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Neve® Complete Bundle


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Neve Complete Bundle

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P. Larose

October 8, 2013

Un avis mitigé

Tout d'abord une vraie bonne appréciation sur la tranche compresseur expander dans la couleur de la marque mythique . En ce qui concerne la tranche EQ, je suis un peu plus mitigé car je ne retrouve pas la qualité des hautes fréquences entre 4 et 18 K.
Le coupe haut et bas remplisse bien leur rôle et sont précis. Dans l'ensemble je conseillerais tout de même cet achat en attendant un update de la tranche EQ.

T. Blackwell

October 5, 2013

Sounds terrific

can't beat the audio quality, just fantastic. The gui seems a little glitchy in Sonar 8.5 x64 but the Sound is worth the effort.

D. Chin-quee

October 2, 2013


Since I've been using this EQ most other EQ's doesn't really matter anymore apart from the Cambridge of course. Classic neve sound for a whole lot less. I Love It!!!!

P. Lordo

September 27, 2013

It's Ok

This Neve 33609 isn't really blowing me away. I actually liked the SSLE channel better. Maybe I am not a Neve fan. It does sound warm, but kind of dark, on individual tracks. However, as a bus plug in it does seem to glue the whole mix nicely.

F. Cadela

September 26, 2013

Excelente ...

Estou no demo de 14 dias e n tem como n querer comprar esse plugin ... É outro nível de plugin, rico em harmonicos, o expander maravilhoso ... compressor nem comento ... equalizador clássico ... Compre e n se arrependerá nunca ...

I`m in demo for 14 days, this is one of the best plugins of UAD ... Buy it and be happy.


K. Manner

September 24, 2013

Great substitute

I love using hardware 1073 and 1081 EQs but having the instant recall-ability of plugins is a must when I'm bouncing around different studios. With this plug in there is no quality sacrifice. I also love having the 4th EQ band (opposed to 1073's 3 bands)

A. Sutton

September 21, 2013


This sounds better to my ears than the SSL. Perhaps UA should do an update to all SSL plugs because I believe they can do better.

I use this for vocals and bass. It shines.

Check out "Steppin Out" for what it does to vocals and bass.

D. Mazurek

September 8, 2013

Sounds like the console.

I use a real Neve 88RS regularly. One of my favorite things about that desk is the exp/gate. When I demoed the plug, I went to the gate first. And guess what? They nailed it. Otherwise, it's a fairly neutral sounding desk and so is the plug. But for $133 (promo bundle) it was an easy choice to have this workhorse plug in the bag of tricks.

D. Boutet

September 8, 2013

Bon compresseur

Très bon compresseur qui donne vraiment du punch a vos sources ou a votre master. Une turie!!!!

A. De

August 28, 2013

Best channel strip ever

It just delivers what I was looking for! has same great eq filters with that uad analog soul!!!

I use it everywhere.
highly recommended.

A. Dias

August 17, 2013


Vale cada centavo!! Um channel strip que dispensa maiores comentários, add já!!!

P. Da

August 16, 2013


Really nice sound I have with this fantastic plug in, not easy to say how it sound...

M. Åkesson

August 10, 2013

There can be only one..!

Anybody being in the music business for more than 6 months have heard about Neve or 1073, no doubt about it. Filling your rack with the hardware is probably less heard of..

Good news though, you don´t have too. Just add the plugin to the cart and checkout!

I have worked with the hardware version and the plugin version is just spot on. The shimmering high end, edgy middles and bombastic lows are all there. Not to mention the gain knob that will saturate the living hell out of your signal.. In a musical way.. :)

Why are you still reading..? Buy it!

M. Gutarra

August 6, 2013

Neve sound

I like the use of this on a particular kind of rock music, sort of 'pop', 1980s. I dont use it on all styles of music. As expected the EQ enabled brightens your sound like a Neve desk. Anyway, yes, I like this.

O. Hartmann

July 31, 2013

Techno on the drumbuss

i was looking for a good compressor for the drum bus. i´ve tested some of the uad comps (SSL, Fairchild, Shadow Hills, Neve) and finally decided to buy the Neve. It gives the drums a little bit of saturation and this little magic to the highs which sounds really nice on hihats and rides. With the neve on the bus the drums stand out of the mix, clearly and punshy. It´s exactly what is was looking for. It sounds "techno" ;)

R. King

July 29, 2013

Go to channel strip

I really can't say enough about this plug in. Super easy to use and sounds fantastic. The comp is super versatile and the EQ works wonders. If I could only have one UAD plug in, this might be it.

T. Nguyen

July 22, 2013

Beat Eq Plugin forever !

I just got my Uad Satellite the other day- opened the box, get the drivers install, plugin the device, try the demo. And all I must say is that this plugin is unbelievable. Very clean, warm, and vintage sound. I love Uad plugins. They are the best.

D. Colombo

July 20, 2013

A new go to

I ma using this eq every time on my Apollo, combined with LA 2 and Studer it delivers an insane channel strip. I call them the fantastic four.

L. Schlegel

July 14, 2013

Everything you need!

This bundle has made my tracks come to life!! Thank you Neve and UA!

M. Vila

July 13, 2013

Authenticity and flexibility

I'm using UAD plugins since 2006. Back then when I decided to invest on a DSP platform it was not an easy choice but I never regretted it. This plugin is no exception. I've used other emulations of the 1073 but they were not as authentic as this one.
Nowadays I use it as a complement to my AMS NEVE 4081's (HW) and they work wonders together - it is really like having the best of both worlds. You can really choose how to color your sound and give it a unique character. A great classic as one would expect from UAD. No more, no less!

1961-1980 of 2266 Results