Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder

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Oxide Tape Recorder

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T. La Gon

March 16, 2017

"I Love the sound of tape"

This is a Great addition to my arsenal. I put it on all of my tracks and it gives it a round complete sound to it. It spreads everything out. Very warm sounding!!!! Get yours! I got mine!!!

J. Bartel

March 15, 2017

Use it once and you're hooked.

I originally bought this Tape emulator as sort of a consolation prize since I don't have the money for the Studer 800 but I've got to say that I'm pleasantly surprised with how great it sounds. And while there might not be as many functions available as with the Studer, I'm loving the simplicity. You can still get some various tones (basically brighter or more mid-heavy) and the saturation / output combos are endless. I use it on almost everything since it has a low dsp usage. Drum buss, acoustic guitars, male vocals, etc... all of it sounds great, even without any adjustment! This has replaced compressors on a lot of my tracks since slamming the input really does the same thing but with a much more grainy, analog sound than your average comp. Totally worth the money.

J. Lemes

March 6, 2017


Profundidade, Cristalino, Grave Limpo.

H. Zimmerman

March 4, 2017

Simply amazing

I love this plugin. It gels together mixes I do for post production. It's like printing your mix to a VERY good calibrated tape machine. A++++.


February 26, 2017

Best tape sound!

I can not mix without it and ATR-102


February 26, 2017

Best tape sound!!!

I can not mix without Oxide tape and ATR-102 everyday!!

P. Lippolis

February 20, 2017

The warmth of analog recorder

This plugins put a nice warm color to a single track, particularly for bass sound. It has few controls, so it's easy to use, but the possibility of personalized sound are limited. Moreover it doesn't work with final mastering as other plugins do.

T. Kennedy

February 16, 2017

Proper Tape

Happy with my purchase, especially for being on reduced price. Great to add cohesion to certain tracks

UAD User

February 14, 2017

I like it.

I find that this does some nice transparent thing especially with the vokals.

T. Robinson

February 9, 2017

Self explanatory

Top notch plugin. Inserting this into my mix, instantly gave me the sound I've been looking to achieve. The presets give you a great head start.

Thanks UA

M. Vaughn

February 5, 2017

Amazing !!!!!

I use this on every mix on my mixbuss and mix into it, it sounds great and gives my mixes warmth & a nice low end.

M. Routledge

February 4, 2017

Glue you mixes together....

Without having to hassle with the storage of analog tape or align your heads etc. etc. This plug in produces amazing Sonic qualities that help glue your mixes together. You can drive it hard for effect or just add subtle hints of analog tape sound. This is an awesome plug-in.


February 4, 2017


Simple usage and good effect plug-in. Love it.

B. Cui

January 30, 2017

Solution to tricky problem

I know the intention of this plugin is for bringing tape feelings in. However, now if there are any problem with the sound, I just put it in, and for most cases, problem could be solved. And it helps me so much for gluing sounds together!

D. Johnsnon

January 30, 2017

Old Man Writes Review Shock

I've had this on review for a few days, and it sounds great, but I won't be buying it, as I already have the A800. As someone on the upside of fifty I used tape for years, so having the A800 is amazing. Oxide scores on price, and ease of use, and immediacy, but despite what many reviewers think, NOT on DSP. Check out the instance chart if you don't believe me. If you are new to tape, this will do a fine job, but lack of formulation option, and no 30ips (essential on some material), mean I would go for the A800 if you know what you're doing, and have the readies. Oxide is still a 5 star plug-in tho, it's really easy to great results very quickly, and it's half the price. BTW Slate VTM has 30ips and tape formula options so not the same as Oxide at all. I also have J37, as part of a bundle, but only use it as FX, not in the same Universe as UAD or Slate.

UAD User

January 25, 2017


But great!

G. Hampton

January 19, 2017

It definitely does its job!

It adds that tape sound so many of us miss!

J. Cameron

January 18, 2017

Simple, easy, Light on DSP and sounds great.

I said to my self "do I really need another tape plugin"? Well as a Slate user for a long time I demo'd Oxide Tape against VTM and it is a completely different animal, and for me that is a great thing. On duller tracks Oxide tape brings out the top and bottom nicely where VTM does the exact opposite. With a Voucher it cost me 99$, I'm super happy with it!.

G. Jennings

January 18, 2017

Well Worth It.

I own other tape emulators by other companies, but nothing I use. This one actually sounds real, and instantly improves the sound of whatever track it I put it on. I especially like the presets with the specific VU recommendations.

A. Milyukov

January 17, 2017

Not really ((

Slate Digital Virtual Tape Mashine I like it more (((

181-200 of 411 Results