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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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M. Diaz Velez

April 26, 2017

A reverb? or an amazing complete tool for space?

I tried this plugin on a recording with no ambience. The result was incredible, some instruments started to show some cool reflections and give to the recording a new air and shape. Amazing tool!!!! You need to sit and try which kind of configuration fits for your mix and tracks.

UAD User

April 26, 2017

Very useful

good reverb for acoustic sound

R. Panossian

April 24, 2017

Brings your dead sterile di guitar sound to life

If you could hear what this does to my Taylor direct in you would not believe it ! Another must have, to add colour or completely transform the sound of a mono boring sound and give it a 3d dimension, presence and tons of character.

A. Dingley

April 18, 2017

saved my drum tracks from their boring, boring fate.

I was at a weekend mixing workshop with Larry Crane from TapeOp @ Jackpot! recording, and showed some of my mixes where the live horn section sounded way too dry & lifeless. He recommended the 're-mic' mode of the Ocean Way plug-in, and it added all of the character and depth I'd been looking for.

Flash forward several months, and I'm working on the first big project in my new home studio. The drums are suffering from a little "small room syndrome" and needed something to put them in a realistic / bigger space. This plug-in made all of the difference. Being able to set multiple mic-placements in the virtual room and blend between "close" / "mid" / and "far" allows for so many possibilities. It doesn't feel like "added / fake reverb"... it really feels like these recordings were made in a bigger / better room. Love it!

I. Bland

April 14, 2017

Amazing !

I thought long and hard about buying this plug in , not for the product , it's one of the most expensive in the UAD range , however it was worth EVERY PENNY ! To get the sound of Ocean Way studio on my productions is sublime , the reverbs are so flexible and mic placement of the room , the C12 mic emulation in remic mode close up is a game changer on all my vocals now , do your self a favour Buy this , it's one of UADs best !

M. L

April 9, 2017



G. Asbeck

April 3, 2017


The remicing and reverb tool I have always waited for!! Great sound, especially the room reverbs are amazing!! Love it. Highly recommended!!

t. kenny

March 18, 2017

i take it all back

Tried this plugin years ago couldn't get it to sound good gave it 3 stars . Tried it again recently in a dead space and was blown away . Beautiful air and body on room mics very realistic indeed . Iam still yet to try it on drums but so far vocals and acoustic guitar are stunning. Worth the dsp load

m. hardy

March 17, 2017


Perfect ambience

S. Simpson

March 13, 2017

NOT a gimmick.....

I purchased Ocean Way a while back, played around with it a bit, thought it might be pretty useful at some point- and kind of left it at that. Well, yesterday? Mind is blown.
I needed some virtual brass for a project, and as always, was dissatisfied with the way the horns were sitting. Either, too much in front and cheesy sounding, or buried and tinny. That's when I thought, "What I need is a good sounding room.... hey, how bout that Ocean Way deal? You know that moment when you click on something and it feels like you just got a pony, a new bike, AND your favorite breakfast as a kid on Christmas morning? Yeah. It felt like that. Yes, it is a pricey plugin, and no it may not work for every little thing.... but, if you use virtual horns, strings, or drums? Worth every penny, and then some.

j. mead

March 8, 2017

works wonderfully

added this when I bought my octo, love the remike feature, takes a bit of my resources, but with the octo I still have plenty of bandwidth

P. Duffy

March 6, 2017

Make your virtual instruments sound like real instruments

I'm seriously impressed by this plugin. It's quite heavy on resources, but I use it to track instruments and if I'm looking to give a bit more life to virtual instruments it's great.

A. Dell'Olio

February 24, 2017

Impressive reverb

This is just an impressive room simulation. It gives depth, life and energy to every instrument, on every mix.

J. Morra

February 22, 2017

Not an ordinary reverb plugin

I already have several reverb plugins, satisfied with them. But I can't help buying this after trying demo. It was the re-mic processing surprises me. It not only glues several tracks and adds beautiful reverb sounds but sounds like they're really in the same space.

s. durand

February 14, 2017


Ocean Way Studios Is just the essential plugins for drums and voice applications
Stéphane Targa

W. Khin

February 9, 2017

You never know until you use it.

You will never know until you use this plugin. My programmed drum tracks now sound alive thru this Plugin.

R. Murry

February 4, 2017

A unique and different reverb plugin

I was skeptical about this plugin, but I found the re-mic feature truely unique. It definitely give a very musical sense of space to my mixes.

M. Semrad

February 2, 2017


This is a great plugin to create some really unique, lo-fi even, sounds. I was really impressed with the variations I could get and how I was able to change so much. I like that as an engineer.

J. Reichert

January 30, 2017

Nothing else like it.

No other reverb I had in my arsenal was as realistic as Ocean Way. Not even close. It's a must have. I've used it on drums, live horns, guitars, vocals......everything that needed it. It really makes me just shake my head in disbelief it's that good.

UAD User

January 27, 2017

Great for adding life to recordings from a dead room

I have a very small home studio treated with lots of broadband bass absorption to get rid of problems with reflections etc. I've always used my collection of reverbs to add life to recordings, but this plugin is something special. It sounds beautiful and it adds an airiness and a realness that before this has eluded me. I only have it a few weeks, so I'm still learning to deploy all of its subtleties more effectively while mixing, but even already it helps me achieve the 3-dimensionality and sense of real space that has been lacking from my previous mixes. It has established itself as a fixture on the drum bus.
I've also used it while tracking though my Apollo Quad to give musicians a better vibe in the cans.
If you have a beautiful tracking room, then this plugin may be of limited benefit. But if, like me, you have a small dead tracking room and use a mixture of DI-ed instruments, virtual instruments as well as live instruments, then this could be a vital element in your studio. Well done UAD, and thanks. Your hard work and dedication to music is appreciated.

181-200 of 522 Results