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f. cardini

April 28, 2019

Good ambient effects.. it needs more mic options

I appreciated the ambience.. with more mic option it would be better.

P. Batenev

April 9, 2019


very good plugin, however..... If you use it, don't expect to use a lot of other UAD plugins with it.(

UAD User

March 27, 2019


The re mic mode is incredible. Super flexible mic placement within the room to achieve the distance you're looking for. Highly, highly recommend!

T. Glosser

March 25, 2019


Just use the demo, and you will have to have it.

L. Koivisto

February 26, 2019

Black Magic

I use lot of virtual instruments and this is a plugin to get different libraries to sit with each other!

N. Outhuijse

February 22, 2019

Great plug in!

De microphone modeling option is super and de room sound is amazing good for drums, piano etc!

B. Harris

February 11, 2019

Try this with your emulated electric guitars and bass.

I recently bought a guitar amp with a line out option for silent recording. This particular amp gives you the option to still hear the internal speaker in the room if desired. I thought I'd try to see how it would sound directly injected into the Ocean Way Studio plug-in. Next, I turned up the Studio A Cab plug-in mic options. At first I thought my amp speaker was still turned up and playing in the room. It was so realistic that I reached down to check the amp volume knob to see if it had been left up by mistake. No, the amps speaker output was indeed set to off. It sounded so real

Guitar and bass players may want to demo this plug-in and try it that way, they might be surprised at its realism. It is definitely different than a straight cab IR.

I'm having a blast using it this way. Next I'll try my bass.

P. Degen

February 5, 2019

Great way to beef up some vocals

More than a year ago, I tried this plugin out, and thought this is not for me. But a few weeks I gave it a second change, and put some vocals through it. The re-mic procedure is working out great and the room reverb is the best I've had until now. Great plugin, the only downside is the fact that it takes up a lot of processing power.

R. Dent

February 1, 2019

Pure magic

Equal best UAD plug in I own or have tried.

L. Sanders

February 1, 2019

Big Room Studios.

If you're looking for that big or small room sound you can't go wrong with Ocean Way Studios plug-in. Thanks to Ocean Way and UA I can now have that big studio sound in my studio and you can too. This plug-in works great on the master stereo buss. The Re-Mic mode really helps with getting the room sound I need for my music. This is an awesome Room Modeling plug-in. Down load this one and try it out for yourself.

N. Bryce

January 25, 2019


Signing through this plugin sounds so awesome! Every setting sounds good worth every penny!

h. hyakkoku

January 24, 2019


I thought the space looked stereoscopically and it was very wonderful. I thought that the operation was a bit difficult for me, so I'm happier if there is a simplified version

A. Keuter

January 18, 2019


Wat een goed product

K. Lima

January 18, 2019

Great job on that one!!!

Looooots of merging options, mics, position, distance...amazing tone, well done.

P. Matejicek

January 18, 2019

Love it!

This is my one of fovarite UAD plugins perfect for everthing. Its not Bricasti M7 but ITB especialy UAD eco system has another advantage.

P. Matejicek

January 18, 2019

Love it!

This is my one of fovarite UAD plugins perfect for everthing. Its not Bricasti M7 but ITB especialy UAD eco system has another advantage.

N. Bryce

January 17, 2019


Don’t give up on your singing career till you sing through this plugin you’ll love it! Now I can finnsly record songs and send them out to people yay!

G. Yarber

January 16, 2019

Game changer

This is exactly what I needed. It gives me that truly natural reverb that I was looking for. It’s like I’m really in there rooms with different mics. Well worth it!

K. Lima

January 15, 2019


If you do not own a big studio with great acoustic treatment...that's the one to buy.

S. Homann

January 13, 2019

Incredible great tool, especially for drums!

This tool pushes my drum sound so much. My recording room is not very big. With Ocean Ways i can make it sound 99% like having a really great tracking room. What a step forward.

61-80 of 586 Results