Neve® 88RS Channel Strip

Neve® 88RS Channel Strip

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Neve® 88RS Channel Strip

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G. Cudjoe

May 8, 2014

neve 88rs

So far so good for aud plugins,put this little gem on all your channels then tweak for superb results (if you know what your doin),warm neve sound,10 out of 10 again uad.

M. Gustafson

March 20, 2014

The next strip to go Unison? Lets hope so.

This is a very powerful Channel indeed. I can't get over the Gate let alone the EQ and Compressor. Like all UA plugins this is pure quality. I am now holding my breath for this to be converted to a Unison Channel so I can use it on the way in as a Mic Pre.

J. B.

August 1, 2013



M. Åkesson

July 11, 2013

Only channel strip u need

When I tried this plugin for the first time it wasn´t the Eq or the compressor that impressed me the most. It was the expander/gate. It´s simply put incredible! However the Eq has that sweet Neve sound that you would expect and the compressor is responsive and accurate. It´s my go to plugin in every session.

J. Moreland

May 15, 2013

So much bang for your buck

Over the years I've gathered quite an affinity for Neve's "quirky" EQ's. There is something oddly unconventional about Neve designed equalizers. The normal rules of thumb used with all other EQ's just don't seem to apply to them. Instead, one has to move the knobs around (while listening closely) and soon enough your targeted tracks are taking their rightful place in your mix. The 88RS plug has that "magic" quality in it's EQ section. And with it's euphonious compressor and gate components too. This plug adds a smooth, "analog" sound to everything I've run through it (and I run almost everything through it). That it uses so little UAD processing power to achieve this quality makes it's purchase a no brainer.

G. Nagy

April 6, 2013

Great Stuff

I have never had the chance to hear the hardware itself but this channel strip sound great on my home recorded vocal track (male vocal) The EQ works perfectly and somehow I found it more characteristic and perfect than 1081 on the same track. The only reason I rate 4 out 5 that the gate is almost unusable on vocal tracks because the maximum attach time is 7 ms. Vocal inhaling would need more. Please change this in this soft inspite of the hardware's authenticity. I think it would be useful. I will definetaly use this on my tracks.

G. Cordovez

January 13, 2013

Great overall

This is an incredible versatil plugin, lots of warm and punch!...i've compare it with lots of other eq's, from UA and other brands, and it covers grounds where other don't reach!...this is my Vision:

UA Pultec ( Pro ) : Warmer of all, lots of low end
UA Neve 88Rs : Super Warm as well, very versatil, nice low mids meat
UA SSL E Channel : Elegant, more transparent

Native: get it right!

M. Klaassen

December 29, 2012


Excellent channel strip. I use it on most tracks , two weeks after purchase.
The bass strip preset is a killer. Works very effective on, obviously , a basstrack.
Worth every dollar.
In 2012 I have bought the Apollo and i find myself using the UA plug ins more and more on most tracks.
Keep up the good work guys.

O. Vehert

December 18, 2012

My go to plug!!

i use almost first this great plugin, and then adjust with another comp or eq...
the only thing, is the gain knob for eq is too much subtle from 0 to 3/4; then too hard!
it's not rare to push to 4/5 on a frequence!

R. Baird

December 12, 2012

Desert Island Channel Strip

The 88RS is the first plugin you should buy if you are new to the UAD platform. With so many features it is a must have. I use the gate exclusively on drum tracks. Put it in the cart.

S. Burry

November 19, 2012

I feel real emotional love for this thing

I haven't found a sound yet that doesn't sound better with this on it. Vocals, acoustic, bass, snare, kick, clean electric — all stunning. I feel guilty for taking so much credit for how good everything sounds when this little plugin is doing so much of the heavy lifting. This was my entry into the Neve line of plugins and it is forcing me to slowly cobble together the whole entire bundle. Thanks Universal Audio for making possible something that simply wasn't just a few short years ago. I love everything you guys make!

M. Becker

September 28, 2012

Love it!

For me, to be able to create a virtual Neve console to mix in the box with that sounds as good as this does, is fantastic. I love the EQ range, I feel like I can dial in and control what I need, and I love that you have emulated the analog oddities with your attention to detail. I especially like the way it 'rounds' the edges, when I need it to as well. Learning curve wasn't too bad, but that's what the manual is for, right? :)

R. Malloy

July 15, 2012

The 88RS is certainly a great all-rounder which manages most tasks admirably - making it my default EQ in Pro Tools. When it comes to problematic drum kits, the 88RS is able to tame these quite effortlessly and when used in conjunction with the 33609, there's that signature Neve roundness which other emulations havent quite managed yet. It takes a little time to get to grips with the 88RS, but it's well worth the effort. Highly recommended. Great plugin, UA.

F. Javier

June 14, 2012

If you want, accurate, warm, no other is best....
You can build also a chain with multiple plugins to get exactly the same that you can with this, but this is a hands on plugging...all you need in a chain is here.
And very DSP efficient....40 mono 88RS tracks in a session is not bad at all.
Best of all is the warm color that it gives to your tracks, even with no processing, just plug it and hear how sound changes. Delicate EQ, great Comp and awesome gate.
What more do you need eh??

R. Rhodes

May 18, 2012

A great plugin for drums, bass, and vocals. Warms everything up very nicely; like a warm coat. I'm very happy with this purchase.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

An extremely good plugin with a low DSP usage, allowing you to use it on each and every track. The Neve 88RS Channel Strip provides you with a powerful toolset for shaping the sound exactly the way you'd do it if you worked on a physical mixing console. If you want an "all in one" channel strip plugin that has it all (eq, compressor/limiter, gate/expander, high/low cut filters, and gain), then this is the finest UAD has to offer. People mixing in-the-box usually forget the importance of processing and cleaning up each track in more ways than one, and that's where this channel strip comes in with its superb sounding toolset and all-in-one approach, giving your sound the sheen and polish that it needs.

N. Anderson

June 22, 2011

The Neve 88RS is my most frequently used plugin. The simplicity of the design allows quick, high-quality tonal shaping and compression to your track. It's light on your processor, and even the UAD2-Solo can host enough instances to put on virtually all of your tracks and still leaves room for other plugins. If I had to pick one improvement, I would like to see a "undo" or A/B compare functionality within the 88RS. However, as-is it's still my favorite and most-used Universal Audio Plugin. Highly recommended.

S. Mikolai

June 18, 2011

It's a nice tool to simulate a Neve Desk. Compressor, Gate and EQ within it. Like them all but since I have the SSL Channelstrip the Neve on gets a little dustiness in my plugin rack... I just have the feeling to get faster better results with SSL. Can't really explain why.

P. Vargas

June 17, 2011

This plug-in changed the way I record.

Let me disclose: I am not a professional recording engineer with a multi-million studio partnership; I am just your average guy with a passion for good sounding recordings.

When you hear Neve, you think quality and clarity. In that sense this plug-in delivers in spades. The gate is responsive and accurate, the compressor is clear and musical (although not as musical as the LA-2A plug-in), the EQ took some getting used to but it is now one of my favorites, and the master controls give you that little bit of freedom you need.

I had a problem with the hi-pass filter going bananas when I activated it, after a software update it went away.

I love this plug-in in acoustic guitars but its versatility goes way beyond that – If you cannot afford a LA-2A (You should, is one of the most affordable plug-ins from UA) or a Neve 33609, a Manley or a Neve 1081 this is the plug-in you should get. I promise it makes all the difference!


T. Sunmo

June 17, 2011

I use this one exclusively on drums, I prefer the 1072 and 1081. I find the compressor a bit hard to work with, it is not as inituitive as the 1176, LA3 and so on.
It simply takes me a bit too long to get the compressor to do what I want it to do, so many times I end up using the noisegate and the EQ only.

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