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Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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F. Liedholm

September 9, 2021

Dude what

I was hoping this would do to drums what most reviews claimed. I tried it and it does it all whilst being usable on so much more.
The best artificial room sound to me. Can get att little phasy at times. The re-mic mode is really interesting. Great plugin.

S. Ferreira

September 8, 2021


What a great room sounding plugin. 5 stars!

Š. Kominko

August 31, 2021

Absolutely brilliant.

This plugin gave my drums liveliness, amazing space.
Excellent work friends from Universal Audio.

J. Gregg

August 18, 2021

Interesting mashup of effects.

I like this. I had a good feeling about it; and it really was a valuable addition to a long list of plug ins. It's both a good seasoning of room ambience that you can add in if you want a nice acoustic environment 'substituted' while in re-mic mode (which is auto %100 wet) and there are nice mic emulations to experiment with in that mode. Or, if you want to use it more like a reverb; it's good like that, as well. I've given 4 out of 5 bc there are a few things that would have made it more useful, and I don't understand why they have that kind of limitations built in. For instance, if you want to use certain mics, you have to use the set up for a recording of a type of instrument that you might not be using. This may result in immersing your recording in a part of the room that wasn't quite as optimal for what you were really recording. And, actually I do appreciate the professional suggestion of where the mics should be, as a default, but I would have given all 5 stars if there were a little more flexibility to move the mic pairs on a left right axis and if you could move the place where you are recording around within the room instead of having to choose that you are recording a choir, or strings, to get your source 'placed' in a different part of the room. That changes the mic choice that you have. Also, don't do that. I know it's not specifically a mic emulation plug in. So, I wouldn't expect there to be a giant selection of different mic choices. But, whatever mics you do offer use of within the plug in, should be available for whatever set up, or source that the user wants to record. Other than those few critiques on what could have been better, I would definitely recommend giving this one a shot. It changes your recordings in a very pleasing and uncommon way. I think it's good for people who record actual instruments in less than ideal settings. It also works to give a more realistic sound to virtual instruments. A lot of value for the buck, even if it is a little pricey. The three sets of mics with separate levels and panning allow you to create an original stereo image for even mono tracks that is very interesting. Or, you can just use one pair and get a new sound out of your original track by changing the distance/type of mic used.

M. Stopa

August 16, 2021

Add some life

I love the way it adds life to dull recordings. It’s an instant gamechanger in certain situations, but needs to be handled with care ;)

F. fournot

August 16, 2021

Just as if we were really on this place

I would say that as I'm expecting to complete this plug with all others concerning Ocean Way, in addition of the the Mic collection which is appropriate, then I'll be able to situe recordings in another studio than mine. A few different of course...

B. Larsen

August 8, 2021

On every mix I do

Fantastic plugin. Put it on a send, add instruments, pick a preset and adjust to taste. Amazing results. It’s like placing the entire band INSIDE Ocean Way Studios. Also, great tool to fix instruments where the source recording isn’t ideal using the remic mode. Highly recommended.

S. Kim

August 6, 2021


Strangely real

E. Bureau

July 27, 2021

Incredibly realistic

This thing is a life-saver! I often work with bands and situations where things have been recorded under sub-optimal conditions. Typically I experience drums with no 'room to breath', acoustic guitars that are too 'up and close'. In those situations, this plugin is really a lifesaver! I use the BX20, EMT140 and Capitol for reverb effects, but this to restore life to recordings that were flat and dull. Try for example to recreate a set of perfect ambience mics for your drum-kit and then compress those! Or to tame transients of acoustic strummed guitar by placing them in a room, rather than reaching for a comp/limiter.

B. Hickey

July 19, 2021

Adds new depth to anything

Ocean Way Studios is an amazing tool for creating room and depth. Not only does it realistically create the effect of "room mics" on a source, but it also lets you completely change the tone and character of something by changing the microphones and positions in the plugin!

E. Tillmon

July 17, 2021

Room Sound

Makes things sound 3D

L. Tian Siung

July 14, 2021


sounds real!

D. Murphy

July 1, 2021

Wonderful sense of real space.

Sounds like you're there.

B. Jordana

June 18, 2021



K. Kim

June 13, 2021

for audio recorder

It seems to be the most necessary plug-in for audio recording.
From string and brass classical sounds to band sounds, you can record in a wide recording studio.

J. Elander

May 24, 2021

Just what Doctor ordered!

Crappy acoustic space at home ? If you have a Townsend L22 and Ocean Way close your eyes and you are in NY, LA, or Nashville ... great !

C. Silva

May 7, 2021

This is sort of, like, the "make things sound real" plug-in

Fantastic on re-mic mode if you need something to sound more "roomy". Reverb mode on an AUX works wonderfully too - I haven't heard a more natural sounding reverb. It is a real utilitarian plug-in. Everybody who records at home should try this.
I just wish the electric guitar cab sims would sound brighter. Also, the mic placing for guitar cabs was a bit odd (the close mic is too far away, when we all know it is so common to place at least one mic up close). Still, we can remedy these things with the built-in EQ and by moving mics closer. I felt I could make some electric guitars sound less artificial and less DI-like. This is the main thing for me as a guitarist.
It also got really nice features to deal with phase cancellation and mic delay as well. Experiment with other sources, it may be worth your while: I thought the Drums sources didn't sound bad at all for distorted electric guitars.
I haven't made my mind about processing vocals though. I couldn't get usable sounds, personally. But all in all, a great plug-in to have in your arsenal if you can't afford to book studios too often or just have to record from home like we all have to at the moment.

M. Williams

April 26, 2021

Drum Kit Mix Saving Device

Receiving a multi-track to mix and discovering that the drum set needs to sound bigger than the "lounge room" it was recorded in, and to do it in a quick and natural way with OCEAN WAY STUDIO Plugin was a time and stress saving option! Love it!

J. de Back

April 11, 2021

Great on drums

Great plugin to create a sense of space and get a massive drum sound. Also works well on vocals if you want to add interest. Doesn’t work on everything though so audition first but all in all a great plugin!

J. Batayeh

April 9, 2021

Makes any sound — sound alive

I use Ocean Ways to make my drums softer around the edges—and to make any instrument or whole mix sound like it is being played in a beautiful sounding room. Just add it to anything that sounds a bit lifeless and you won’t be disappointed!

41-60 of 747 Results