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Ocean Way Studios

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R. Wheelock

May 26, 2013

Ocean way all the way

I am a pro user with more than 10 years of experience, and most of the time I mix stuff that was recorded in poor treated rooms so with this plugins I can "make it better" in a way that with classical reverbs is more way more difficult. Kudos to the UA team!

Ricardo Wheelock

U. Borjesson

May 24, 2013

Be classic

Just think this...
You are in OCEAN WAY STUDIO a or b and rigging microphones and then record in that atmosphere...
Truly amazing.

K. Flowers

May 24, 2013

My techs Love you!!!!!

Because of this pluggin we don't set room mics anymore. I just did a mix using it on a ogran pluggin and it came a life to the point nobody can tell if it's a real organ or not !!!

K. Jones

May 23, 2013


This is an amazing plug in. It really transforms OHs and Room mics into the Ocean Way room when in remic mode and gives that classy sound instantly, very sweet sounding top end and multiple mics to switch through until happy. Very versatile, as you can blend the close mics very close and mix in far mics very far if you like, creating the perfect drum sound for your mix. I love this plug in. Works great on organ, acoustic guitars and anything you need to have that extra room sound. It is a must for every mix now.

J. Wiltshire

May 22, 2013

Utterly Utterly UTTERLY A M A Z I N G

I work in electronic music - Mainly dance/house ( now called EDM for some unknown reason) and for years we've all been trying to solve the problem of obtaining that perfectly Dry(ish) drum sound and yet still have enough ambience around it for us to tickle our eardrums ( and aural recepting mechanisms) just right.

Well basically this is it - just a little of this tucked away on claps, hats and loops makes everything glue together perfectly .. We've been through everything - convolution , old vintage units, springs, you name it - it's not worked.

And then we put some piano through it - it seemed to instantly solve the phase nonsense that usually goes on with sampled pianos . it goes on and on.

This is currently un-touchable !!

J. Orr

May 15, 2013

I waited long enough!

I downloaded the OWS Plug In the day it was released. I tried it mainly on drums, piano and vocals....fantastic! Then I started reading reviews. Some were positive others were mixed. I knew what I was hearing was great and would add value to my studio but I also wanted to know what others thought. Thank you for your opinions. This is a great plug in. The sound is fantastic and the ease of use is appreciated. It's right for what I'm doing.

N. Cronin

May 13, 2013


I have been cautious about buying UA plugs and making sure I buy the right ones and not something that can be done with another plugin already. After demoing this for a few days, this is definitely a plugin I HAVE to buy. I don't think I could live without it now unless I was able to just record for $350 for life at Ocean Way. There is nothing ITB that sounds this amazing and this simple to use. Just try this on a vocal or acoustic guitar and you'll hear what I'm talking about. It brings in life and you can still have a dry sound.
PS I have been to Ocean Way.

P. Dackombe

May 12, 2013

Ocean Way Plug in

This is simply jaw dropping...so far have used it on drums and guitar which are fantastic...I have used the re-mic option with both and on the kit it takes my small live room sound and completely transforms it with a few mouse clicks into a really classy and high end finish on the room mics and overheads. Sure you may be able to get close with a combination of eq and reverb plugs...but this takes the strain away and just gives you a perfect sound. I particularly liked all three mikes on the kit with the far mikes the maximum distance away and then blending that wit the close up mikes. I have a decent number of UAD pluginsnow but this one simply has to be added...not matter whet else you have.

G. Griffith

May 11, 2013

Great tool for those without a great sounding tracking room.

I really didn't think this plug would be for me. I'm generally not a big fan of static convolution IR spaces; this was surprising. I record dry as possible and build "rooms" with combinations of EQ'ed verbs for space, front-to-back, and height. I'm very impressed with the difference this plugin offers; it's truly a wonderful sounding space (spaces) to track in. Having up to three sources with their own distances, high and low pass filters is very helpful. Everything sounds cohesive even when using Studio A and Studio B together. Beautiful air around all mics. Lively sounding rooms. Re-mic mode is surprising. Global EQ is smooth. Works great with additional reverbs. Not cheap, but a great price for a stellar sounding rooms. Very impressed.

J. Chaney

May 11, 2013

I'm a Believer

My world just got blown wide open. The best natural room sounds i've had so far ITB.
Been bringing up small drum room records ive done then throwing this up in reverb mode and getting fantastic 3d quality, something i could never get before from other room verbs. Might not need that pzm in the hallway anymore.

P. Marczuk-hildebrandt

May 11, 2013


What a nice plug!
Drums gettin' pressure and powerful with warm, but ultrawide and open sound. Sure it don't fits with everything, but should it?
Just as "effect" it works very well. But apparantly tastes are so different.
I love it!

G. Ackerman

December 16, 2013

Ocean Way to Heavy

Let me start by saying the product is pretty cool. I use it constantly. With that said, my main system is an iMac i7 with 8 cores @ 3.4 Ghz and 32Gb Ram. 2 thunderbolts, 2 800 Firewires, running 2 - UAD-2 DUO's. I have a lot more outboards and pre's, Hot Swap TB raid's and a second system. But this is a review for the Ocean Way Studio plugin. My point - I have ample capacity. The plugin is heavy in DSP. The most efficient way to utilize the plugin is strictly on a Bus, and group your sends. You may get an audio engine failure if you use it on individual tracks. Also you may have to disable the plugin if utilized and recording other tracks, you may have latency. I own Bird Dog Records and running the systems and plugins all the time. - g

C. Soulos

June 14, 2013

A little buggy, hey...

Sometimes causes plugin disabled reaction even if there's enough room on the Quad card... hmm

S. Foley

August 7, 2015

This has had a glitch in it since it's release 2 years ago

I do love the sound of this plug, but it's absolutely insane that after having it out for over 2 years there is still an issue where the plugin gives error messages because it loads itself improperly. I don't want to be in a situation where I am mixing and have to question my decision to use an effect because it may cause issues down the line with the project. I own 75% of the UAD plugins and this is the ONLY one with this issue, and there are others that use a higher percentage of the processor. No excuse other than laziness after this amount of time.

L. Lindley

May 10, 2013

Does nice things, but is a resource hog

I've been spending a lot of time with the demo. I have a worse sounding room than most people, probably, and I've been able to use only this plug and the UA Fairchild to replace really long FX chains on my lead vocals, resulting in a much more natural sound. The effect on backing vocals and string groups is truly beautiful. I found the drum and guitar presets to need fidgeting with the mic placement and mixes, but with a very little effort I can get a good sound. As a reverb effect, this is one of the most understated and truly natural I've heard. 3 Stars because it is a BEAST on resources. With two UAD-2 Solo cards, I can only run two instances at any time, forcing me to render the tracks to remove the plug-in.

J. Rostrup

July 5, 2014


When I first saw this, I thought wow, then I watched someone demo it on youtube, and he wasn't excited so I got less so. I demoed it and for a long time it did nothing for me, but of course I had no idea what I was doing, until i randomly put it on master and ....wow everything changed. Now every track I do gets this, just to see if there is magic to be had.
So this gets me thinking. Imagine you're a rebellous young f.. all rules kind of a band, and you have your perfect crispy clean digital dead sound recording to mold. You load this plugin and you can get it to sound like you're standing in your parents crappy sounding garage, or anywhere really. And this gets to be your breakthrough signature sound. But not for long so don't tell anyone.

M. Minolli

June 3, 2013

Sounds "Roomy"

Overal a pleasant and unique sound. If you produce EDM use this plug-in to add some midrange/top-end ambiance to your kicks. The sound is subtle but powerful. This IS a very unique sounding reverb.

I'm giving it a a 4/5 because of the interface. The interface is straight forward but down right "strange".... I'm not a fan of the large photo as it makes the plugin take up a lot of monitors space.

M. Harvey

April 6, 2014

Sound good but stability still absolutely terrible

While I really like the sound of this plugin and find it unique in my workflow, I wish UAD would focus on fixing their firewire drivers !!!

I have good days and bad days with my UAD quad satellite but on the bad days I spend more time restarting my computer than working.

the UAD forum has a long thread about many peoples frustrations with error 98 messages and it seems I am not alone

The ethnical support I was receiving gave up in the end which was rather disappointing

I have ordered a Sonnet Allegro (75 euros !! ) to try and alleviate these problems but I have them with my laptop too

I have over $5000 worth of plugins from UAD but on many days if I want to get something done I don't bother to use any of them as they are so unreliable

T. Kenny

June 5, 2013

Absolutely love the idea

Thought this would be somthing I would really love , don't get me wrong I did like but after comparing it to other convolution reverbs couldn't merit the price tag . It sounded different but not better .

K. Harper

August 15, 2014

Not the easiest way around it

As much as I wanted to love this plug-in at first, I didn't when I demo-ed it. But I still got it anyways, knowing it'd be useful down the line.

It has saved my ass many times [mix sessions where there were no good drum room mics, and adding ambiances]. But it hasn't really been in an intuitive way.

I get the whole re-mic idea, and on paper it seems really cool. But the execution just isn't sensible for stuff that is tracked well - yet it's only really is meant for stuff that isn't tracked well.

Adding drum ambiance is what it does best. Really takes some careful bussing into it and a lot of messing with parameters in ways that I wouldn't expect to get a sound I dig. It does blend quite well once I'm there, though. Great plug still

21-40 of 486 Results