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Neve Complete Bundle

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J. Brooks

September 20, 2006


N. Hollis

September 18, 2006

how do you guys keep on doing this what a great comp, works so well on voxs bus groups really glues them into the track, also on drums this comp is the best dam thing ive heard apart from the real hardware version, great work guys your plugs just get better and better cheers.

big chaz

T. Senghore

September 17, 2006

I really don't know what to say. It is the best software compressor i have ever used. It is the one and only software masterbuss compressor worth its name. It blows everything else out of the water. Very very well done!

T. Lyons

September 17, 2006

I've been waiting for this like a kid waiting for Christmas Morning. UAD quite simply makes the best plug-ins available. I purchased the 33609 about the exact moment it went up on the website, ran out to my studio and loaded her in. Ahhh. Merry Xmas.
It's unlike any other comp plug on the market that I can tell. Its got that "sound" heard on 9 buhzillion records, and it seems to have endless headroom, between the ability to
get those sounds up front and accounted for, or just to properly paste them into their proper place.
This plug is not transparent. That's obviously not the idea. Its not so much an effect as it is another instrument to add to the band... But don't get me wrong, it can caress your tracks with an ever-so-light touch as well. Oh, yeah, the cpu usage wasn't as bad as I had heard it would be. YMMV, though.
Fantastic Job, UAD guys. Thanks.

T. Berberich

September 16, 2006

after buying the neve eq, the neve compressor was a blind purchase. and what should I tell you about this famous plug? it is great on bass and drum subgruppes for ny style compressions. i love it. it is the best compressor plug i've ever heard about.

A. Thompson

September 15, 2006

This probably the BEST software EQ on the market! The UAD-1 was my single best purchase for my production setup. Every other plug is stellar as well. Can't go wrong..this card and ALL the plug-ins written for it are a MUST BUY.

T. Thompson

September 3, 2006


A. Silver

August 24, 2006

Had to buy it coz the demo ran out.......!!
It's killer, thanks UA!!

F. Arnold

August 11, 2006

This EQs are amazing! I use the 1073SE on many tracks.
Stop me to buy a third-card, so I can run more instances of the 1073 ;) Great work, Universal Audio!

A. Cavaluzi

August 3, 2006

This is such a sweet EQ. Easily the best channel EQ for vocals and very good on everything else as well. It has a distinct "open" sound which has been difficult to attain without using outboard gear, until now... 5 stars!

A. Boschi

August 1, 2006

After having tryed this Neve 1073 EQ, I have pull out the window the orrible plastic and digital URS !!! Shure, two different but incomparable models. The UAD Neve IS the Neve EQ.


J. Wirtz

July 29, 2006

Rupert Neve did a masterpiece with the 1073 EQ - and UA finally did it in digital...
This EQ is just amazing: anything you change sounds as natural as you´d have
recorded like that! A number 11 of 10 to me! :)

P. Loop

July 8, 2006

This is ridiculous...

I threw this on a track with Stylus RMX and literally S@#T myself.

Like Chiffon ;)

T. Lyons

June 22, 2006

Stop it! Stop It! You're going to bankrupt me. The Neve 1073 EQ is a Masterpiece.
Its a surgeon and a Master painter 'neath a retro faceplate.

J. Ehlert

June 16, 2006

I don't know the original and its sound. But after 8 days of testing all UA-plugins this EQ was my very first choice although it is the most expensive one! It is very easy to handle (especially via midi controller) and helps me to make up a well differentiated mix.

A. Gilbert

June 14, 2006

Wow UAudio you have done it again, nobody does it better than you.

J. Carlo

June 10, 2006

This is an incredible plug-in. I've been using it on vocals lately and it just smooths out and compliments the sound so much. Its really difficult to get the same sound from other eq's in my arsenal, even from the cambridge or pultec eq's (which I consider some of the best vst plugins out on the market). If you havent demo'ed this plug yet, you're seriously missing out.

N. Perego

June 4, 2006

Amazing plug... don't begin a mix with the demo or you will have to buy it right after, no EQ can compare to this one !

K. K

June 4, 2006

Simply, Wow!!! ... a must have!!! It's gets easier to spend ur'mulla, when your buy is this much MoJo....

R. Patel

June 2, 2006

Wow UA, this plug sounds awesome. My drums sound like a dream come true. I love it on Kick drums, and the hi band shelve is beautiful. The midrange is also creamy and thick. I love this EQ, the best software eq to come along after the UAD pultec.


1941-1960 of 1960 Results