Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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Neve 33609 / 33609SE Compressor

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R. Perez

October 21, 2013


I must say it's my favorite compressor out of the UAD plugins. i use it on my drum and my master buss for mixing. so much control! you can make it aggressive by sending more gain to the limiter or make it subtle and transparent. it's all there! doesn't make things sound harsh which i think a lot of compressor plugins can do when used aggressively. this one does not. I have not heard the hardware version to compare but but i do think this one has something that a lot of others doesn't. I plan to use this on all my mixes. thanks UAD, it's well worth the purchase!

R. Kolar

October 9, 2013

Hell Yes

This is a great compressor which can help add that needed punch and 'in your face' fullness for individual tracks, buses, or master fader. I have started using it mostly in mixing and it does wonders for my songs. Great on drums and bass. I almost bought the Shadow Hills mastering and got this instead. Felt like the SH softened my sound where this gave it more of a punch and didn't lose the definition. Another great UA plugin. If the plugin sounds this good, man, I'd love to use the real thing one day.

P. Lordo

September 27, 2013

It's Ok

This Neve 33609 isn't really blowing me away. I actually liked the SSLE channel better. Maybe I am not a Neve fan. It does sound warm, but kind of dark, on individual tracks. However, as a bus plug in it does seem to glue the whole mix nicely.

D. Boutet

September 8, 2013

Bon compresseur

Très bon compresseur qui donne vraiment du punch a vos sources ou a votre master. Une turie!!!!

O. Hartmann

July 31, 2013

Techno on the drumbuss

i was looking for a good compressor for the drum bus. i´ve tested some of the uad comps (SSL, Fairchild, Shadow Hills, Neve) and finally decided to buy the Neve. It gives the drums a little bit of saturation and this little magic to the highs which sounds really nice on hihats and rides. With the neve on the bus the drums stand out of the mix, clearly and punshy. It´s exactly what is was looking for. It sounds "techno" ;)

T. Reis

July 5, 2013


Great mixer on busses, from transparent to highly coloured however you want to dial it in.

M. Tobin

May 12, 2013


I really love this compressor, it can go from subtle to extreme, definitely rounds out vocals, I use it alot

H. Nakanishi

February 21, 2013

Very Good

It's very good and easy to use for me.
I like to use presets. Great sound and easy.

K. Dietz

January 27, 2013

Drum Bus!!

My new favourite drum bus compressor plugin! Love it!

S. Balam

January 15, 2013

Neve 33609 Compressor

Neve 33609 is the best Bus Compressor. I love it's sound. I am using this in each and every mixing sessions I have. Thanks to UAD

I. Papagiannidis

November 13, 2012

John Jeff Touch

This is one of the most impressing compressors i ve ever heard/used.
Unbelievable warm sound without cutting the low end, combined with great attack.
It's the classic Neve sound we found in all kinds of records from rock to R&B.
Once again i have to thank UAD team for one more astonishing product!

John Jeff Touch
singer/vocal teacher/producer

K. Butler

November 8, 2012

Can't compare

No other plugin can compare this plugin is nice !!!!!
Gave it 4 stars because I wish the manual was better and tips cause I never used the analog gear

K. Koschutnig

September 13, 2012

I´m so happy

The Neve 33609 had been long time on my wish list. He gives a special sound to the signal - and that`s what I`m looking for. For the Neve Bundle I didn`t have enough money (like a some producers) - but I`m sure, one day I will by them all. :-)

F. Javier

June 14, 2012

Oh my God, what a Comp!!!!!
Treated with caution adds great color to anything you pass through.
Extreme comp make the sound wobbling, heavy...not desirable specially in the 22 value.

14 and 18 sound great....22 also, but careful with the input.

But, hey, it's the Neve character.

Also great DSP demand and somehow a bit overpriced.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

Extremely good; without a doubt one of the most impressive plugin compressors I've ever heard. It adds a lot of character and glues everything together like butter. It's not really for loudness boosting. Instead, it does an extremely smooth glueing of a drum buss or vocal track for example. If GLUE is what you're looking for, then this is the perfect fit for you.

M. Thomas

June 30, 2011

Pretty cool buss compressor settings and I also use it on electric keys.

N. Zervos

June 30, 2011

One of my top 5 plugins of all time. Gorgous on the main Bus and Auxes...9.9 stars

A. Pozzi

June 21, 2011

The real deal. Always on acoustic guits. Nice on any buss. One of my fav.

J. Tapia

June 18, 2011

Really glue everything. I used it as a bus compressor mainly on the drums bus. In the guitar and in the chorus bus too. A must have too.

P. Pink

June 18, 2011

Strap this thing across your master tracks and watch the magic happen. This compressor really shines in that application as well as on drum buses and other things. Excellent sound and features.

241-260 of 289 Results