Neve® Preamp

Neve® Preamp

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Neve Preamp

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P. Lange

March 31, 2021

Neve Preamp

My go-to Unison Plugin

T. Fuxa

March 27, 2021

One step into the new world

I love gears which gives to my sound some character and color and this was why I wanted to have Neve Preamp. My projects are more colored and solid now.

G. Perez

March 26, 2021

The nevepre

Learning litle by litle and getting my sound nice and simple preamp

L. Cordova

March 22, 2021


Simple y eficas

M. Tourian

March 13, 2021


Just getting started with my UA setup and new apollo, but so far very happy with the performance and the plugins. I'm in the middle of an editing project, and this Neve preamp has been totally useful for giving almost any track I put it on better transients and clarity. I also used it to record a couple of overdubs and was quite pleased. And at half price for $75 it's a steal. Hoping this project will bring lots more work my way so I can buy more plugins!

J. OConnor

March 7, 2021

A Dream Come True

Always wanted My Personal Neve Sound When Tracking
Now I Can Take it up A Notch or Three

D. Long

March 6, 2021

Love the tone

Used it on my vocal track immediately after purchasing it. I love the tone and it suits the characteristics of my voice which I find hard to achieve on many of the other pre-amps.

s. sisti

February 26, 2021

Top unison pre

Use always this plug for vocal ad acoustic guitar recordings!

S. El Hammami

February 20, 2021


Nice but I've switched to neve 1084 for preamp and EQ

D. Cope

February 19, 2021

Great sound

Got this for an absolute bargain in the sale and with vouchers, very subtle to extreme saturation is achievable with this very simple to use plugin. I have it placed first in the signal path on every channel now

L. Pacheco

February 14, 2021

Great for everything

I didn’t know what was the difference with this and the 1073 and then I took a chance and don’t regret it, mi SM7b sounds amazing and very different from the 1073 so I totally recommend this !! You need this for some stuff and the 1073 for other let your ears be the judge for me on acoustic guitars piezo, bass and the SM7b sound amazing !!

D. Nelson-Ashley

February 11, 2021

Sound's great. Low CPU.

Sound's great. Low CPU.

H. Nakanishi

February 9, 2021

Always great!

It's so simple, light and great!!

b. zucchetti

February 3, 2021


Clear and Natural , low dsp , i will have everything of Uaudio!

D. Baker

January 31, 2021


Lovely sounding, low DSP, no nonsense preamp to strap across multiple channels.

C. Isidoro

January 31, 2021

O melhor Neve UAD

É impressionante a forma de como mudas a característica do preamp da tua interface, as gravações são limpas e claras e após a gravação o que mais adoro é como a voz praticamente já fica preparada, a seguir com dois ou três pormenores o áudio fica preparado... perfeito

A. Hall

January 27, 2021

A little bit of soul

This is a really great product. It gives everything a bit of soulful sheen without overdoing it

l. akram

January 24, 2021

the cleanest and warmest pre amp

it adds the best amplification with the least coloration if you exagirate it it adds a celan distortion

r. duhaubois

January 24, 2021

Simple efficace et a petit prix

Simple efficace RAS fait le boulot avec une qualité superbe!!

G. Cordovez

January 23, 2021

Greatest preamp ever

Beautiful!...sounds like a record!...all i need

41-60 of 561 Results