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Neve Summing

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T. Trimble

April 13, 2020


The Neve Summing Extension really has a two dimensional impact on working in LUNA:
First, it imparts a detailed width and depth to the mix while somehow managing to make it bigger and closer to the listener at the same time. I found this especially true in low impedance mode. It's not brighter, it's not compressed, it's just better. I don't know how you would achieve that sound with any combination of plugins. I sum outside the box through an SSL with a pair of Shelford Channels on the Main insert and didn't think the Neve Summing Extension would make that much difference. I was wrong.

Second, the Neve Summing really forces the user to pay close attention to gain staging. Not just at the 2 buss, but at each summing step as well. In fact, I've found LUNA in general has had this effect on me, much more so than Pro Tools. I really like the workflow impact.

Thank you Universal Audio for continuing to have the vision and drive to push the limits of innovation in audio recording. Exceptional job on the release of LUNA and countless hours of continued customer support through the Office Hours videos, document releases, etc. It's the first DAW I've used that has a "sound" of it's own. And to my ears it sounds great. Adding the Neve Summing Extension takes it up another level.

J. Salazar

April 13, 2020

The warmth one would imagine.

After deciding to start a mix in Luna of a session that I’ve had in Pro Tools I was immediately blown away by the use of the Neve summing.

I created a buss for just about every group with the Neve summing engages. Kick, Snare, toms, brass, bass, guitars, and so on. I was impressed with the depth and width it allowed me to achieve. I had them all at unity gain and mixed into the busses and being able to bring things forward by simply flipping the impedance was just fantastic. I opted not to use it on the master buss as it didn’t add to what I was going for.

All in all it was something I could directly A/B with old mixes and notice the hyper realism of the instruments. It all felt like they could physically be touched in the mix. Absolutely love it.

J. Moore

April 13, 2020

Thank you! thank you! thank you!

Beautifully done! Glues everything together. Thank you UA!!!

p. casali

April 13, 2020

Two minutes of demo are enough!!

Amazing sound. Adds an incredible definition to your mix. Easy to use and in a moment everything comes to life !!

T. Hess

April 13, 2020

I haven’t tried it yet

I going to demo it shortly if I can, just off the videos I’m an hype, just learning from mwtm, youtube and over time... I feel like this is a key element in what my mixes are lacking, more rides and front to back, and more time spent through taking breaks and using refs! Hopefully soon I’ll be charted because of Luna and my buddys for letting me mix their tracks! It would be dope for a % off for a few hrs or a limited email offer to a few.. thank you guys! Stay safe and wash the hands!

P. Conrad

April 13, 2020

Adds depth and clarity

Analog Summing has been a dark art in getting mixes to sound REAL. A computer can do a great job calculating all the signals digitally together, giving you an overload of detail and overstimulating your ears. Analog Summing gives you smooth detail and a pleasing sound, adding depth and clarity. I know, because I do a lot of analog summing in my workflow. And I still do, but the Neve Summing extension allows me to do it all in the box and get everything to 8 stereo groups to feed my Analog Summing box (which is 16 channels). My mixes are sounding way better, cuz I used to cheat by doing half digital summing and half analog. Now, my digital summing is always done using the amazing sounding Neve Summing extension. WORTH EVERY PENNY. A reason to use LUNA.

S. D’Kay

April 13, 2020


Sad to see that the pricing of this plug is as much as the Moog, which is way more complex plugin. This should cost no more tha $99, as it just does 1 thing: add saturation. At least sell it with a discount for people that owns other Neve plugs.

D. Barkman

April 12, 2020

The difference is incredible

No pitch, no trust me's, no bs... Just pick a song you've done that you are REALLY proud of the sound and then drop those stems in Luna. Now turn on the Neve Summing extensions, you'll be sold. It's NOT just a plugin, its a System Extension. It's a new thing, don't be afraid, just embrace and appreciate NOT having to fork over $250,000 for this kind of sound.

K. Kenk

April 12, 2020

Best summing on digital domain

Sounds absolutely fabulous.

B. Dawson

April 12, 2020

Fantastic Sound

UA have succeeded in capturing the feel of an analog console within the digital realm. Neve summing sounds particularly great when used cumulatively; create those busses!

L. Williams

April 12, 2020

Awesome add on

I took the 14 day demo for a spin and I fell in love with it instantly. The Lo impedance really does something for my mixes. It adds a noticeable amount of cohesion to every source. Worth the 299 in my opinion. I’ll be purchasing after my trial is up! Thank you UA!

D. De Angelis

April 12, 2020

WOW Universal Audio - You did it again!!

WOW... is all I can think of!! Instant gratification is something you cannot put a price-tag on, PERIOD! The entire LUNA system gives me just that, especially the NEVE Summing!
I come from the analog world big-time and I never thought I’d say this but....UA has truly achieved analog tone in the digital world!!
Thanks UA..

J. Desir

April 12, 2020

Nice Beautiful Perfect

Great Job the entire UA team Bravo the neve summing is top worth the price
Luna v1 looks great so far thanks

UAD User

April 12, 2020

Fan of UAD

This plugins works as advertised. So happy!

A. Reverberi

April 12, 2020

The sound of an 80 series in LUNA

Great sounding summing option for Luna. It really captures the depth and smoothness of an old Neve Console

B. Smith

April 12, 2020

Love it

A great Buy. I love the way it sounds, makes my mixes sound fuller. I can’t believe people are really complaining about Neve Summing Being free. It was never said to be free. Most of you are engineers, Open your ears. Luna was free. You can always go buy a the 3,500 dollar summing hardaware.

J. Dockerty

April 12, 2020

Greatness Well Done UAD

I have been demoing this piece of greatness, adds warmth and glue To perfect every mix. Don’t mind the others who wrote reviews about how it was meant to be free, it wasn’t. And it’s not UAD’s fault people can’t read or listen and watch videos where they were told constantly it is a paid add-on.

UAD User

April 12, 2020


Try the 14 day demo and throw this into your workflow for a bit. I've been really impressed with how the summing helps more sterile stems come alive a bit quicker. I find myself reaching for processing on individual tracks and busses a bit less. I love the harmonics introduced, the beefy yet clean low end, and the clear cohesion in the mids. The clever impedance switch, headroom knob, and trim make it super quick and easy to adjust gain staging for optimal saturation and levels across a whole mix. Bravo UA! How about a Helios desk next?? :)

D. Case

April 12, 2020


talking about the quality of the Neve Summing, it adds an amazing fullness to the bus it’s on and stacking them across a project gets me where I need to get much faster than I could with my old workflow. It’s a winner.

T. Wheeler

April 11, 2020

Do The Math

We were very close to purchasing a Neve 5088 console because of the sound of the Shelford channels we already have - a 16 channel unloaded is $40K. We were looking at the $150K for the loaded 32 channel.
I decided to wait until Luna was released to see if it came anywhere close...
Not only is it close, it's amazing - and even more usable in ways you just can't do with a physical console. I have had nothing but latency nightmares trying to track drums with Logic and even Pro Tools and my first test with Luna was spot on!
I will gladly spend the price of a decent single plug in ($299) to turn a Mac Pro into a Neve Summing box - and I'll take the difference and buy a Tesla, or two.

61-80 of 86 Results