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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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J. Hoover

August 12, 2016

Wow-Just Wow

Love the way it creates space. Almost can hear the real acoustic reflections. Using it on a project right now with the Lexicon in a chain. Makes an amazing sounding space that just glues things together without muddying the water.

A. Vehring

August 12, 2016

put it on DI acoustic guitar!!!

Recorded an acoustic singer songwriter setup (vocals KMS 105 + ac guitar DI) in order to check it for live usage at club gigs.
the oceanway on guitar blew me away.
1073 + 1176 on vocals, 88RS + ocean way on guitar, on Aux LA2A parallel compression and Lexicon 224.
Guitar didn't sound like DI anymore!
Checked it, love it, used it live....
Best sound so far!

J. Whitesides

August 3, 2016

Incredible Space

I picked this plugin based on the adamant recommendation of a buddy who also uses it. I've been so attached to IR reverbs that I haven't thought much about other ways to use rooms or reverbs.

What an incredible and subtle way to shape room sounds. The method of being able to use 3 different locations and/or mics is really awesome. It gives an incredible feel of space. I've been using it for drums and vocals mostly so far. But I can certainly envision using it for other things as well.

I haven't read the entire manual yet, so I don't know if the source can be moved in the room. If so, its not intuitive. Otherwise this would be an awesome feature to add.

Get this plugin - you won't be disappointed.

P. LaScola

July 29, 2016


not bad but not really what I was looking for.....

D. Seymour

July 14, 2016

Its only expensive until you hear what it does.

If you can get super close to the vibe of actually tracking at Ocean Way for a fraction of the cost of the day rate there it's worth the $349 in my book. I own it and have never regretted buying it.

g. steenbergen

July 13, 2016

when you need room mics...

When recording, i always use room mics on almost everything. Sometimes it's impossible to record room mics or you get a project to mix without room recordings. Than this is an absolute must have. Never got so close to the real room sound as with this plug-in.

U. Hitoshi

July 3, 2016

Good Plugin

It add room ambience on every sound. I always use it on drum and piano.

I. Blackwood

June 29, 2016

Single Room Mic WHAT?

So many good things to write about this plug. But I'll just say one thing. WOW!

On drums, try recording with just one single Room Mic and then use this baby on it. I can't believe it. It turned my simple mono room mic into a GIANT STUDIO!

I dare you to try it! UAD continues to impress specially in a "less is more" style of recording world.
buy it meow!

L. Hopkins

June 15, 2016

The real sound of Ocean Way

I have worked many times at Ocean Way studios and I can tell you that this IS the sound of the tracking room! I spent two months with the Rolling Stones at Ocean Way recording the album "Bridges to Babylon". I know the sound. This was the first plug-in I got as soon as I the Apollo 8P arrived!

V. Anselmo

June 13, 2016


This is my favourite universal audio plugin. It turns all synthetic source to real and take position in space !

R. Mehta

June 9, 2016

Truly Amazing!

When i first read the product description i was very excited to try this plugin. I must say that this plugin is beyond my expectations. It is absolutely stunning. Unheard of. How is this even possible! The remic feature is absolutely jaw dropping with the controls fro mic distance and type, it renders a whole new class to even otherwise mediocre recordings. They just sound professional and top class. A must have for all situations. Absolutely love it! Well done UAD. I am so glad i got this.

UAD User

June 7, 2016

A little goes a long way

Good on everything. Love splitting a close mic with a far mic on piano and guitar and moving the fader until it sounds just right. Adds a space a dimension. It can be really extreme too. Smashing a compressor before it on drums is nuts.

S. Dickie

May 16, 2016

Space is a commodity I can now afford

Not having the space or the mic collection to get a bigger sound using room mic's is no longer a priority issue for me. This really is so much more than just a reverb. I like to throw UA's eqp1 before and 660 after to hear it really shine.

I. Konakawa

May 15, 2016

The most impressed plug-in in my life

ReMic function is so impressive. You can control the transient as you wish.

C. Nicolaidis

May 13, 2016

The go to plugin for space!!

You need space in your mix? There is no other plug in ....period.
Great value for money .. without doubt. Gives you air, ambience and character in your mixes.
I'm using it all the time and I'm getting fantastic results.
Great stuff from UA ... and keep it coming!!

J. Lawrence

May 12, 2016

Totally Impressed

I have been playing music for a long time now, I decided to do my own recording and mixes, so as a beginner in the sound engineering perspective, this is one plugin worth buying, it makes life so much easier, My mixes have improved so much and am able to make the instruments sound more natural, despite I do not have a pro standard recording room !! ... Would definitely recommend to buy this plugin

J. Raper

May 10, 2016

Didn't think it could be true.

This plugin is almost magic. I didn't think something like this could be done with such brilliance. Has the greatest vibe about it and really makes those dull drum recordings come alive! Also fantastic for guitars that you want to add just some more feeling to. Fantastic work again UAD!


May 3, 2016

ocean way studios perfect set up in your own home

this ocean way studios is the most perfect set up available, easy to use fantastic sounds ,mic placements ,room selection,total sensitive adjustments for any genre
do yourself a huge favor - buy ocean way studios

S. Robertson

April 29, 2016

Just absolutely awesome!

I love this Plug in. I have an amazing rack on analog hardware, but am in a small room which is reasonably dead acoustically. This Plug in allows me to emulate such a beautiful sound accurately. Can't wait to visit the studio it's designed to replicate. I recommend using analog returns on it!!!!

m. wilson

April 22, 2016

ocean way

my go to reverb love this plugin so versatile

181-200 of 459 Results