Neve® Complete Bundle

Neve® Complete Bundle

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Neve Complete Bundle

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N. sveinungsen

February 21, 2022


Am using this all over, and on my masterbuss. Am mixing in the box, and this channel strip does nice sepeation and clearity. sound smooth

D. Hetzel

February 19, 2022

Lovely neve sound

Great plugin. It gives the signal more depth and at the same time more fullness. Great is also the possibility to include it in unison. The use is very simple. Adjust input until it sounds good and then output back to desired volume.

V. Baranov

February 17, 2022


Two great compressors!!! Indispensable for mixing and mastering! Used in every project!!! I recommend it!!!

B. Xenophontos

February 13, 2022

Great bundle!

Great for tracking a mixing! Easiest way to get the Neve sound you are looking for!

Y. Kim

February 12, 2022

neve 1084 is magic!!

1084 gives magical power to the vocal track.

V. German

February 1, 2022

Cool device!

Sounds great on drums! On bass too.

K. Cromwell

January 28, 2022

Neve sound!

This preamp has flavor. The default setting has a different tone to other preamps, the EQ simple yet gives your audio more texture. Glad I was able to pick this up, I would highly recommend it.

M. Blackburn

January 26, 2022


Really clean and useful EQ

N. Mendez

January 25, 2022

Neve collection to complete the chain.

It is a plus to be able to utilize neve plugins from start to finish to get that unique neve sound that has been a powerhouse in the industry..Thank You UAD to make this dream collection into a reality.

A. Leite

January 24, 2022

Best Neve Preamp

Sounds amazing on vocals and acustic guitar..

B. Gautier

January 21, 2022

Fat !

A must have ! Love it on drums, guitars ans synths !

S. Bauer

January 20, 2022

Top Plugin

Das Plugin ist einfach genial. Ich verwende es bei jeder Gesangsaufnahme.

D. Franzén

January 17, 2022

Great one

Use this on every mix. Specially on material not recorded through analog preamp/gear to give it move life.

UAD User

January 14, 2022

Neve colour without the DSP hit

Fantastic, my first plugin on every channel

J. Morrison

January 13, 2022

Wow, gluey!

33609 is maybe the best mastering glue you can get! Buy it!

T. Prilesky

January 13, 2022

Sounds good!

I bought this for the purposes of tracking with unison. It does sound great, though it's fairly coloured so you will want to make sure it's a flavour you want, because you can't undo it when printing to tape. So for me it's going to be very situational, and most likely used sparingly going in, and perhaps more in the mix to give some girth to things. Happy to have this tool!

K. Thura

January 13, 2022

Love it

sounds great !

K. pentecost

January 10, 2022

Goto EQ

The Neve 1081 has easily become my goto eq for just about every source. It imparts a subtle je ne sais quoi that really warms up every track. The adjustments are all extremely musical, while you still have the ability to do some surgical work with this EQ as well. Really nice when paired with the 1073 preamp, and 1176 compressor.

L. Marchetti

January 10, 2022

Works w everything


J. Ng

January 7, 2022

One bundle to save from buying a lot of other brands’ stuffs.

Been longing to complete my neve complete bundle. I’ve been using 1073eq, channel strip and 33609 compressor for mixing/mastering. Now I can expand my neve family and I don’t need similar stuffs from other brands, simply because of the well-known quality of neve stuffs. Everything is a gem in neve :)

21-40 of 1759 Results