Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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N. Iseki

October 2, 2014

Sound quality does not change the actual

I am impressed and operability same as the actual equipment, sound quality, go great. There was that one time, you have used the actual equipment in the past, but till recently the 1970s, of neve33609 that are used in mastering studios in the world, and ability, we are very satisfied with the goodness has been reproduced. Immediately, I was allowed to use in mastering work while working currently. In analog feeling full, we were able to create a rich sound sound pressure is up naturally rather than unnatural. That the width was able to making music using this plug-in in the future, I look forward. Thank you all!

C. Silmon

August 11, 2014

Great Plugin

1 of the best compressor plugins ive used, I like how it adds roundness to the vocals.

R. Richards

July 7, 2014

The buss compressor

I could not believe the impact the Neve 33609 had on my mixes. IT really brings out the transient in drum mixes even with just a little compression . A must has have

R. Richards

July 7, 2014

The buss compressor

I could not believe the impact the Neve 33609 had on my mixes. IT really brings out the transient in drum mixes even with just a little compression . A must has have

T. Spratt

June 20, 2014

Drum bus!

I put this on my drum bus and tweaked it a little bit and it really made the drums pop. I'm sure there are many other uses for this compressor, and I plan on finding out what those are! I can confidently give 5 stars and I still haven't fully explored its potential!

K. Millberg

June 19, 2014

Good for glue a subgroup or on the master

I have not used the original so I can't compare this to that, but this plugin puts every instrument where it should be in the mix, of course you still need to know what your doing but on a master it really glue everything together, not a fan of the presets, but I don't like to use presets anyway so =)

W. Berridge

June 17, 2014

Neve Stereo Comp - Silky!

Yet again, another young producer stumbles into the cliche of 'I don't think this compressor will make that much difference'.. ha!

Well, I'll eat my words.. Yours truly is the the prior mentioned producer who once owning said compressor has been graced with silky highs, seamless gain reduction, transparent processing and an ability to add depth & a sense of open 3D to any master bus or drum bus.

Super easy to use with the added bonus of luxury limiting, this devise has offered a delightful alternative to my trusty API 2500.

K. Ross

May 9, 2014

Yes Please!

What a great compressor. I personally use this on every record I do. It's especially amazing when used parallel! I love raising this signal up under my drums with the most punchy settings possible. (Attack all the way late, Release all the way early, Ratio on 4:1) Gives me a great transient boost, and definitely helps the perceived loudness without having to crank the volume up for punch. Definitely worth getting.

B. Grotto

March 19, 2014


Eminently usable, but pales in comparison to the real thing. I have both an original vintage "metal knob" 33609, and the JD reissue (the former of which is worlds better than the latter), and while this plugin sounds quite good, it doesn't capture the character of either hardware unit. Certainly usable and great-sounding, but I'll still be patching in my hardware for more critical processing duties.

J. Fanus

January 16, 2014

Gravity to your Grooves

Extremely necessary tool to have in your toolbox. It works great in so many various applications.

A. Libertucci

January 14, 2014

like glue and better

awsome plugin! great for drum bus & vocals. Better than glue. keep up the good work UA!

D. Hayes

January 12, 2014

Great compressor !!!!

Been using on acoustic guitars and in parallel mostly. Drums,bass and vocal. Where you need a good compressor this one will do the trick. Great Plug!!!!

A. Pir

January 12, 2014

Glue the mix

I personally don't like a compressor without full parameters but this one is very good for gluing my mixes.

C. Barry

January 4, 2014

More Neve please

This plugin is rally fabulous. It works just as you might hope it would. I have many compressors of all sorts but this one has its very own fat signature flavor and does "glue" things together in a really wonderful way. Great for drum buss and 2 mix buss compression.

M. Giubileo

December 16, 2013

The Compressor!

I am a Neve fan. This compressor sound warm, I really love it. Great on vocals, drum buss and when you need glue, color and Neve character.

S. Hughes

December 14, 2013

Hi End Neve on a shoestring budget.

This is insane really.

Years ago I got to play with all sorts of Neve gear in a world class studio and it became my benchmark by which all others are compared. It's so wonderful now to have access to the same incredible sound and sonic texture of this classic gear, and at a mere fraction of the price of the hardware.

The 33609 is the real deal, and with this in my arsenal alongside the Fairchild and the UA LA2A's and 1176's, my mixes have never sounded so accomplished.

This is truly a great era now to be involved in studio production with fantastic tools like this available at such a low low cost.

C. Bailey

December 6, 2013

Great buss compressor

This goes on all my main busses now. Just a few db of gain reduction and everything sits well in the mix. Tames the transients in a musical manner. Now I need another card to run all these.

R. Perez

October 21, 2013


I must say it's my favorite compressor out of the UAD plugins. i use it on my drum and my master buss for mixing. so much control! you can make it aggressive by sending more gain to the limiter or make it subtle and transparent. it's all there! doesn't make things sound harsh which i think a lot of compressor plugins can do when used aggressively. this one does not. I have not heard the hardware version to compare but but i do think this one has something that a lot of others doesn't. I plan to use this on all my mixes. thanks UAD, it's well worth the purchase!

R. Kolar

October 9, 2013

Hell Yes

This is a great compressor which can help add that needed punch and 'in your face' fullness for individual tracks, buses, or master fader. I have started using it mostly in mixing and it does wonders for my songs. Great on drums and bass. I almost bought the Shadow Hills mastering and got this instead. Felt like the SH softened my sound where this gave it more of a punch and didn't lose the definition. Another great UA plugin. If the plugin sounds this good, man, I'd love to use the real thing one day.

P. Lordo

September 27, 2013

It's Ok

This Neve 33609 isn't really blowing me away. I actually liked the SSLE channel better. Maybe I am not a Neve fan. It does sound warm, but kind of dark, on individual tracks. However, as a bus plug in it does seem to glue the whole mix nicely.

241-260 of 306 Results