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Ocean Way Studios

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Customer Reviews

Ocean Way Studios

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M. Kerlin

November 7, 2020

Great for strings and acoustic

Love the vibe with stringed instruments.

P. Cortes

October 27, 2020

Sorry I made a mistake I reviewed Capital chambers instead of Ocean ways....

Sorry I made a mistake I reviewed Capital chambers instead of Ocean ways....I returned ocean Way for Capital chambers ,,Capital chambers is my favorite reverb..For me it sounds a lot better than Ocean way....

S. Trivelpiece

October 24, 2020


Just getting my feet wet with DAW based recording. (LUNA) This plug-in takes me out of my tiny 8 x 10 project studio and drops me into some really inspiring and realistic sounding rooms. Great for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals. Look forward to really digging in.

R. Fox

October 21, 2020

Virtual reality for your ears.

This shouldn't be possible with ones and zeros it must be
getting close to breaking the laws of physics. I'm at home
in a small carpeted room yet I'm also recording in one of the worlds great studios.
The Ocean Ways reverb sounds incredible in both re-mic and send and return modes and is also is easy to use . If you need room emulation this is the one. I highly recommend this Reverb plugin.

J. LeBlanc

October 15, 2020

Worth it.

This has changed the way I mix. I'm able to take dry recordings and put them in a realistic room that adds space and width to any performance. I've used it a lot on solo vocals, choirs, horns, strings, drums, and guitar - with outstanding results every time.

R. Polson-Lahache

October 8, 2020

Sense of Space

I use this plug a lot when recording drums in a small room, it works fantastic. It makes my small studio sound bigger but in a natural way.

I also use it on single sources so they sound bigger, not like a room reverb but just to create a larger instrument, kinda like what bleed does to a sound.

A. Whitehouse

October 4, 2020


Transformed an acoustic guitar recording on first use. Really looking forward to making use of this plugin...

A. Brown

September 29, 2020

Ocean Way Studios

This Plugin is probably 1 of my Top Plugins ! Enjoying every Moments , The things I can do with it is Mind Blowing . Plz Get this one and you will be Amazed.

l. Liau-Hing

September 28, 2020

A recording studio in the palm of your hand

I had hoped that someone would take the risk in doing something like this ... it really is a study in the palm of your literal hand.

C. Culbreth

September 16, 2020

Loving this on DI'd acoustic tracks

DIs are a necessary 'evil' in the world but I really can't stand how they sound recorded. I've been known resort to all kinds of madness to get them to sound more natural; especially in a really sparse arrangement. Ocean Way Studios has made it MUCH easier to get more natural sounding and organic acoustic sounds from a DI'd track. Brilliant.

S. Shama

September 15, 2020

Best thing to happen to drum samples!

Love that I get to use these spaces for my personal recordings. Amazingly useful and beautiful sounding on everything I've tried so far.

C. Velandia

September 14, 2020

great plugin!

it really is a great plugin. Can add a tad of magic to a full mix

K. Houghton

September 7, 2020

A great new waY to augment your workflow !

I really enjoy learning how to use this app
It’s adding new variations to my sonic pallet!


September 4, 2020


absolutely best room plugin ever !!

M. Malinski

August 23, 2020

This plugin changed my mixes

I think the best game changer in digital world of mixing.
It can completely change the sound of production if you need it.
Good to have it in arsenal.
Thank you

G. Jennings

August 18, 2020

great but a few issues

This is a great sounding plugin especially for DI guitars or elements that sound too in the box and need some life. But it doesn't work on everything and it is a bit of a one trick pony. My main issue is that the presets suck. Can we get some artist presets? thank you!

E. Maccoppi

August 18, 2020

It helps a lot...

don't have a drum room? it has the best.

C. Pantozzi

August 3, 2020

its ok

nothing special

C. Pantozzi

August 3, 2020

its ok

nothing special

A. Vasiliev

July 18, 2020

Ocean Way Studios - Plush plugin...

Plush plugin, living space,
musical instruments breathed and found their place in the mix, in some variants they didn't even have to use EQ and compression,
very satisfied, thank you ...

61-80 of 713 Results