Neve 1073 / 1073SE Classic Console EQs

Neve 1073 / 1073SE Classic Console EQs

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Neve 1073 / 1073SE Classic Console EQs

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J. H

January 5, 2015

Still loving these despite upgrading.

The new 1073 is incredible, but very DSP hungry. I run these classic plugs on guitars a lot, to make simple EQ tweaks, as well as the HP filter. I can drive these a bit to add some "analog" dirt as well. If you buy this collection, you'll be amazed at how useful these legcy 1073s are.

M. Sartini

April 25, 2014

Very nice indeed.

I listened to all three Neves and the massive passive and this one kept on being my first pick. It just sounded clearer to me. I am using this in the chain with my API channel strip now. It lets me get both flavors at once.

C. Schneider

January 29, 2013

great emulation

I own a hardware 1073 and think about selling it in because this emulation is close enough for my needs.
Both sound great, so I save the money and buy other nice gear...!

A. Kizub

May 13, 2012

For many decades as the citizens of the Soviet Union we were granted no access to the fruits of the sound recording high technologies. And even now not every citizen of the former Soviet Union can indulge themself with Neve 1073 VST plug-in version, to say nothing of the hard version of Neve1073. I can boast using VST Plug-in Neve 1073 which I use in every project of mine and almost in every track. Mainly for vocal recording, drums, guitars. All my professional life has become divided into two big periods - "before" and "after " VST Plug-in Neve 1073... Neve – the best of nothing. Alexander Kizoub "Zapoy!Record".

M. Boccaccio

June 2, 2006

It took just under 1.4 miiliseconds- the time it took for my Genelec monitor's suddenly awake and happy soundwaves to hit me.....and my ears felt like they belonged to a bright young curious boy all over again.

It took me just under a minute to get on the web and buy it. Didn't even eek out the free demo period. For what? If you love sound, have I got a girl for you!!

Simply put, the Neve is now trapped in my studio, and Im never letting her out.
Well....maybe, but just a CD at a time

Masterful Job, Ladies and Gents at UA. You put the O-m-g in WOW!!

Grokking hard in the A.M.-


D. Ralph

September 6, 2007

When i frst tried this on demo i must admit i wasn't all that impressed.
I bought the 1081 about 5 mins after trying it because frankly it's the finest EQ plug i have ever heard, no doubt the hardware is even nicer.

I recently received an email telling me that i had a coupon redeemable towards Neve plugs, seeing as i have all bar the 1073 it essentially boiled down to me being able to have the 1073 for $2!

So it's a no brainer, i bought it.

Things i didn't apreciate about the 1073 until now

1: the supremacy of the bass, whilst i haven't got any techn ical data to prove this i find that the bass from the 1073 really is second to none.
2: cut filter, i think this CF has the highest attenuation of all the Neves, perfect when you want all the bass gone (which is kind of a blasphemy with the 1073, but you can do it all the same)
3: simplicity

Things i don't like about the 1073

1: the lack of a band between 1.6-3.2khz, for my ear this is too high a jump.
2: middle freqs, they are good but they are not in the same universe as the middle frequencies that come out of the 1081

For the human voice though i think this is perhaps one of the most perfect eq's ever made, for me though it will most likely become my first choice for drums, but for piano, accoustic guitar NOTHING and i mean NOTHING even comes close to the 1081.

All in all i'm glad i got the chance to buy it at the price i did because otherwise i would never have bothered with it!

Well Done UAD on another great emulation.

Look forward to more! (perhaps tube-techs! :D)

T. Hildebrandt

February 13, 2013

UAD-2 1073 / 1073SE Plugin

Great transparent EQ. The presets are an excellent starting point to tweek instruments and vox. My only wish is that I bought the duo card instead of the solo card. Good job UA!

Tim CamelBack Studios

J. Mueller

November 25, 2012

Neve 1073

As advertised, very transparent. I always use it on all my tracks and I'm especially impressed when used on drums on on acoustic guitar. No downside that I can see.

E. Mullano

December 3, 2011

excellent !!
nice sound and clean , I think that every DAW should have a neve plug in

A. Oberholz

November 29, 2012

Second view...disappointment.

I was younger at my first review and more naive.
In the meantime I own a very precise swedish clone of the 1073.

The total absence of harmonics in the UAD 1073 EQ is a big disappointment.
It would have made total sense to also model the amplifying part and not only the EQ part.

When I purchased it I was young and believed I get a precise copy of the whole chain.

I would not buy it again because its just an EQ curve with the nice GUI.

In the future I will measure every plug in for its THD behavior before I buy it.
If this is not modeled correct I wont buy it.

The harmonics is the fun about the 1073 it gives the root note and the triad a nice fundament.... start from scratch UAD I paid for a 1073 model.

?. ??

May 15, 2014



L. Belotti

June 17, 2011

Very good.
I little difficult to use, for me (since I am not practice in using EQ).

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Simple yet beautiful sounding

Simple to use and sounds great ! Can't go wrong with a Neve !

A. Hauf

May 19, 2016

I got UAD because of this plugin...

I have only begun to use it but oh wow! The added warmth on the low end is very sweet and it gives a lot more clarity to the whole mix. Currently I am remastering my latest tracks, it is unbelievable what this Neve 1073 plugin does, just an instance on my mastering chain after the comps, a little fine tuning on the controls and WOW! What a shocker! Big thanks to UAD... Amazing sound! I have no idea how I have survived the last 15+ years without this.

L. Rollins

March 7, 2016

When I can't afford the full DSP hit

It's great to have this legacy plug to fill the void if I don't have enough DSP to run the full plugin. The EQ by itself is devastatingly powerful.

k. Flowers

October 19, 2015

Sounds just like a 1073, not the 1073

This emulation hits it on the mark. There are no 2 1073s that sound exactly alike, so anyone asking for an emulation of the 1073 to sound just like the one they had is crazy. But this one captures the intent, thru characteristics, feel, low end girth, and nuances that give the 1073 it's well deserved love in the business. At a 10th of the price, this is 95% the distance.

S. Cohen

December 9, 2014

My go-to EQ

I use my 1073 EQ every day on everything from vocals to drum overheads. Versatile and beautiful.

Q. Matt

May 14, 2014


Very cool. Gives you the warmth and the color you've always dreamed of.
Good job guys..

Q. Matt

May 14, 2014


Very cool. I'm juste deceived you launched a different 1073 preamp version the day after I bought it.

M. Worthy

May 13, 2014

It's like stepping back in time to the 70's...

….I mean the good parts! I love this EQ! It's not the most surgical but it gets you right where you want to be quickly. UA is awesome.

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