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Ocean Way Studios

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G. Yacobacci

June 9, 2013

OWS Is My New Room Ambiance

I have been using Altiverb for all room ambiance until trying the OWS from UAD and now this is my go to room ambiance. Its very realistic and immediately added depth to the tracks. The EQ section could be better, a nice 5 band EQ would add more color options, maybe a few more mic types and pattern options, but overall I really like it. I hope UAD continues to improve this concept.

P. Zhuravel

June 8, 2013

Ok I'm stumped!!! In a good way

The re-mic option is insane! I used one of the most advanced piano sample libs in my track that was VERY busy and wanted to have a solo piano and NOTHING I had worked so I picked the closest one to match the overall sound and it still stuck out of the mix... After I used this plug in a remic function, I was able to reposition this piano in a way that it became a part of the song like it was supposed to, and it took a minute of tweaking! I think it's a one of a kind plugins, there's nothing out there that can fool you and make u think it was meant like this!

Thumbs up

R. Sinclair

June 8, 2013

OWS in a plugin?

I thought long and hard before i demoed this plugin as I use IR reverbs already and wasn't sure that this would offer much more. I have most UAD plugs and felt that i probably had most situations covered, although I would say UAD guys if you are reading this - 'Please make a mutronics mutator plugin!'

This plugin actually adds a lot to my sonic arsenal and has been used mainly this week on drum bus, but we also used on vocs. It adds something to the sound more than a reverb and an EQ or even a mic IR. Perhaps its voodoo or alien technology, but however this was created this has become an indispensable mixing tool, more than paying for itself this week alone as clients love its sound so much!

S. Stoerrle

June 6, 2013

A must have!

This is a great software. I need it by vocals, pianos, strings and synths -they are more great. A must have from UAD - really great!!

C. Young

June 5, 2013

Ocean Way Studios Plug-In

Finding this very useful as a way to add depth and a sense of environment.
I have a very "dry" booth for vocals and acoustic instruments and I have found using the room mics in Ocean Way as a send, works very well.
It also can add color and depth on drum busses.
Excellent and very deep plug-in!

S. Usov

June 5, 2013

Ocean Way Studios - it's a masterpiece.

Ocean Way Studios plug-in - is the soul and the body of your instrument.
Without the Ocean Way Studios, any tool is a recorded dry - a skeleton.
It is little more than a chance for those who do not have proper facilities.

UA you are the BEST.

T. Kenny

June 5, 2013

Absolutely love the idea

Thought this would be somthing I would really love , don't get me wrong I did like but after comparing it to other convolution reverbs couldn't merit the price tag . It sounded different but not better .

T. Waagø

June 5, 2013

Very easy & good sounding plugin.

I really haven´t tried all recording/mixing situations. I play pianoparts using software instruments ( Ivory ), and it is very nice to adjust sound by changing mics, positions & rooms. The same with software drums; I leave out the OH mics from the software ( Superior Drummer ), and find many very good combinations in O.W.S.
One negative thing is that ; when you change microphones, the positions go to default. That way it takes longer to cross listen between microphones.

B. Schneider

June 5, 2013

Thank you UAD for your phenomenal tools

Every day I am working hard in my Studio and most of your tools are fixed components in my recordings. The Ocen way plug in is one of my favorites. It gives my recordings a touch of world class productions.

Thank you UAD for pimping my Songs.

Bob Schneider

E. Segarra

June 4, 2013

payed itself already!!

I get a lot of drums recorded in small, home studio rooms. This plug in has saved the day in more than one occasion. Ive used both as remic and reverb with equal results. This one is going on every mix from now on.

H. Bjornsson

June 4, 2013

My booth is bigger now

I've tried so many reverbs to try to make my sound booth bigger. Room mics in there sound like close mics. This does exactly what I've been looking for .... and it sounds great.

B. Keis

June 4, 2013


Absolutely jaw-dropping!! My new favorite plug-in.

M. Blue

June 4, 2013

One good ambiance deserves: another ?

After tracking or when the talent has left, what can you do if you just can't find the right sense of ambiance to place that part in your mix's soundstage ?

Most reverbs are actually static not changing the illusion of where the sound source is in the space so you are or were stuck.

Not with OceanWay Studios , as you can create a reverb tailored to your source and use reverb ambiances derived from different matched pairs of classic hi end mikes placed differently in the physical place of the studio space by OWS senior producer.

Also, you can also switch up/out the mikes and physically move them in the plug's gui to alter the sound envelopes to mimic how the verb would actually have changed in real time.

OWS is powerful:try it today !

M. Minolli

June 3, 2013

Sounds "Roomy"

Overal a pleasant and unique sound. If you produce EDM use this plug-in to add some midrange/top-end ambiance to your kicks. The sound is subtle but powerful. This IS a very unique sounding reverb.

I'm giving it a a 4/5 because of the interface. The interface is straight forward but down right "strange".... I'm not a fan of the large photo as it makes the plugin take up a lot of monitors space.

M. Pace

June 3, 2013

Really Amazed by Universal Audio once again!!!

Excellent plugin for 2013! I cannot believe how much detail UAD have put into this plugin. For the price they're asking, It's worth it!

You can re-mic or reverb the Room according creating chambers to suit what you're trying to achieve in a mix.

When I use this plugin, I mainly use it in context of reverb of a room.

Sonic albums like 'Birds of Tokyo' have that nice big and open drum kit which I feel this plugin has enabled me to recreate, that room ambience one would dream of!

I highly recommend this plug-in if your trying to achieve reverb ambience or re-mic feature treating dead spots in an untreated room.

Love it guys!
Mick | Slightly Left of Centre


S. Nevarez

June 2, 2013

Great to Enhance Electric Guitar Recordings

I use this in conjunction with POD HD500 and it really adds that "Air", often missing due to Direct Recording issues. Great for Blues Guitar.

Have fun!

B. Hoener

June 1, 2013

Our new Secret Weapon!!!

OMG UA has done it again! We finally got our Room back up and running again after Sandy. We had a great session then moved into the control room. brought our tracks up with only UA plugs inserted and got it sounding great. Then I authorized the Ocean way Plug and inserted it, my partner played with it for 2 minutes and turned to me and said
"You realize this is our new secret Weapon Right"? I just smiled, shook my head and said yeah I know. I hadn't even run the Demo, I know better, any time I run the Demo's I end up buying the plug anyway, so I'm like, Why Bother!
Big Thumbs UA! Were off to Ocean Way without an airline ticket! Just Awesome!!!!!!

T. Rittmann

May 31, 2013

Beautiful room

This plugin sounds great. Very flexible and easy to use. The room sound reacts very realistically and dynamically, it even sounds good with compression. It is not the real thing, but in a mix, it gets a hell of a lot closer than anything I've tried. I just finished recording a trumpet player do multipe overdubs. This plugin was able to give me incredible results in remic mode to make it sound as if it was a horn section playing live together in a room. Gorgeous on drums too. I think UA nailed it on this.

H. Lueck

May 31, 2013

A "Real" Room

As an old analog engineer (many years in a good sized room with a 24 track 2 inch) I developed a taste for real spaces. Now I live in a great sounding but small space and have tried "everything" to turn digital reverb (IR and Algorithmic) into real rooms. With varying results, especially on drums. It always sounds like "dry + wet" to me.....
Enter OWS.
Re Mic mode as an insert on the drum bus is astounding. There are enough options of mics and placements that you can really evoke a space that fits almost any production that is supposed to sound like players in a real room. Digital pianos, vocals, guitars all really benefit but the drums.... the drums.... did I mention the drums? Now I find myself adding back a LITTLE dry.... :^)

S. Bobrov

May 30, 2013

How we live without it?

Sound..., take a fullness,reach warm body.It,s more natural,fresh and.......right.I,d like more a very tight mic position.Very good the choice of mic list.Both tipes Remic and reverb are very usefull. Exellent and new age plug!
How we live withoit the Ocean Way Studio?

681-700 of 718 Results