Neve® Complete Bundle

Neve® Complete Bundle

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Neve Complete Bundle

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G. Canares

November 28, 2014

Top Caliber Plugs!!

100% awesome plugins. i should have wait till midnight (black friday) i bought it at $149.00 then couple of hours it's $89. Bucks..damn!! but anyhow, A super Plug. Can't regret..

S. Regis

November 27, 2014

1 dsp for 1 plug

i have uad 2 quad and 1 dsp used( 73,3%) for 1 plug 1073 . it's normally ???

C. Huber

November 26, 2014

great sound

awesome sounding plugin, too bad it draws sooo much dsp power!

E. Mejia

November 23, 2014

My go to plugin

The 1073 gives you that punch that edginess that you are looking for to add to vocals to add to drums. This plugin will bring out rich times to instruments as well. I have been very impressed with all the great sounds and warmth it can give. You can't beat getting three plugins for the price of one could easily go for more. This plugin in right here is a must for hip-hop Rnb rock this will never fail you and always give you that legendary sound that you have been looking for. Make sure you add this plugin to your weapons of choice when mixing on your mixes.

W. Mcwilson

November 19, 2014

Use it on vocals and absolutely love it!

UAD is on a roll! This plugin across a lead vocal puts you on a whole different playing field. Can't do without it!!

C. Edmonds

November 17, 2014

Love the Plug. Feel like a sucker

The plug in sounds great. I can't imagine going back to tracking (vocals especially, it's just beautiful sounding) now that I own it. But I have to say, after I just paid $299, to see it selling for half?? i mean...can you feel my pain a little bit? $150 is not going to bankrupt me, and if i couldn't afford the $300...well i might have bought it anyway. But I feel a bitter taste knowing that I basically paid twice what is currently being charged. Am wrong to feel irritated? Let's just say, I'm not going to be buying a plug-in full price from UAD anytime soon. Plug-ins are great, gear is great, source recordings and talent and good songs are 4689% more important than "color." Even if it's a beautiful color. It's a final touch.

D. Myers

November 16, 2014

Great eq color and depth

So far I have used this plug in on vocals, drums and over entire mixes and I have been blown away by the added depth and dimension it adds to all sources. A quick tip - if you are demoing this plug, unlike previous 1073, you must press the eq button for it to be engaged. Seems like a no brainer, but initially I was twisting knobs wondering why It didn't seem to do anything. So the functional design is faithful to the analog gear as well.

C. Fröberg

November 15, 2014


I recently bought apollo twin, and finally I am able to use UAD plugins.

I have never used or heard the hardware but the plugin just sound amazing and I don't care if does sound like the hardware or not, it just brings some magic to my mixes in the box.

D. Keldie

November 15, 2014

1073 -- two thumbs up!!

A friend of mine just bought four original 1073s for $5K each. I couldn't afford that, but I could afford the plug-in, and I'm amazed at how good it sounds with my Peluso 2247 and Apollo.

O. Del

November 12, 2014


Ive'd spent to much time trying to get a drum sound out of my Demeter pre, and when I swicthed to the Neve 1073 all of a sudden their it was a great kick and snare tone that sat really nice in the mix. Since then ive'd tryed it on everything with great results.This was worth the money and time. Thanks UAD.

Y. Chistyakov

November 10, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug

Finally, i can hear the really sounds of my jazz bass. I just did not expect. just great. Setup is very simple, the sound is always there. Highly recommend. thanks UA.

Y. Chistyakov

November 10, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug

Finally, i can hear the really sounds of my jazz bass. I just did not expect. just great. highly recommend. thanks UA.

E. Rafael

November 4, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp

Excellent product, UAD always letting its users flabbergasted. Have purchased a product from UAD was a watershed for my productions, mixes and mastering. Neve 1073 Preamp is incomparable. sole

F. Hassan

November 2, 2014

Must buy

This is what makes the Apollo Twin series incredible. I have a separate rig with an Avalon 737 and a Apogee Rosetta 200. That rig costs me thousands and for less than 1/3 of the price, I was able to buy the Apollo Twin and Neve preamp and actually get better vocals. If you get that combo, you'd be paying amateur price and getting pro quality, I promise. Just make sure you get a great mic to go along with it.

J. Vazquez

October 29, 2014

Really works!!

I am sound engineer about 25 years working with many analog stuff and one of my favorite and Ioving working is with Neve 1073 hardware all the time, but since I tried the 1073 UAD bundle plugins I was shocked, about what exactly that emulates the actual Neve 1073, I'll recomended 100%, great job guys.

J. Verbeeck

October 23, 2014


What can i say... everything i expect from a preamp. thank you UA!!!!

M. Höffken

October 21, 2014

Neve 1073 - Leader of EQs

Of course especially the EQ-Plugs require the individual taste of everyone, but this EQ refines all different sources (predominantly vocals, but also drums, guitars and bass) on a high-end level. Many thanks to UAD for this extremely smooth sounding tool, for this enrichment to my studio arsenal.
Finally I`d like to invite you to see my new music video (, in which a great variety of UAD-Plugs can be watched in action.

Greetings from Germany

C. Leiria

October 18, 2014

The Neve preamp sound

Like the API strip what really amazes me in these plug ins is the Unison technology of the Apollos.

I recorded acoustic guitars with the 1073 and the bass frequencies are much better than my old low budget hardware preamp.

I tried to get a "bad" muddy sound with it pointing the mic at the guitar hole and it was impossible to get it, the bass frequencies were always smooth and solid. To get the most of the preamp i like to really drive it at the edge before it starts to saturate and it behaves like the hardware, smooth slight harmonic saturation, but if you prefer you can really get full saturation out of it.

The EQ it's good but DSP hungry.

You get the Neve sound

S. Powers

October 12, 2014


This is literally my hardware, but with presets and recalls... Great job UA.

N. Anzai

October 11, 2014

Really Real!

Newly added Pre part is really close to the hardware.
Great work!!

2581-2600 of 2815 Results