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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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V. Borda

June 11, 2016

Utterly fantastic

I read that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd has one of these consoles on his houseboat, and being a fan of the Endless River album they released not too long ago, I decided to get in deep with this plugin. It is utterly fantastic. The sound is both pristine yet inviting. The compressor has this great way of bringing a track to the forefront in a very pleasing way. Really awesome on synthesizers (yes, outboard and soft synths both) and vocals for sure. The EQ does its own thing - it sounds distinctly different from, say, the 1073, yet provides some great sound sculpting tools. The overall sound: clear, open, present, beautiful - at least for my purposes. Combine with the UA compressors for color and you are rolling!


June 11, 2016

Uses too much DSP

i am a home studio mixer and own an apollo Twin. The big disappointment with this strip is that one instance of it uses about 21% of my total DSP resource !! So after using it on one mix I'm never going to use it again. It just sucks too much resource.

It was also listed at two prices - I bought it for $229 on sale then it was also listed for $129 i believe and I had already purchase the more expensive "version". This happened within about 5 minutes of completing my purchase.

Big disappointment this round of dealing with UA. I would not recommend this plug in unless you are a serious studio with a lot of outbound DSP capability.


D. Doro

June 10, 2016

super modern sound

awesome glue and grit,trasparent!

P. Pasquile

June 8, 2016

Very close to 88RS Console

Looks like to sitting on the real NEVE console!

s. malone

June 7, 2016

AMAZING!!! A step beyond what I thought was possible!

The Neve 88RS Channel Strip has made things possible that I didn't even know existed! I'm using the Apollo Twin USB and this plugin loves it! So musical and with a little bit of a learning curve the expander/gate section is a Godsend! I love the EQ section probably the most and I'm using a Rode K2 tube condenser mic that has been made even more effective with this brilliant plugin!!

M. Swain

June 4, 2016

Brilliant (that's British for 'awesome'!)

Yep! Money very well spent ...


June 3, 2016

Not my kind.

I am a huge fan of the 1073 and use it for almost every vocal recording. I demoed the RS88 before and although it didn't impressed me instantly I (sadly) bought it as part of a custom satellite bundle. Until now for me it seems an unnecessary purchase: it has no special character like for example the 1073 and is quite complex to use. For me as a home recordist it simply takes too long to find a good setting, not suitable for instant and lonely recording sessions. Preset organization could be done thematically. Not suitable as a standard recording channel because it takes too much DSP power. It might be a swiss knife if you know how to treat it right but I prefer different Compressors and Eq's. Not my kind. Hopefully, not yet.

A. Rizzo

June 2, 2016

I Just Neve 88RS and go

Honestly. How does one mix drums without this beast?

I Used to use all sorts of un-wholesome chains of analog and digital to shape just one channel: Eqs, 2 or 3 compressors, gates, limiters... tape.. bah! Now I just slap an 88rs across it first. A bit of Eq, some expansion, some squish... Boom. Drums sound done.

Seriously, this is the equivalent of that dude who can't be bothered to take both shampoo and conditioner into the shower....

I just Neve 88RS and go :D

T. Dalmasso

May 27, 2016

Nice work

Love this plugin. Just keep making the best models you can, don't compromise sound for more instances, that's just silly, considering how cheap processors are nowadays.

Long live UA.

V. Wills

May 27, 2016

Neve 88RS

Have worked on many Neve desks before computers .... and recently completed a new CD on a Neve 88R at OCL Studios in Calgary AB. Purchased the 88RS Channel Strip Collection, and was surprised at how great it was to use and how real it sounded. Thanks! I will be buying more Neve Plugins for my own Studio. Using this with Apollo Twin which i will upgrade now that i see how great it works. Vernon Wills.

I. Silakov

May 22, 2016

Very very awesome channel strip!

I use Neve 88RS at every live session - and its sounds just great! Really beauty sonically channel strip from UA!

J. Moore

May 19, 2016



E. Waters

May 16, 2016


Damn. I bought the 88RS. Now I gotta have it on everything. When will ever I learn.
Sounds great. Engaging the mic pre gives life to tracks effortlessly.

S. Dickie

May 16, 2016

5+ star rating

Of the plug-ins I've owned and tried, UA's Neve 88RS is my favourite. With a turn of the pre-amp on my unison inputs, it gets me closer to that sound I hear in my head than anything else has. Then I hit "eq in" to add exactly what I'm after. It's always focused, articulate and deep.

W. Karadjian

May 2, 2016

The game changer

This thing is litteraly a game changer. I use to add several plugins to get a warm and thick sound. Now I almost evything piece of gear I need all in one modelized box, and it just sounds incredible. Heads up for the "MIC" section, and its sweet distorsion when adding gain.

C. Arellano

May 1, 2016

Saturation is out of this world

Even something as simple as switching to Mic level with this plugin to get that console saturation sound does wonders to class up any recording. Highly recommend.

S. Swanson

April 25, 2016

Great with unison

I now have all the unison preamps
The neves and the API are my favorites
I use the 88 and 1073 on different applications so both get plenty of use

m. haslam

April 23, 2016

Neve88RS channel strip collection awesomeness

I've been using a Neve VRP Legend recently...however, in the peace and quiet of my own home studio without all the air conditioning noise and the other physical challenges presented by a commercial studio (not to mention the cost) i much prefer using this channel strip in unison mode with my sounds awesome...and it's so easy to use.

m. wan

April 22, 2016

Excellent plugin but high DSP usage

This is an excellent plugin. One of UAs best work to date. The input stage is clean, accurate and warm. Great sounding filters and EQ. Perfectly usable compressor and gate. All in all it sounds fantastic, and there is very little that can match it in terms of quality.

U. Khan

April 8, 2016

Great tone shaping flexibilty

I was using the API Vision channel strip on the unison preamp technology on my 3 Apollos for about a year before I purchased this. I have to say, I think for now this 88RS channel strip is my favorite for mixing down my entire sessions thru a Dangerous 2Bus-lt summing mixer which is fed into a stereo unison preamp input. What I really like about this channel strip is the parametric EQ. That is very crucial to me, especially with summing down entire sessions to a stereo mix. The dynamics section can be very subtle and musical, or you can do some very intense compression and gating. The side-chain option can have very effective results, such as a de-esser. I feel like this channel strip is warmer than the API Vision Channel Strip, and the SSL

321-340 of 491 Results