Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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Customer Reviews

Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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R. Boyce Jr

May 18, 2016

This thing is smooth

this emulation is smooth when used lightly and glues together the 2buss and aux's with ease. there aren't two many plug ins i would use on my 2 buss over my hardware compressors, but this one finds its way on the master buss regularly.


May 17, 2016

The best for a master !

I am so happy with this Neve 33609 plugin : it adds to my CD master just the thing it needs to be perfect ! I use a SoundBlade HD application for my masters, which has the best sound, but with that plugin at the output it's better again and more, incredible, I didn't believe it ! I would prefer this Neve plugin to any other.


May 8, 2016

My Buss has arrived!

I just recently purchased my new UAD Neve 33609 Buss Compressor to team up with my UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection, completing my very own version of a classic Neve desk. My Neve 33609 Buss Compressor is truly an amazing plug-in! What a sweet sound (Color) it is. it is just the right amount of glue to complete a great mix!

Best Regards,

G. Postorino

April 10, 2016

A bus compressor second to none

If you need a punchy squeeze across your mix, this is the plugin. Absolutely love strapping this thing across the mix bus and watch the needles fly. A formidable candidate for parallel drum compression as well. This in combination with the Fairchild is absolute sonic heaven. A standout in the UA plugin line.

E. Oooka

March 28, 2016

Used to mastering!

It used to 2ndCD mastering of the album of my "underground storage gallery". Use the preset, but somewhat, threshold, tight sound and raise the fine-tuned by the gain sound pressure, and can make clear sound.
In particular, the rhythm track, be a very good finish. Even compared to the other comp, you come back to again 33609. Is good!

B. Joseph

March 2, 2016

Just remaster something.

WOW!!!! I was a UAD-1 user wayyy back in the day before you young bucks, but just recently purchased an Apollo Quad 8. I remastered some songs I had done just a few months ago and I put two instances of the Neve 33609 on the master channel, 1st was a bit more aggressive the last one in the chain was more subtle and my goodness, my jaw dropped when I A/B'd final mixes. Easy 5 stars!

P.S. I am now considering getting the real ones.

UAD User

February 29, 2016

2-bus magic

Wow what a killer compressor!!!! It's smooth, fat, and driving the output is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad I got this!!!!

R. Miranda de Freitas

February 14, 2016

UAD 33609

Sound perfect, crystal clear, great for subgroup enjoyed.

R. Gun

January 16, 2016

English sound

Good working summing compressor.
Works good on pianos.
It reduces bass amount, like the typical english sound is.
It seems that it creates a certain level of dynamics it self. It reduces dynamics but also augments dynamics if there is too less.
So its a set and forget.
My favorite settings are the short times of 100ms.
The limiter section does alway distort, so i don´t use it.
Heavy DSP consumption of the blue version. The black one does not emulate the K2 harmonics in the 2-8dB compression range but consumes a lot less DSP power - your decision.

J. Preston

January 6, 2016

Mix Bus Glue

I read several reviews, took the leap of Faith & invested.......well worth it.
Perhaps there's nothing like the real thing....but I've never heard my mixes sound so rich ever before.
This thing lives on my mix bus while recording & mastering. Absolutely love it!!

J. Barry

January 3, 2016

I have a lot of compressors but this is my favorite

I don't know why but it makes everything cohesive and warm. It just smooths and soothes the mix into something special. I have all the major Universal Audio compressors and this is my goto effect. I can't say good enough things about it. I use it primarily for vocals but it warms up all the tracks and serves as a wonderful master effect for the entire mix.

UAD User

December 19, 2015

UAD 33609 emulation sounds great

From subtle to over the top compression and limiting, the UA 33609 emulation offers wide control, and the classic character of the original units.

M. Diaz Velez

December 14, 2015

Compress it!

When I bought it...I thouth: "Other compressor plug in...." But the reality punch me on the face showing me the most excellent and musical compressor "glue" that ever saw. Trying to find the bad thing or the missed thing on it...I found it better and better character and sound. That´s kind an amazing thing. Totally recommended to have it in your compressor "weapon" arsenal, a must one.

UAD User

December 13, 2015

Great Plugin

I spent a couple of months reading and watching lots of tutorials and interviews with the top mixing engineers. And a few of them mentioned in several times that their go to buss compressor was the Neve 3609. That beeing said, i went to my plugins list and ask for the demo.
As soon as i put it in my MAIN BUSS Chain, my whole mix changed, the stereo image went bigger, the so called " glue " aspect of the BUSS COMPRESSOR went for real, and what i felt immediately was that it can be as transparent or as distorted as you may want it to be.
Place it with a PULTEQ EQ after , and you will get the sound you want.
Thanks to UA Staff for this great plugins.

UAD User

December 3, 2015

Good Sound!

I’m using for total comp.Sound awesome!

B. Ashdown

November 26, 2015

Nice for the vocals and the bass.

Put across so many buses, such a great compressor. Nice for the vocals and the bass.

L. Mendoza

November 24, 2015

A Living Legend: From Classic to NOW

The term "glue" can definitely be used when describing hte effect this plug in has on audio. For my type of music this one really open up the mix with a cohesiveness that cannot be denied. The bottom end of the mix with this sits, nicely, and the highs introduce a sheen, BUT taking both of these and compressing them together carefully to make a great mix of a healthy balance in your mix bus. BUT, start at the bus early!!! ;)

S. Kuziw

November 10, 2015

A nice alternative to that SSL glue

I have a hardware SSL buss comp and this plugin offers an nice alternative for drum busses and full mixes. The limiter sounds great and comes in handy.

L. Mendoza

October 31, 2015

Atomic Glue

Yes, this beast does really impart a true colloidal charge to any genre of music. This is one of those plugs/gear that will be used often. Big Up UA!!

E. Sevmont

October 14, 2015

Magic Glue!

I just didn't need another compressor, but after hearing it in the buss, this comp now is a must

181-200 of 289 Results