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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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K. Paktrakettrin

September 9, 2014

Awesome Plug-in

Thanks UA, This Plugin Just Fix my Mix Problem and gimme a very Huge Change for my Desktop station!!!

F. Schartner

September 7, 2014

Another great win for my studio!!

The ocean way studio offers something totally new for me, especially with the re-mic function. As i am a home studio guy, doing arrangements, overdubs and small ep productions, ocean way is a game changer for me. I have no outboard gear and everything is ITB. My Virtual instruments like drums, synths, orchestral libraries sound so much better with this on the bus. You instantly hear the difference. The mic choices, mic positioning, panning, master eq options are awesome.
It is definitely a plugin you need to dedicate some time to find out whats right for you, but the presets are really really good starting points that will get you in the ballpark asap.
The reverb option is also incredible and sounds just insane out of the box. Thumps up!!

J. Seung

September 2, 2014

super fun.

're-mic' is revolution!
nice sound and hyper fun.

L. Lee

August 24, 2014


This is a very special & important plugin. The reverb alone makes everything you run thru it sounds amazing.. And the Remic section is just A Game Changer Period!! so much to say about this. Please do yourself a favor and grab this NOW!!!!!

?. ??

August 17, 2014


Because This processor can make great ambience & reverb.
I almost set this AUX channel.
After Ocean Way Studios Plug-In bought.
I'm enjoying mix & mastering!

K. Harper

August 15, 2014

Not the easiest way around it

As much as I wanted to love this plug-in at first, I didn't when I demo-ed it. But I still got it anyways, knowing it'd be useful down the line.

It has saved my ass many times [mix sessions where there were no good drum room mics, and adding ambiances]. But it hasn't really been in an intuitive way.

I get the whole re-mic idea, and on paper it seems really cool. But the execution just isn't sensible for stuff that is tracked well - yet it's only really is meant for stuff that isn't tracked well.

Adding drum ambiance is what it does best. Really takes some careful bussing into it and a lot of messing with parameters in ways that I wouldn't expect to get a sound I dig. It does blend quite well once I'm there, though. Great plug still

M. Fernandez

August 6, 2014

Nothing but amazing!!

It's not just a reverb, I track drums on very big rooms every week , and this plugging save my day a few weeks ago when I had to mix some V-drums files, I send a mix of all my samples and then I printed the 3 layers of room mics to channels using different compressors on each And or the job done!!

I just like to be able to routing the 3 pairs of mic to individual returns to process the pairs at just one pass!!

Marcel Fernandez
Chief engineer @ Robert lang studios

A. Lee

July 27, 2014

very unique plugin

It was very easy to use than I expected. Great plugin for home studio / project studio owners without a great room to record. One of my fav plugs from UA.

T. Commo

July 21, 2014

Very nice!

I was very impressed with this plugin on various instruments. It really gives a nice warmth to everything. I've never been to the real Ocean Way Studios so I really have no idea how well it mimics the sound there but it does add very nice natural depth to my mixes without sounding fake at all (don't go overboard with it). The mic placement function ended up being much more useful than I had originally thought. Read the manual too. This thing does a bit more than meets the eye. Buy and enjoy!

S. Samayoa

July 21, 2014

Ocean Way Studios Plug-In

I haven't used it a lot yet, but what I have used it on sounds amazing. Looking forward to experimenting more.

H. Scheffler

July 17, 2014

Ocean way or no way

fantastic way to beef up my recordings with a touch of expensive room sound!

M. Mahler

July 17, 2014

More than a reverb

This plug-in is much more than just a reverb. I use it often on vocals to change the sounds - simulate different world class microphones and change the room mode.

If you want to move from good to brilliant and add a superb room to your music productions then consider this plug-in for your next purchase.

H. Chahil

July 14, 2014

Amazing dimension

This plugin adds tone if u want, natural 3dimensional feel n sound better then a typical reverb. Mic options such as c12, u47 gave my instruments that feel good tone quickly.
I make hiphop music and let me tell you, use the room sound for lead vocal and backups n your guitars and synths and you will say wow!
Yes it's very pricey but my mixes sound like they were mixed by universal pictures after using Oceanway studio! Try it yourself, use the room vocal verb sound for lead vocal and use the group vocal preset for backup vox and listen for yourself. Then use the guitar presets in mic mode and see what it does to your synths pass pianos.

Thank UA now I just need you to do the adm1540 eq

D. Mclaughlin

July 14, 2014

Wow, what a fun space maker

Sounds amazing. Somewhere between brilliant IR and real live room. This is the closest I've ever heard to the real deal:)

J. Carmo

July 14, 2014

Other Dimension...

It simply gives you another dimension in the final product if you use it right...Congratulations UA

C. Nedzynski

July 7, 2014

Can't Understand the Bad Reviews

I put off getting this due to the bad reviews, but as soon as I got the demo, I knew I had to have it. In simple terms, if you have a poor sounding room, but can get it as dry as humanly possible, this plug-in can then add the quality and space you'd have had to pay mega bucks for in the past. It's not really a reveb... it's a room (or 2), but you can have almost total control over the mics within that room. It's added detail in a convolution reverb that I've always dreamed of! If only you had this much control in every altiverb patch! It is quite resource heavy though, but it's worth it.

J. Rostrup

July 5, 2014


When I first saw this, I thought wow, then I watched someone demo it on youtube, and he wasn't excited so I got less so. I demoed it and for a long time it did nothing for me, but of course I had no idea what I was doing, until i randomly put it on master and ....wow everything changed. Now every track I do gets this, just to see if there is magic to be had.
So this gets me thinking. Imagine you're a rebellous young f.. all rules kind of a band, and you have your perfect crispy clean digital dead sound recording to mold. You load this plugin and you can get it to sound like you're standing in your parents crappy sounding garage, or anywhere really. And this gets to be your breakthrough signature sound. But not for long so don't tell anyone.

J. Archie

July 5, 2014


Ocean Way is one of My favorite new plug ins, as the studio is as well.. definitely one of my go to whether I'm adding life to my drum mixes on records or adding color and beauty to a orchestral arrangement this plug in is a MUST HAVE in your arsenal!!

E. Balabanov

July 4, 2014


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D. Harrington

July 1, 2014

Very Very Nice Plug-in

I tried the demo version that shipped with the UAD-2 Satellite Duo and used my $50 voucher to buy the plugin within a few hours. I used it on a track I was struggling with which just did not have the right feel. I applied it to the drums, guitar and vocal separately and along with an aural exciter from another supplier :) the thing just took off. Really settled into a nice grove.

I was very impressed, highly recommended

521-540 of 718 Results