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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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L. Schlegel

September 29, 2013


Was skeptical of this plugin at first, but man, this is truly amazing. Great sounds!

S. Hwang

September 26, 2013

Understated beauty of reverb

English is not my skills and hope I am writing you to understand.

I doubt all the special effects, reverb plug-in to my heart was shaking.
Ocean Way Studios it shook my heart. As much as I want to express the beauty that exceed gave. Will be my main reverb.
Another advantage is that good quality is easy to use. I'm not an expert. Therefore simple, but want to maximize the effect. Is just such a plug-in.

B. Chapman

September 23, 2013

really, really good.

It does what it's supposed to do. I record myself in a very small room much of the time. This gives me the sound of a decent size room, without a lot of tweaking. The modeling is great, but most of the time I'm using the Reverb mode, when I use it.

I have used the modeling in situations where the tone of the instrument wasn't captured the way I would wish it was. It has saved the day without any EQ, more than once.

It's a good tool, and has a lot of control on tap. Sounds good, and does what no other reverb in my bag can do!

C. Planche

September 22, 2013

Ocean Way on drums

Already using it on drums bus on a metal album, my rec room is 3mx3m, so I use it to add more space, it works great.

T. Weaver

September 20, 2013

Ocean way kicks butt!

This is an incredible plugin and surpassed my expectations! It works extremely well with drums and electric guitars... It adds such a believable depth to drums that I no longer even setup room mics! I've only used the reverb function so far and am completely sold on it! It sounds great and is pretty well idiot proof! Explaining MY testimony! Haha! Great stuff from UA! Thanks guys!

C. Mcgowan

September 20, 2013


I tried he demo of this plugin and was amazed by the quality. I've never heard anything like it. The effect sounds glued with the source material unlike any reverb or convolution processor I've used. Thank you Universal Audio. Keep up the amazing work.

B. Brito

September 19, 2013

Bom... Preciso ter tempo pra testar melhor.

Usei pouco ainda, mas dá pra ter uma idéia que podemos simular todos os intrumentos em um único lugar, mesmo que captados em locais diferentes.

H. Eriksson

September 18, 2013

Good on live recording

In mixing a live recording where everything was closed miked this plugin was really useful.
The organ was a bit edgy and in my face so I tried to use a re-mic setting which took some of the edge of and placed the organ on the stage instead of in the speakers. Good result from little effort.
I tried the reverb setting on the drums. I printed the room to a new track to save dsp and mixed it in with the drumbus and the result was that the drums took the place a bit behind the other instruments and gave the mix depth and a nice glued live sound.
Great plug!

C. Chastain

September 17, 2013


I rarely find myself in good rooms any more - this plug helps bridge the gap. I find myself using OWS in Re-mic mode on every session these days.

C. Aguilar

September 16, 2013

A must have tool

I have been working with it for a few months now, and it's been a wonderful tool. It does require a lot of DSP but it's worthy. It's easy to use, very simple and it does an amazing job. If you don't have a wonderful room this can clean up the mess. It sounds real, big or small, close or far as you need it to be and in deed recolors the sound to the room and mics. It does everything they promise you it'll do. To be fair, it does require you to do your job by working with the tool settings, but since its a very simple interface, it's not difficult to achieve great results in a few minutes.

J. Baumet

September 14, 2013

Absolutely amazing for ITB acoustic instruments

Drop any of your emulated acoustic instruments from Drums to Piano to Guitar into the remic'd room and it will bring a tear to your eye. It is just stunning to hear an otherwise sterile sampled acoustic guitar made real.

Superior Drummer and Ivory II italian grand sound fantastic as well but I am still trying to find a good way to do multiple outs with SD and create a virtual set of overheads to accompany it without phase issues.

J. Delaney

September 14, 2013

Better than bleach for your crappy room.


When getting tracks with either cruddy room sounds or only overheads, this plug is the fix all!

Re-mic for room mics -- this will turn a couple of 57s in a rehearsal room to sound like it was recorded at Western with $10k of mics.

The regular reverb application is the best solution to add the appearance of room micing when there was originally none.

Thanks to Allen Sides & UA for doing something very special with this one!



M. Kartashev

September 10, 2013


this is amazing!
it can bring life to synths / drum machines like nothing else...gives it a real room vibe using the re-mic and makes it sit in the mix like magic sometimes...

also great when some realistic room is needed for more acoustic material like vocals strings guitars etc...

truly one of a kind highly recommended!

D. Gilkinson

September 10, 2013

Rework Those Home Studio Tracks

I've used the Ocean Way Studios Plug-In on tracks sent to me by artists with Home Studios. This Plug-In used in Re-Mic Mode has allowed me to rework tracks (particulary lead vocals) and to develop a much improved sound on the mixes. I am currently experimenting with using the Reverb Mode with track sends to the Verb Buss and the results have been very good. An expensive tool, but one very much worth having.

B. Jovanovac

September 10, 2013

More than a plug-in

Being able to put yourself and your idea into a room and mics that gives a new dimension to the music is much more than a plug-in.

G. Ventin

September 9, 2013

Unbelievably 'roomy'

I can't say how much I appreciate this plug-in! Finding that on true acoustic sounds it is 'hands down' the best thing to add to the mix. I've always wanted to add the effect of 'room' rather then processed 'reverb'. And if you are looking for real 'room' in your recordings, this is where it's at!
*Word to the Wise - check out UA's Instances Chart and your processor before using. Tends to pull on the system pretty hard so don't say I didn't warn you ;)

D. Mazurek

September 8, 2013

Glue. Glue. Glue.

Some say you can get similar results by messing around with convo verbs. Not sure, haven't tried myself. But I do know that this thing gives EXCELLENT results, very quickly, and that means a lot in my world. I don't want to have to TRY. I want my tools to "do stuff" for me right out of the gate and this thing does that. Put it on drum overheads and it's as if those drums were done in that room. Very realistic IMO and a powerful tool in the right hands.

M. Ferguson

September 5, 2013

OWS Rocks

I've yet to explore everything this plugin can do, but let me relate one instance where it made itself well worth its cost. I had a DI electric guitar track that needed some space around it, being a lead instrument in a sparse mix. I ran it through an amp sim, and then into the OWS in "Guitar" mode. The result was the most convincing image of a real guitar being played in front of me that I've ever heard from my DAW. Amazing.

I've also had this plugin do nice work on drums, vocals, and keys. A game-changer? In my case, yes, since it changed the way I play this game we call music-making. Now, whenever I need a natural room sound, I reach for the OWS. Bravo, UA!

L. Perry

September 3, 2013

wow.. a real drum room.

i used the demo for a few days and was impressed with how i finally got my drums to sound like they were in a real room.. no, im not a mix engineer.. i convert midi tracks.. but 1 thing is true.. this plugin gave me results.. and i am happy with my putchase...

R. Grace

September 2, 2013

Just buy it.

Stop reading reviews and just buy this. Its so good its not even worth wasting time reading about. There is nothing else out there that does what this does. Its indispensable.

621-640 of 718 Results