Ocean Way Studios

Ocean Way Studios

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Customer Reviews

Ocean Way Studios

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J. Davis

December 31, 2018

Ggreat sounds!

I can’t record everyday in a legendary studio...well, I couldn’t before, but I can now!

J. Carr

December 31, 2018

A Room With A Beautiful View

The Ocean Way Studios Plugin is my current go to during the current scoring of the latest film im working on.

Thank you UAD

R. Byers

December 28, 2018

Cohesion of space

This plugin can go a long way to helping create a cohesive and organic live space for multiple instruments to live in a mix. It is a very welcome addition to project studio owners craving a more impressive room.

J. Le Coq

December 27, 2018

The perfect room

Finally found the perfect room ! Everything is alive now !

F. Lundgren

December 22, 2018

Great for creatng air

I Am tracking alot with closemic`s. The plugin is great for creating air between instrument/vocalist and Microphones.

P. Busch

December 21, 2018

Super plug-in

Fantastic plug-in, that can "move" your recordings to Ocean Way Studio. I'm very happy for this - especially because my actual room is not that great, and it really makes a difference in the sound quality and recording environment

J. Andersson

December 17, 2018


I love both the re-mic and the reverb functions on this. Great plugin!

m. łuczak

December 15, 2018

super dla bębnów

nagrywane w niskim pomieszczeniu dostały głębi i życia


December 14, 2018


After you learned this plug it really gives a spacial soundstage and real sound to virtual instruments

t. theo

December 14, 2018

Just great

If you are recording in your home this plug in is a must!!!

k. nakazawa

December 13, 2018

It’s a miracle! But a lot of utility...

You are so happy,If you need change a midi’s instrument sounds to rearl sound.
But... it’s so many utility DSP. It’s carefully to choose this one.

UAD User

December 12, 2018

Powerfull sound of room

The sound of this room is rich, wide and powerfull.
I would love to have a bit more settings for microphone positions, stereo spread, microphone selection etc.

B. Zdravkovic

December 11, 2018

The pure revolution in reverb and dynamic room modeling plugin.

I have a small recording room for drums and other instruments. But, with this plugin I managed to enter a bit of space in my recordings.
However, it makes a huge difference in my drum recordings now.
Another UAD masterpiece!

J. Keith

December 10, 2018

Very Pleased

On first use, I had great results! I needed to sit a vocal back in the mix a bit without adding too much verb and delay. Being able to change the source and mic position around in the room was perfect for getting the vocal to sit perfectly in the mix. Added a bit of eq right in the plug-in and presto! Very happy with my purchase.

K. Gilroy

October 5, 2018

Ocean Way Studios

This is a one of a kind sounding plugin. Nothing sounds as REAL as this! When I use it, I can see the room thru the window from the board. This is a must have....TOP 20 UAD!

J. Kulin

October 2, 2018

Great for realism

Fantastic room sound for any dry signal that needs a realistic space. I haven't even started tweaking the thing, it sound so good in the default setting, but I already use it in every mix. I found the original/untouched character to sometimes be a bit harsh, but that is easily remedied with a few eq strokes. Great work UA!

H. Ataka

September 8, 2018

Really natural sound

I also have a reverb using IR, but this product has unprecedented charm.

D. Perini

August 6, 2018

Ocean Way is really a must have!

Ocean Way is really a must have!

R. Alvarez-Torre

July 22, 2018


What this does for drums and guitars is amazing. I’m blown away every time I add it to the aux. I’m literally immediately inspired as soon as I hear it.

B. Henderson

July 22, 2018

Unbelievable sound from a resource hog

As others have pointed out, the soundscape, the modeling - all very impressive and does very interesting things to nearly everything I've thrown at it. But holy hell it gobbles up resources. I'm only running a twin quad, but with fairly modest plugin usage, it will buckle my session to deploy this on more than one stereo track. So I'm doing a lot more track printing, reminding me of the 90's!

221-240 of 718 Results