Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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D. Sokolov

July 1, 2015

Excellent !!!

Its range of application is not limited !!! parallel compression, group bus master channel ... This stunning device !!! Not a bit sorry that I bought it!

M. Bramley

June 18, 2015

Superb emulation of a classic

Even though we all come to expect nothing but brilliance from Neve this 33609 is outstandingly good.
I think the reviews for the speak for themselves. I will just add this......I have just used this as the dominant comp/limiter in a test remastering exercise to restore a lifeless audio recording. The audio for this dance track was given sparkle it needed by the usual life savers...Pultec Pro etc... But it was the 33609 which excelled this time where others were not quite hitting the spot. Used on a vocal track recorded with a budget electret condenser mic suffering from capsule overload & preamp clipping, the Neve came through for it's smooth effortless compression with stereo bus mastering adding much needed punch. A1!

S. Goodison

June 16, 2015

Neve wins.

I got the 33609 in the sale for $74/£54. I'd tried it for a couple days before and quite liked it, but didn't really get in to it much as when you demo these plugins you have to change them so you can do revisions if required. As soon as I bought it and I knew it wasn't a waste of my time dialling in a great sound only to change compressor, this thing blew my mind. I have the 76's which are fantastic, LA2A's which are just irreplaceable and didn't really think another compressor was absolutely necessary. I was so wrong. Smash your drum bus with this unit in parallel to your main drum bus and bring it way up and then pass out from the amount of happy.

J. Bacon

June 15, 2015


First off, I have not tried the hardware unit, so I can make no claims for the authenticity of the emulation, although I suspect it is very close, because UA are good at that, right?

Here's what matters to me: it works superbly well. And that is a real thing.

I also have the Fairchild 670 and 660, both of which were game-changeres for my studio. They are beautiful, warm and intuitive, and I would highly recommend them in addition to the Neve 33609.

The 33609 is a little cleaner to my ears, but it is still rich and warm, and it works fabulously on classical music. That is a real test for any compressor.

Thanks to UAD for this one.

F. H

January 29, 2015

My compressor

I guess it's not useful to talk alot about Neve you should only try it and compressed a Kick with for instance, this is in my opinion the best way to see what is able this one. Lot of compressor give you good result, but this one either you want to decrease peak or improve definition, is simply incredible. You can really design frequency as you expect !

E. Fischer

January 23, 2015

Another fave

Again - If I could by the hardware unit I might, but this does the trick beautifully. Sounds exactly like I remember it. So many uses, so many great tones, from clean limiting to extreme compression. Really fantastic.

A. Anyn

January 21, 2015

It is magnificent!

I acquired it quite recently, but during this time Neve 33609 became one of my favourite compressors for the master of the bus, and also for the bus of drums. That it does that it is simple some mysticism, literally some movements and everything starts changing, only to the best. UAD thanks, for opportunity to have this remarkable compressor on my computer. It is magnificent!

T. Kakino

January 14, 2015

so cool!

Neve 33609 is very nice .
Plug-ins that can be used in all instruments.

P. Graue

January 14, 2015

Neve 33609

One of the best compressor plugin I ever used. Clean, smooth and transparent. Worth the price I've paid on sale event

K. Sawhney

January 13, 2015

Neve 33609/33609E

This Neve stereo compressor/Limiter plugin from UAD, not only does a fantastic job on drum bus, guitars and the stereo bus but it actually sounds and feels like the heavyweight that the hardware is. Thank you UAD. I was lusting after this hardware for a long time. :-)

M. Sudhakar

January 13, 2015


I love the handling of the 33609, it's very intuitive, and the sound that you get its feels like the original one.

A. Ryabchenkov

January 12, 2015


I haven't used the real 33609 but this plugin is one of the best purchased plugins ever. I'm still learning how to use it butso far it hasn't sounded bad on anything. Great investment

T. Kakino

January 9, 2015

Nice Compressor/limiter

I like this compressor. If, if one something to uninhabited bring the plug-in, it will bring this

I. Duarte

January 6, 2015


Hope there will be an MKII soon, although this is awesome the way it is

S. Popyk

January 2, 2015

Shortest way to get a good sound!

Shortest way to get a good sound!
- Good beads compressor
- Good glues mix and subgroups
- Not Attac eats, conversely emphasizes e?
- If necessary, can greatly inflate the sound of drums
- May also be used in the mastering on certain styles
- Well behaved on the synth tracks
- Good for bass
- Makes bold sound that the drum
- Has a unique, its characteristic and recognizable sound
- Comfortable in one channel and a limiter and compressor
- Drums with compression does not kill the bass
Minor note - Could not buy during the Christmas sales - the site does not always accept credit cards. Keep track of customers until they want to buy your work) Good luck!

T. Norton

December 14, 2014


two words: drum bus

Certainly good at many things but just strapping it across the drums was an instant wow for me. Thanks!

C. Dillard

December 10, 2014

Neve 33609 Sheeshhhhhhhhhh

Changed my life!!!! No more words can express how I feel about making this purchase!!!!!

C. Dillard

December 10, 2014

Neve 33609 Sheeshhhhhhhhhh

Changed my life!!!! No more words can express how I feel about making this purchase!!!!!

V. Engelker

November 12, 2014

The best glue for your busses

I am amazed how smooth this works. Even with big bottom you won't get in trouble.

N. Iseki

October 2, 2014

Sound quality does not change the actual

I am impressed and operability same as the actual equipment, sound quality, go great. There was that one time, you have used the actual equipment in the past, but till recently the 1970s, of neve33609 that are used in mastering studios in the world, and ability, we are very satisfied with the goodness has been reproduced. Immediately, I was allowed to use in mastering work while working currently. In analog feeling full, we were able to create a rich sound sound pressure is up naturally rather than unnatural. That the width was able to making music using this plug-in in the future, I look forward. Thank you all!

221-240 of 305 Results