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Ocean Way Studios

Ocean Way Studios

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Regular Price: $349.00


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Customer Reviews

Ocean Way Studios

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J. Alberto

July 26, 2013

much money for a plugin environment

very good plugins, is the closest thing to being at ocean way studios but as it is the economy in Spain and the music is too expensive for a plugin environment

D. Persons

July 21, 2013


This plug is an absolute game-changer for independent mixers like myself without access to million-dollar facilities and gorgeous chambers to run through. Haven't even tried the re-mic mode yet 'cause I have to work quick and the reverb mode is just killing it. As one of my colleagues pointed out "it sounds like a ROOM not a REVERB." Keep up the great work UAD! Cheers

K. Kusama

July 18, 2013



D. Katkhanov

July 15, 2013

Another magic from UAD

if you don't want your mix sounded much more expensively, at all don't buy Ocean Way Studios Plug-In...

T. Reis

July 5, 2013

Excellent and different.

Finding more and more use for this on vocals / acoustic guitars / strings. Shame it is such a DSP hog but you can always print with the effect.

J. Kleban

July 3, 2013

Using OWS on an entire MIX

This is one of the most amazing plugins I have ever used. Works great for a small private studio with virtual sampled instruments on a HOME DAW. Makes projects come alive with the LIVE studio sound (I call it AIR).

The presets of Allen Sides are a great starting place for instruments. By having all the LIVE tracked instruments using OWS, it glues the instruemtn tracks together as if they were recorded at the same time in the same space.

One of the areas that I have found works better for me is to use the plugin as a REVERB instead of in RE MIC mode. I can only imagine what studios will be modelled next. GREAT concept and GREAT results. THANKS BILL P and ALLEN S.

J. Herzfeld

July 3, 2013

Helps Tardis live up to it's name.

I named my project studio Tardis because of it's tiny dimensions. With the addition of the O-W Studio plug-in, it is truly starting to live up to it's name. Small in appearance and huge sonically! I love this plug. It's been terrific on piano -- making my Yamaha sample sound as big as the Steinway in my living room. Acoustic guitars open up and vocals --- forget about it! I am cutting leads with a Blackspade mic and Neve 511 pre -- they sounded great before -- but now they sound huge! Thank you Bill Putnam and thank you Allan Sides for sharing this tool with the rest of us!

D. Dipietro

July 1, 2013

Another tool to pick from

Yep, overpriced as has been mentioned many times but it does add a dimension that I haven't been able to create from any other plug in. At least in a reasonable amount of time and effort.
I've never recorded at OWS so I can't say it sounds like you're recording in a great room- for my purposes the comparison is useless and nothing more then marketing. If it sounds good and gets the job done I couldn't care less what it's modeled after. As a reverb it does a great job of creating space around a sound source- that's all I need to make it a valid tool.
As for remicing- well it's interesting but basically you're using OWS mics to record what your own mic recorded. It's not like putting a C12 on your amp, it's like putting a c12 on your 414.....

C. J

June 29, 2013

Absolutely Amazing!!!

I love this plugin! I put it on my vocals in a recent song I did. I decided to remix it and put the Ocean Way on an Aux and use it as a send in Re-mic mode. I also mixed in another send of an EMT140 on the vocals as well very slightly. OMFG!!! The space I created around the vocals with the room mics did absolute magic to the vocal sound! This is a game changer!!!

PS- one issue though....When I open a session that has plenty of room for more plugins on my UAD Satellite Quad, I get a message in PT that says : One or more of the UAD Plugins have been disabled due to me running out of PGM/MEM?? When I look there is plenty of that available! Please fix this bug ASAP because it has complete set back my work....thank you UA!

I. Papagiannidis

June 26, 2013

One of a kind!

Unbelievable sound !!!

best of its kind!

I was shocked when i first listened to it... now i cant live without it...

John Jeff Touch

Producer /singer/ songwriter

M. Dennis

June 24, 2013

Awesome plugin!

Great to have access to the world renowned Ocean Way Studios!
I demoed the plugin and was so impressed I had to buy it!

Great work once again UAD

B. Thompson

June 21, 2013

Everything I hoped for!

very cool plug-in, but maybe not for everyone.

In re-mic mode it claims to replace, entirely, your original room and microphone characteristics. I thought that was a bit boastful, but now I'm not so sure. I've never worked in Ocean Way, so I don't know if it is spot on, but I can tell you that every track I've used it on sounded better. In some cases a lot better. As one who was fortunate to "work to learn" I know microphone selection and placement can be critical, and the same is true here. I also found that it worked better with recorded tracks than with sampled instruments.

Reverb mode is also cool, but not quite as startling. I love the flexibility!

At $350 it is not an impulse buy, but if you like natural reverb you should demo it!

A. Ivanov

June 14, 2013

Must have

It is a wonderful plug-in which considerably differs from other plug-ins of dynamic convolution. With its help it is possible to replace practically an acoustic environment in which record is made. Record sounds more naturally. This plug-in very much helped me with work and now became an important element of my studio...

C. Soulos

June 14, 2013

A little buggy, hey...

Sometimes causes plugin disabled reaction even if there's enough room on the Quad card... hmm

M. Harms

June 13, 2013

Speechless, Without Words!!!

In my opinion this is UA's best offering yet via the powered plug in world. Teaming up with Ocean Way was more then genius or any word close for that matter. The warmth, the room molding, mic ability... the list go's on & on but I don't want to list too much more because I have to get back to Ocean Way via my Home Studio!

E. Waters

June 10, 2013

Good but resource hog.

It's cool & has great potential but uses up too much of my 2 UAD Quad cards. If you use it, don't expect to use a lot of other UAD plugins with it.

C. Soulos

June 10, 2013


One of THE most perfect plugins I've ever bought!
When the artists is leaning over your shoulder to see what you've done that makes it sound just that much better then you know it's a no-brainer.

G. Yacobacci

June 9, 2013

OWS Is My New Room Ambiance

I have been using Altiverb for all room ambiance until trying the OWS from UAD and now this is my go to room ambiance. Its very realistic and immediately added depth to the tracks. The EQ section could be better, a nice 5 band EQ would add more color options, maybe a few more mic types and pattern options, but overall I really like it. I hope UAD continues to improve this concept.

P. Zhuravel

June 8, 2013

Ok I'm stumped!!! In a good way

The re-mic option is insane! I used one of the most advanced piano sample libs in my track that was VERY busy and wanted to have a solo piano and NOTHING I had worked so I picked the closest one to match the overall sound and it still stuck out of the mix... After I used this plug in a remic function, I was able to reposition this piano in a way that it became a part of the song like it was supposed to, and it took a minute of tweaking! I think it's a one of a kind plugins, there's nothing out there that can fool you and make u think it was meant like this!

Thumbs up

R. Sinclair

June 8, 2013

OWS in a plugin?

I thought long and hard before i demoed this plugin as I use IR reverbs already and wasn't sure that this would offer much more. I have most UAD plugs and felt that i probably had most situations covered, although I would say UAD guys if you are reading this - 'Please make a mutronics mutator plugin!'

This plugin actually adds a lot to my sonic arsenal and has been used mainly this week on drum bus, but we also used on vocs. It adds something to the sound more than a reverb and an EQ or even a mic IR. Perhaps its voodoo or alien technology, but however this was created this has become an indispensable mixing tool, more than paying for itself this week alone as clients love its sound so much!

701-720 of 755 Results