Ocean Way Studios

Ocean Way Studios

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Ocean Way Studios

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宣. 丹治

January 15, 2018


It's totally changed my mix. Awesome!

c. snider

January 14, 2018


Really amazing perspectives and depth.
Love it...

M. Keilhauer

January 14, 2018

Gut aber Hungrig

Ich glaube hier ist einiges möglich um gute Raumklänge v.a. beim Recording / Tracking zu realisieren, man muss sich allerdings schon stark mit dem Plugin auseinandersetzen, da die Möglichkeiten gefühlt unendlich sind. Leider frisst es sehr viel Prozessorleistung. Im Mix daher kaum in mehreren Instanzen einzusetzen. Zum Tracking aber cool, um die "Raumdefizite" im Homestudio zu kompensieren. Der Preis ist natürlich dafür schon sehr knackig. Kann ich daher nur im Rahmen von Rabattaktionen, z.B. Black Friday o.ä. empfehlen.

j. hoard

January 13, 2018

room mic heaven

i'm tracking drums in a bedroom and it sounds like pure heaven. to be able to add ocean way rooms to only the drums you want such as kick snare and toms is amazing. keep the overheads tight and the hats dry. you can not ask for more control than that. way to go UAD. ocean way room also rocks on vocals and guitar amps.

UAD User

January 13, 2018

Great for bouncing

Fantastic natural sounding reverb with limitless potential for making tones. I especially love the re mic function. Sounds unbelievably good and sits so well in a mix.

y. kim

January 11, 2018

A magic box-like plugin

It seems to re-create the source. great!

t. takamasa

November 30, 2017

Great Room Reverb

very high quality.
This plug makes it sound real.

D. Pierce

November 14, 2017

I like it!

I'm still figuring this one out and how I want to use it everyday. It does sound amazing and I'm working with it often. Thank you UAD!

P. Backman

November 5, 2017

What I was looking for

Really really great reverb. Easy to work with and gives me exactly what I wan't.
Try it, you will like it.

I. Lekic

November 3, 2017


The best rooms i ever heard.. Great

R. Natani

October 16, 2017

Game Changer

I've never worked with anything like this. very special plug - works very different than the other uad reverbs i have (lex.,emt's,) and helps me to get a great big drum sound from a relatively small drum room

I. Arteaga

October 16, 2017

Best Verb Ambience Plugin

Love it!! best real ambience reverb I have used. It just works! you don´t need hours of tweaking, just filter unwanted frequencies, adjust proximity and done!

L. Colan

October 5, 2017

Easily worth the price of the hardware to run it.

I attended a demo of the UAD kit and ended up buying a Satellite Octo JUST TO RUN OceanWay.
I haven't ever heard a product that does what this plugin does. Having taken delivery of it I'm even more astonished. The most processing fun I've ever had.
Congratualtions UAD.

R. Trevor

October 1, 2017

Love It !

I just finished an instrumental cue and I wanted the electric guitars to have that giant room sound and Ocean Way delivered. I tracked and printed with my Ocean Way on my send/axillary channel and was able to blend it later during mix down without compromising any additional DSP.
I'm glad I bought it !

M. Fuse

September 30, 2017

Real room, it's a great plug-in

By passing soft-synth through Re-Mic mode of OWS, it gives a realistic thickness as though the sound passed through the air.
it's a great plug-in

UAD User

September 30, 2017

The best reverb

I love remic this is awsome

A. White

September 28, 2017

Stunning room simulation

I really can’t say enough good things about this plugin. It is just so clever! The different tones that you’re able to create and the space that you can add is so authentic and really does sound like it has been recorded in a different (amazing) room!

I’ve never been to Ocean Way, so I can’t say if it sounds like it, but it does sound like an incredible recording room with all the benefits you’d hope for from varied mic positions in a very high end studio.

Amazing work UA!

S. Soares Baptista

September 27, 2017

Sounds incredible

This plugin simply does something I couldn't achieve with any other before. The Re mic function is unbelieveable, it adds a lot of depth and warmth. I'm using it in all my mixes, it works specially well on vst instruments. A must have.

S. Gruber

September 21, 2017

Much room for experimentation

I've noticed the biggest issue with many amp/cab simulations and software instruments is their lack of air and realistic room sound, which makes it hard for them to blend in with the rest of the mix or to sound like on commercial productions.

To me, UAD Ocean Way's re-micing feature represents a great and unique way of imparting a more pleasing, rewarding sound and a more natural quality to digital amp sims and software instruments alike, when used as an insert during tracking or mixing, and also really shines on OHs and room mics. The different mic selection and placement options (mono and stereo) are well thought-out and allow for endless hours of experimentation.

The reverb feature can help glue a mix or individual stems together when used as a send for individual instruments or busses. Using several busses for multiple room sizes (small, medium, large) can really help impart some dimension and depth to a mix. Like most newer UAD plugins, Ocean Way Studios is, due to its attention to detail, quite dsp-heavy which can be worked around by printing the effect to the DAW during tracking or bouncing tracks inside the DAW during mixing.

However, aside from its dsp-usage, UAD Ocean Way Studios turns out to be a unique, meticulously modelled plugin and a great, innovative product that may prove a powerful tool for ANY home studio, using software instruments/drum samples, as well as for smaller studios without fancy live rooms at their disposal.

T. Lanese

September 18, 2017

Music comes alive

It's impossible to not find the right ambient for every instrument with this plugin. In some occasions I found myself to substitute others reverbs on older project and the song changed face! Very versatile ambient generator.

81-100 of 471 Results