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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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x. zuniga

June 20, 2018



UAD User

June 15, 2018

Colors everywhere

Une formidable bibliothèque de couleurs. Modélisation impeccable

c. birdal

June 12, 2018


I have been using this plugin since the day I bought the interface, I mean as soon as I had the system I had to have this plugin. At the first time I have seen the 5-minute tutorial uad video, it was jaw-dropping experience for me. And if you want to, add an original ambience or sound remarkable, then add this to any channel, you won't regret it; after the last release I think it has got some guitar cabs, and they sound really really good too. I usually use this on my master channel in the re-mic position,( come to think of it I have tried but never used it as a reverb plugin), I can't really describe it, but if you haven't experienced this plugin yet, just try it. But, try it when you have the money in your pocket( because this is one of the most expensive plugins) because I'm thousand percent sure this is gonna be your main plugin. Thank you to Universal Team on this.

S. Baker

May 23, 2018


The OW plugs are pretty unbelievable! I feel like I’m in the room and using the vintage mics! Real talk! Get them NOW!

M. Elliott

May 17, 2018

Recorded and co-produced two albums, rock and symphonic, in the real thing, early 70's

I purchased this product partially motivated by nostalgia for my fantastic experience recording and mixing in all of these rooms and was not disappointed. Except, that is, for noticing in the plugin the same lack of high end I heard in the actual rooms, which may explain the inclusion of EQ controls in the plugin... This is my first choice out of MANY reverb plugins for a true room sound.

E. Herbst

April 20, 2018

Amazing tool

I use it a lot on instrument tracks in re-mic mode to model the room setup for the instruments. Amazing Plug In but DSP hungry.

I. Brooks

April 8, 2018

Great plugin

Very useful plugin. I use it to give my drum mixes and vocals character that my rooms can't provide.

L. Moore

April 5, 2018

Having Trouble Using

Not the best plugin for the Arrow, would trade for another plugin if allowed to. I have used this plugin reliably on PCI-Card systems.

C. pena

April 1, 2018

Love it

Ocean Way studio is good but it takes to much DSP power but defenetly good

j. osorno

March 27, 2018

the best rooms

the best rooms in my mix

S. Hammel

March 23, 2018


I use my stuff for post production 97.3452465 percent of the time. This is a lot of fun to bust out as a serious convo reverb and room effect. It would be nice to be able to keep all the dialogue / ADR reverb corrections on one plug-in platform. Would love to have more of an "in-plug in" control of A/B and A transforming into B sort of thing....have to rig it manually to simulate walking and such. Cheers.

C. Jordan

March 21, 2018

Great Rooms!

I love the way this plugin helps provide some real character to D.I.'d tracks. Highly recommended.

S. Burke

March 12, 2018

Love it.

I find this extremely useful to give life and 'feel' to in the box instruments that Im sometimes forced to use due to space or time restraints. The presets sit things in a great spot in the mix, but once you start playing around with the settings the possibilities are endless.


March 10, 2018


Es un plugins que no se compara con ninguno, yo que grabo baterias en un lugar pequeño en mi home studio es ideal para darle una sensación de mayor espacialidad y profundidad usandolo en los mic room y overhead.

S. Sitnitski

March 8, 2018

Home studio producer’s dream come true.

If you’re like me, using sampled drums, this plug-in will bring life to your midi drum set. I had drummers asking me all sorts of technical questions about how I miced or where did I record my drums, this is how believable that thing is. I use it on everything, I make one send-to channel with this plug-in and eq and send everything to it in needed quantities and it sounds like a live band recording. I use other reverbs for special effects only.

J. Parris

March 8, 2018

UAD oceanway

The close mic on the re-mic is hands down one of the best plugins I’ve ever used.

O. Tewes

March 5, 2018

Bester Reverb aller Zeiten!

Fantastisches Reverb, toll steuerbar. So soll es sein. Ich glaube nicht, dass ich bislang alle Elemente erforscht habe, da dieses Tool einfach sehr vielseitig ist und dementsprechend auch vielseitig einsetzbar ist. Es macht sich toll auf Drums, und Vocals. Super!!!

H. Zimmerman

February 24, 2018

I just had to have it after demo'ing this one.

If you ever need to re-mic a recording in a beautiful room with a fantastic microphone, this one has it all. It's also super useful as a versatile room simulator reverb.

A. Mtz

February 5, 2018


all AU products that i have are life changers for me , very thank you ! there’s no words , thanks for the effort . I used recently to remic a drum set and a guitar and i couldn’t believe it ; the sound was really transformed to something beautiful

T. Broscoff

February 3, 2018

Colors too much

Eh.. so pretty disappointed in this plug in. I've worked with it for a week. Colors too much, not great reverbs imho.. Maybe I'm using it wrong but I've spent countless hours tweaking on both remic and verb. If I could do it over I wouldn't spend the money. All it does is muddy everything up on drum bus.

181-200 of 651 Results