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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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M. Palma

January 14, 2017

Ocean Way Studios

simply superb

m. wan

January 12, 2017

Classic plug-in

Used to handle voice, Chorus
Make music more integrated

S. Jean-emmanuel

January 12, 2017

Magnifique plugin

Une pure merveille!!!!

S. Barth

January 12, 2017

This plugin is a must

I only can recommend this unbelievable good sounding plugin. It is expensive, but it is worth every penny. You really get great results while using it. The sound of all instruments and vocals come to a new life! Great tool and easy to handle!

J. Dockerty

January 12, 2017


Oceanway what can I say, other than a piece of brilliance

UAD User

January 11, 2017

magic dust

whenever I get poorly recorded/overly close-miked tracks, I slip a little of this on as faux room mics and it comes to life with space and depth. Wish there was a cut-down version with only one mic that took up less DSP, but otherwise 100% happy.

A. Pollien

January 9, 2017


Maybe it was the plugin that impressed me most. When one does not have the financial resources to have a nice recording space: just do a neutral and proximity recording, and ocean studio does the rest. Fantastic! this plugin makes me dream. I feel like I have the juice of the most beautiful studio in the world ... with my 12m2 room. The best plugin I have!

s. whiteside

January 9, 2017

Excellent Space and feel

I have been wanting to own the Ocean Way plug in for a while now. It really delivers a studio ambience. I had a Jazz quartet (Guitar, Piano,Bass, Drums) programmed up with good samples. Placing the instruments in the Ocean Way spaces really brought a live feel to the samples. In an odd way it made them sound better by sounding worse ( if that makes sense) What i mean is that the very clinical clean sound was given an authentic dirt making the samples sound more like players in a studio rather than samples in a computer. I don't think i have really got past the most basic of set up options yet an look forward to working with the plug in more and exploring what it can bring to samples and live instruments.


N. Antonio

January 8, 2017

need more DSP

This is the first time for such a fun reverb! Plug-in sound source has an enormous effect. But for vocals and acoustic guitars you have to adjust carefully so that the high frequencies do not become hard.


January 6, 2017

리앰핑에 딱이다

나만 그런건지는 모르겠는데 얘는 좀 과장홍보됐다 생각한다. 드라마틱하게 오션웨이스튜디오로 소스를 가져다주지는 않지만 디테일한 공간감을 얻을 수 있는건 사실이다. 특히 밴드음악을 더럽고 풍성하게 만들어줄때 요긴하다.

L. Brusved

December 30, 2016

Could have been more simple but sounds amazing

Lots of different settings can be done and it could have been a bit more easy to use for a beginner like myself. But nevertheless it sounds great.

S. Roefs

December 30, 2016


Creates depth like nothing else! Awesome plugin. I love it and use it on vocals, guitars, drums, strings, everything!! Mostly on reverb mode in parallel. Sometimes I want something really in the back of the soundscape, then it's on the channel in remic mode. I use it every mix.

M. Daley

December 29, 2016


Adds so much life to what ever u need!


December 24, 2016

Amaging Plug-in

It Just Brilliant that's all.
Natural Ambience & Reverb adjust into any source

F. Batiste III

December 22, 2016


So you tapped out this really cool drum pattern, or recorded a live drum set. Whatever. Then you run it through Ocean Way Studios. And then like Urkel you say "Wow did I do that?" Lol! All kidding aside. Every engineer, aspiring musician/producer/beat maker owes it to him or herself to try this plugin. You have to hear it to believe it.

D. Torgersbraten

December 19, 2016

Worth it!

I finally took the plunge with this and it's worth it. I only use it for drums and it adds a largeness and presence that I can't get with any other reverb. You just need to try it to understand.

G. Montecillo

December 16, 2016

More than a reverb

WOW!! I can say this is an amazing room emulator, best one I've ever used, gives life to dry drums as if they were actually recorded in a room, and running a guitar DI track it freaked me out how it sounded like it was track with microphones, can't say enough good things about this plug in.

UAD User

December 11, 2016


I wish I could say otherwise.

D. Myers

December 11, 2016


A great re amp / reverb plugin - creates a real vibe to individual instruments as well as to entire mix. Buy it - you'll be glad you did!!

O. Göransson

December 5, 2016

Very unique plug in

I have a song where the instruments sounds great but detached. Meaning they won't really gell into a nice mix because they are recorded in several different rooms. I started using the plugin's re-amping mode and the tracks really come to life, especially my midi-pianos and B3s. Couldn't the next step be other studios? Abbey Road, Muscle Shoals etc?

181-200 of 556 Results