times when I load an instance the pre will work but the eq (or some other feature) won't engage. The warning it gives has to do with the load limits. There are ways for me to work around this (as I have learned by lots of trial and error), but I am really disappointed that the one plug I would use the most is causing me the most problems.

UAD User

September 1, 2015

Very Impressive

This EQ sounds amazing. It has the warmest sound ever. You can't go wrong with this Neve EQ. It can make someone who doesn't know how to sing sound like as if they've been singing for 25 years. Thank you Universal Audio for making a phenomenal EQ.

T. Koeroglu

June 27, 2015

2 Min Price Changing WHY?

I just bought this plug in 199$ after 2 min. authorized I See in online Shop 99$......... WHY?

K. Basman

January 16, 2015

really slow tech suppoirt

Hi there,
Sigh...I upgraded my 1073 eq to the 1073 pre/eq collection during the last sale at the UA store. I am running mac 10.6.8 and UA system 7.1. The plug in obviously doesn't show up in the current plug-ins collection. I have written UA tech support twice in the last few weeks to try and figure out if there is an update that will work with my mac OS. Not a peep out of them.
I really don't feel like changing Mac OS's because the machine is working rock solid and I'd rather not futz with it.
I'd really rather be writing a glowing report of the plugin and praising UA's tech support, but I'm stuck...

S. Regis

November 29, 2014

Warning Dsp User

1 of this plug used 76% by dsp it's amazing.
i have Uad 2 pci quad and i can put 4 plug of 1073


S. Regis

November 29, 2014

Warning Dsp User

1 of this plug used 76% by dsp it's amazing.
i have Uad 2 pci quad and i can put 4 plug of 1073


R. Yuen

September 14, 2014

Sounds GREAT !

Great sounding Plugin. Has that warmth Neve sound. Now I have it permanantly inserted at the inputs of my Apollo. Just two things:
(1) If you have a small monitor, the EQ frequency and the EQ +/_ will take some precise mouse work.
(2) I bought it just a couple of weeks' ago, at $299, and now it's at $149. Should have waited.

Well....that's the nature of the game I guess. At least I'm very happy on the "sound" part.

B. Jeffries

July 1, 2015

price change?

I bought this on "sale' for $199 USD now the day after i bought it the price has dropped to $99? what the hell UA? Not cool and not the way to look after a loyal customer?

M. Norman

July 12, 2014


Uad have unfortunately joined waves in -
the more is plenty bandwagon-
Quantity vs quality/

Please do not lose sight of quality is better!

H. Henning

November 29, 2014

great plugin - but the price-nionsens wreckes my day

The plugin is great. Therefore I bought it.

But after I bought it, suddenly the price went down from the "lowest price of the year" $149 to $89 !!!

But now I see - it´s just so cheap, when I´m logged in- otherwise it´s still staying on $ 149. ?!?

Does this make sence? Noone needs a second one. Maybe ther is a programming mistake? Or a bad joke?

Sorry, but this wreckes my day - it seems to be harder than wall street.

B. Mathieu

July 8, 2014

Unision clicks and pops

For whatever reason new Neve 1073 is the only plug-in from UA that causes my system to have clicks and pops. I believe it's the Unision technology that causes this problem.
A typical track for me uses many VIs and running both my quad core cards pretty hard on a 3.46 Mac at 512. The UA tech guy suggested I run the buffer at 2048 to resolve this issue... Ya, great idea....

S. Gilroy

May 23, 2014

Second Place

Ik multimedia did this emulation first, it's just as good. Another sign to sell your UAD cards.

T. Misic

December 2, 2015

The bigest money lost

Because of DSP usage I never use this plugin. I waisted my money on this unusable plugin. Insted of this unusable dsp hungry plugin I am using waves Sheps plugin.

T. Misic

December 2, 2015

The bigest money lost

Because of DSP usage I never use this plugin. I waisted my money on this unusable plugin. Insted of this unusable dsp hungry plugin I am using waves Sheps plugin.

21-40 of 759 Results