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G. Chan

December 3, 2019

Always use it to create special sounds

I use it as a required item. I want to thank uad

J. Manness

December 2, 2019

A great room was the only thing missing in my studio!

Not anymore! I used the close and mid mics on vocals and it transformed my living room into Ocean Way Studios. A no-brainer plug-in for most small studios.

C. Bromige-Avery

December 1, 2019

Artificial space

I use this on nearly everything. A must have plug in. Magnificent

N. Schneekloth

November 29, 2019

Lovt it.

I love this plugin. I use it all the time. A definate must have plug.

J. Schwabe

November 11, 2019

all Roads lead to Ro(o)me

... supernatural spice.

J. von Matt

October 21, 2019


This is one of the bests!

This is not like other reverbs. You have to dive deeper, deeper and deeeper. You van make amazing things with this one.

Imagine that you are Alice, this will be your wonderland!

Strongly recommended!

J. monlleo

October 18, 2019

Amazing experience

It s a unique plugin in the market and a new friend for new space experiences, amazing, really amazing!

g. grini

October 15, 2019


Tried it on lots of virtual instruments. Absolutely great! But glad I have my satelite Octo core.

l. morrish-thomas

October 11, 2019

Absolutely incredible what this can do to instruments

Can make close miced instruments sound like they were recorded in an amazing live room. Amazing for making fake drum room mics. Whereas most room reverbs seem to emulate quite neutral sounding rooms, this is a really nicely coloured sounding room, and so versatile with all the mic/placement options

J. Metzger

October 10, 2019


I demoed this plug in for a while and thought I liked what it was going to my guitar track until I bypassed this plug in and realize how much better I liked my guitar sound without it . I havnt tried it on drums or piano or anything yet so I guess I’m hoping I’ll figure out some way to use it since I already bought it lol . I think this plug in would be great for a song intro or something where you want the guitar to sound well roomy and I want to say raw perhaps ? Seems like I lose a lot of highs and gain a bunch of lows , lots and lots of lows , this plug in really brings out the woof , mud and everything you don’t need on clean guitar , but it may work great for a heavily distorted guitar ?

S. Murphy

October 4, 2019


Uses tons of DSP but totally worth it. Beautiful sounding plugin!

J. Peters

September 12, 2019

Change is good

OWS has opened up a whole new way of approaching ambience in my recordings. It gives me space that I could never attain with reverbs (at least to my ears) I'm sure further exploration will only improve the uses for this plugin!

S. Rowe

September 6, 2019

Can single handedly crash your session

This and the Bx digital V3 have issues that UAD refuses to deal with. I'm not the only reviewer here to mention this - WTF UAD?

C. Halter

July 24, 2019

Awesome plugin!

Sounds absolutely amazing!

J. Poole

July 23, 2019


This is a sweet way to create a room on individual tracks and then top it off with the Capital Chambers.

M. Maranghello

July 13, 2019


This is not a room reverb but a virtual space generator of the highest quality. This plugin is useful to position elements in the space of a mix. I find it fundamental for percussions and some often-too-dry electronic elements. An acoustic guitar captured by line? Not a problem! After positioning and phase-aligning the microphones the before and after is remarkable. The demo is worth trying because it takes some trial and error to finally find the sweet spot for each type of sound. I wish this plugin was multichannel and the three different mics could be fed into the DAW independently for additional treatment. Anyway, there is always a work around. I hope for future plugins like this.

C. Wilson

July 12, 2019



e. de mee

July 10, 2019

Great starting point

super realistic en flexible . at our studio gregorythedutchman we mostly use this plug first in line when we dealing we a dry vocal to give it shape to fit the track the plugin is verry flexible but we do miss the parameters for finetunning with numbers.

E. Mannix

July 9, 2019

Game Changer.

More than a delay/reverb/eq combo, it's a game-changing tool to add air and life to your recordings. Best 'out of the box' sound yet in a digital world. Can't say enough about it.

K. Hakuli

July 3, 2019


Absolute amazing plugin.

21-40 of 584 Results