Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

Sonnox® Oxford Inflator


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Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

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E. Allen

January 23, 2016


i used the inflator when it was owned by Sony years ago. I always loved it's transparency. Its refreshing to know that I can depend on that same quality in a rocksolid hardware piece such as the Apollo 8P!

I am truly excited and grateful for this plugin. It helps me greatly in my mastering duties!


k. harrison

January 16, 2016

Oxford Inflator

I recorded a vocal track just as a talk over to pre recorded mixed tracks which was one track (music) stereo and one mono vocal track. The project would not come together - tried the inflator on the master bus and "bam"I do not know what it is doing sonically but it's doing !! I recommend this plug-in! don't think just get it ......

G. Booker

January 10, 2016


This is just straight up attenuation,... that is clear as a bell, and doesn't muddy up anything!!!!! WE use this is Audio School and I'm now a believer," if " your mix is perfect and you just need to raise the gain then this is the plug in to use. Not sexy, but more of a true Engineers tool, others will argue but I will use this over any L-type plugin. Dead easy and it works, my last in line tool!!!!!

L. Carlozo

December 16, 2015

Nothing "inflated" about it!

I wish I could figure out how this fabulous plug in does what it does. It's a sleeper--not as sexy as a Fairchild compressor or a "David Bowie used one" Trident A Range EQ (great as those plug ins are). But the Oxford Inflator does the trick for difficult mastering and mixing situations where the goal is more volume and less squash. Bonehead simple to use, and that's saying a lot for me as a bonehead. Love it!

UAD User

November 8, 2015


Great plug in! It gives the power, warmth, clarity, and it is definitely a game changing.

m. stephanson

August 9, 2015

Beef with clarity

I have been using the Oxford suite since it came out and have just recently added the UAD version for my Apollo. This plugin allows me to add huge amounts of gain on my final bus, while maintaining the signal's original balance. I am using this mostly on choral and orchestral masters, but it of course works wonders on most any genre of music or mixing. It just seems to regenerate lost sparkle and attitude, if that makes sense. Highly recommended!

V. Waltinger

July 29, 2015

One classic, even better from UA

There is not much to say about it but it´s one classic among all the pro-plugins and somehow it even does sound better from UA. Smooth yet highly effective, it´s great and some secret weapon on various kinds of material. I own most of the so-called pro plugins one can buy and even if the UA versions may use the same algorithms in theory, they just sound this crucial tick better on sensitive tracks like vocals, drums etc. than the native versions of the same plugins. Whatever UA has found, it definitely does work!

C. Nedzynski

April 19, 2015

A Mastering Gem

Wow. This thing right at the end of your master buss and you've got punchier louder mixes without squeezing the hell out of them. Sounds to me like it's adding harmonics to fatten out the sound, but whatever it's doing, it's lovely. Buy it if you want more punch, level and clarity on your mix. Well worth the money.

P. Keereman

March 31, 2015

Nice to let things stand out in the mix or to just give some more presence

The inflator 's effect parameter lets you drive the signal to make ik stand out more. So it's a good way to let weaker signals give more presence, eg a lead vocal that's really soft. The inflator will make it balsier, more intense. Also the curve knob, let's you give some coloration, which is really nice. I mainly use it for that. I also used it on a 2-mix, to give the whole mix more apparent level.
There are also more drastic distortion effects possible that I did not use at this time, I will try them out.
Definitely a very useful tool !

S. Dowell

January 21, 2015


Absolute essentially plugin for mastering! Highly Recommended

P. Shrout

January 20, 2015


I have tried a lot of different maximizers and limiters on my master bus over the years. When this thing is right it adds a magic to the program material. I also found when i need an instrument to cut through the mix I can easily accomplish the sound I am looking for with the Inflator. Very cool plugin. If you haven't demoed this product yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. Love this thing!

A. Lawson

January 17, 2015

mix buss love

this thing is a litte beauty.. simple and fun.. great on your mix buss just using a little effect to add excitment and some low end.. alos love it on any electronic or buit drums.. yezza

R. Hartley

December 19, 2014

Does Just What It Says...

The Inflator is super easy to use, and works magic breathing dimension and clarity into finished mixes. Once I’ve instantiated it in my audio chain, it’s nearly an impossible decision to remove it; it’s that useful.

S. Krug

November 25, 2014

Lange gesucht

Lange war ich auf der Suche eines Plug Ins, was nicht nur Lautheit erzeugt, sondern auch eine "humane Sättigung" und auch bei Produktionen, die sehr laut sein müssen, ein Quäntchen gefühlte Dynamik zu belassen. Ich liebe inzwischen den Einsatz dieses Plug Ins in Drum Group bzw. Bass/Drum Group, sowie den Vokals und in der Summe (beim Mastering).

J. Bulo

October 19, 2014


I'm totally in love with the inflator from Sonnox!!
tool to master or pre master your songs, power without damaging the original mix... awesome stuf!!!

Jayms Bulo

R. Gilligan

October 5, 2014

Love It

It does a great job doing what it claims to do, and can be shaped in whichever way you want it to sound depending on the application you're using it for. Sounds clean and warm, and not over compressed

T. Rickertsen

August 26, 2014


I'm really loving this plugin by Sonnox. I was looking for something that could 'lift' the perceived level of the music before the final limiter on the master bus. The Inflator has been used somewhere on every song of our current album project. It can enhance if needed or focus soley on raising the volume while retaining the dynamics of the songs. One of the easiest plugins I've found to use. I'm very happy with the sound quality and treatment it provides. Try it on a mix, a buss, or individual instrument to hear how it livens the sound.

P. Leonard

July 9, 2014

Sonnox oxford inflator

A must have !!! Superb ; used on very tracks . it really works . big difference before and after .You should try it .

Merci .

N. Driver

June 10, 2014


This plugin is the absolute definition of a one-trick pony, not at all a bad thing when it does that one trick better than anything I've come across! For getting things loud without mangling dynamics the Inflator is the ONE. I'm not sure exactly what's going on under the hood and nor do I care .. it does what it does very very well. I could have bought this native but with vouchers this worked out cheaper so I went with the UAD version. (which sounds identical btw, for better or worse) Definitely worth a demo whether you end up buying the UAD or native version. I couldn't live without it now!

C. Gibbs

May 20, 2014


Get's your mixes huge with some nice colour! Use it on every mix!

121-140 of 178 Results