Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection

Neve® 88RSTM Channel Strip Collection

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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S. Bildy

November 20, 2016

That Classic Neve Sound

This is Joel Hamilton's alternative to using his hardware Neve desk. That alone should be reason to use try this it out. The high pass and low pass filters are smooth as butter and if you drive the input a little you achieve even more of that classic Neve console sound. It also seems to give you more spacial depth to whatever track you throw it on. The high self EQ filter is also so, so smooth it makes your high end just glisten.

S. Sinclair

November 17, 2016

Very Musical Tone Shaping Channel Strip

Depending on the sound I'm going for, I usually reach for the 88RS first. The preamp, filters, EQ and compressor on this plugin are great! I can always shape any source in a very musical fashion. Highly recommend this one!

R. Beld

November 11, 2016

Diverse good channelstrip

Beautiful smooth eq curves and cool drive options from pre-amp. Also Comp is really friendly. Perfect mixing tool

M. Davis

October 23, 2016

Couldn't Be Happier

Was originally planning on getting the 1073 emulation, but after demoing the 88RS, I changed my mind. I have used several Neve style pre's in the past (original Neves, Vintech, Aurora, etc.), and I am super happy with how good the 88RS sounds in comparison. Easily worth the investment.

M. Nigro

October 14, 2016

Sounds like Neve

You can't go wrong with this 88RS plugin, but it's way to hungry for DSP than SSL emulation and this fact I took a star from my review (channel Strips are supposed to be used in lots os channels). Beside that, the sound is awesome.

UAD, please: update the graphics to better serve large screen. Almost all controllers on UAD plug-ins appears very small on my iMac 5K retina.

K. Christian

October 13, 2016

a realy big step forward!

actual i would buy a channelstrip by "acustica". after i compared about a week, i have decided myself for the new rs88. it makes every bus bigger in a respectable way - Great Job!

K. Haritatos

October 13, 2016

Neve 88RS

i was in love with the legacy version of 88RS. Massive sound and clarity. Now i have the chance of of the hole thing via the Mic preamp. You have to spend a time with the 88RS to understand how it works for you. After that it will be your favourite channel strip. Thanks UA!

M. Danciulescu

September 30, 2016

Neve 88RS Channel Strip

Mixing drums, guitars, vocals is great using this plugin. It sounds very warm, but also punchy. It is great.

E. Maccoppi

September 24, 2016

I love it!

I say: today I have a Neve console !!! Simple like that!

UAD User

September 21, 2016

best strip out there...This Plug-In is amazing!

best strip out there...This Plug-In is amazing!

It's the Neve sound, even just adding this to the mix bus works wonders.
the mix are more present.

A. T

September 14, 2016

Great channel strip

It's like the one stop shop for mixing!
Once I started mixing with it, it's been very difficult not to use it in every track.
It works wonders in vocals and drums.

M. Clay

September 12, 2016

Perhaps the best Channel Strip from Universal Audio

I had a desperate problem with a master. I had made and mastered a dub track and the bass guitar was flapping all over the place. I could not fix it with the Little Labs. I put the demo of this channel strip on the mix and used one of the master settings just as a lost resort. Took a tiny some mud out with a simple EQ curve reduction. Lost some volume so had to spike it up with the maximiser. It has now become a very smooth track indeed.

With this channel strip I was basically able to remaster a dodgy track. This is next on my list of buys. I went for the API vision strip before. That's good, but it has limitations. Even in the plug in zone Never are proving to be the most useful.

W. Sutton

August 27, 2016

88rs Channel strip

My favourite UA plug of all..... This is a great channel strip! I could easily go overboard and plug this into everything in my mix, they sound that nice!! I could not operate without it..

B. Ward

August 17, 2016

88RS Channel Strip Rocks

You know it is good so why wait? I was amazed once I heard the Neve 88RS Channel Strip plugin demo in my studio. It makes what ever you put through it sound good. Use it in unison mode for tracking or use any part of it to add EQ, Compression or saturation to a channel. I put it on the mix bus and found it to be highly useful for fine tuning the sound. Like I said, just get this one.

B. Gotch

August 16, 2016


This is such a great sound I have tried it on almost ever source I have and things just standout

M. Garrido-Lecca

August 13, 2016

Amazing Neve 88RS sound!

Incredible warmth and color. One of the closest things I’ve ever heard to real analog hardware. Amazing emulation of the legendary Neve circuitry.

A. Vehring

August 12, 2016

swiss army knife neve

own a 1073 and 88RS both are great on nearly everything.
the 88RS is the flexible one at recording with a neve sound.
wouldn't like to record without them again...

S. Giordano

August 9, 2016

Neve is Life

Amazing strip! Instant gratification & sound quality. The EQ really shines. What else can I say, it's Neve/ UAD. UAD was nice enough to give me a discount & I only paid $ 49 to upgrade - THANKS UA! This is as close as it gets to hardware without the cost. Keep em' coming!

R. Bouma

July 16, 2016

that Neve bite !

It has that neve bite. have had the legacy before this one and this sounds so much better! Recording guitars is a feast. The mic input has some magic hotspots even in the plugin. I also use the mic input with line signals because it can create a color i sometimes look for with dirty synths. The expand/gate is great en very usefull. With plugins it is so great that you can have several options so SSL today and Neve tomorrow? No problem.

V. Pirov

July 14, 2016


I am delighted Neve 88rs I like everything! Vocal sounds fantastic other tools too! Respect for the equalizer! I recommend! Thank UAH works developers I pleasantly surprised!

261-280 of 460 Results