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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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F. Silvestry

June 28, 2020

So much more than Reverb...

Have had a terrific experience using this plug in on recorded guitars and drum overheads, especially when they were recorded in challenging environments (i.e. my studio). Using this with the UAD 55 Deluxe or the early Marshall amp models is a pretty great way to track guitars that have realism and depth without screaming added reverb. This is also great for adding some depth realism to virtual keys, strings, and synths and allowing them their place in the mix as well. Great plug in on many many levels.

J. Jäck

June 28, 2020

Adds life to the Mix

That plugin is amazing, especially for dry recordings for example in a vocal-booth. It adds a natural feeling to the sound and makes everything more authentic.

G. Polito

June 27, 2020


Man, put it everywhere. That gives you a real space, a real sound. Totally in love with it!

A. Nesterov

June 25, 2020

It works

This is really useful, It’s rather hungry for your shark processor, anyway it provides your a good room for your voice or instrument, so I like it. It’s good deal.

A. Nesterov

June 25, 2020

It works

This is really useful, It’s rather hungry for your shark processor, anyway it provides your a good room for your voice or instrument, so I like it. It’s good deal.

a. moreno

June 23, 2020


Thank you so much

D. Guier

June 20, 2020


Everything sounds more better with this plug-in. I don’t even need to worry about where I record in my room, I don’t even set up microphones anymore, I’m beginning to get a custom to just taking instruments right out of Musician‘s hands because I’m finding their not really needed anymore with this plug-in, eventually I just got rid of all the musicians. I don’t even load up my daw anymore with tracks, I just press go on the plug-in and out pops this amazing sounding track! Thank you so much. All kidding aside, I like the plug-in if you don’t overuse it. It can get kind of phasey (sp)but if you do it right you can add beautiful three-dimensional depth to your recording.

T. Adams

June 19, 2020

Real space!

So good to have the sound of great spaces to sit your drums, or anything in, of which you can move around in, and to be able to shift and vary the proximity of different mics to your liking! Genuinely sounds like you have tracked in these great rooms. A different presence than “reverbs”. Nice plugin!

T. Engel

June 18, 2020

Feine Sache

Funktioniert besonders gut bei Drums. Ansonsten, wie fast alles von UAD super.

M. Meloni

June 16, 2020


a unique plug in, a must have

M. Martini

June 12, 2020

Spatial Simulator

I use this “simulator” on my orchestral mock-up. The real response that give me it’s magnificent.
I can choose the positions of each strings section, front or back. At the side or behind. Very simple user interface. But powerful and efficient. Surely don’t give you a long reverb tail, because these spaces are not concert theater halls. But if you need of a vivid, real ambience, you won’t regret on this simulator. Five stars!

K. O'Reilly

June 12, 2020

A must have.

Not being as rich as I would like I have to choose which plug ins to buy carefully. For me, OWS is the best purchase I could have made. I was struggling to get the depth I was looking for in my mixes, recording at home it’s difficult to get the sense of space that comes with studio recordings. Enter Ocean Way Studios. Immediately my mixes sound so much deeper, it also makes mixing easier because you can place things further away which naturally sounds quieter and that helps a lot with natural balance. It gives a sense of real warmth to everything it touches, it’s a joy to throw on a midi kit and feel it come to life. I’ve been mixing an ep for a friend recently and with this plug in I’ve been able to put his vocal extremely close to the listener (through the u47!), the guitar just behind (with a u67!) and everything else (strings, piano, sax etc) behind that. The controls are easy to use, the level of control over the parameters (distance and microphone) is excellent. It has instantly made my mixes sound better. It’s a real go to for me. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in acoustic mixing, if you’re poor like me get it in the sale. It’s definitely worth it!

M. Hodne

May 30, 2020

Shockingly good for orchestral purposes

I tried using this with my Audio Modeling instruments (physically modeled instruments, not samples), which are incredibly dry. Previously I've tried to re-create a room sound by blending different reverbs, but that took a lot of work to get right, and always had a harsh, synthetic sound to it. This on the other hand sounds terrific with very little effort, and you can emulate having both a close and room mic. Now it sounds almost uncannily realistic. Love it to bits!

P. Mues

May 30, 2020

Enter the 3 dimensional space

I don’t write a review for every UAD plugin I own. It would take too much time... :) but for this one I really want to make an exception! I use the plugin on everything! It brings my mixes to life. It’s like I moved from a 2 dimensional sheet of paper to 3 dimensional space. And that space sounds like it’s “alive”. The plugin is so good that it really fools your ears and brains. I must say that you should really take your time to get to know it. As it has so many parameters. But the all the presets are a really good starting point. A must-have plugin!

B. Hardin

May 25, 2020

Create the best environment

If I start with a great environment (room), then everything else becomes simpler... less EQ later, tweaking, time... this plugin simply creates a simpler workflow down the line because I’m not compensating for a lousy recording space. Love it.

M. Nadolski

May 23, 2020

Soooo Good!

Everything I thought it would be.

P. Nortey

May 21, 2020

I really don't know yet

I don't know what to say about this one yet! I have to get used to it and learn it more in depth before I can properly rate this.

S. Shaw

May 19, 2020

Give life to virtual instruments

Immediately, the re-mic mode of this plug makes drum OH and room sound so lively as I had it recorded in a great studio. A real transformer to anything you need an additional touch of space. Also the trick of faking a drum room sound with 33609 and this OWS is real handy.

. Atzeni

May 19, 2020

Great for Drums

I use it for Drums that i record in a small room and this plug-in adds so much width to them. A must have!!!

J. Mcculley

May 12, 2020


This plug in has completely transformed my mixing. I always have tried to emulate room sounds and proximity in mixing. Places everything in the space you want it

This makes it happen.... really

101-120 of 718 Results