Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder

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Customer Reviews

Oxide Tape Recorder

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f. salvadeo

September 14, 2017

good but.....

..... i still have to find my sweet spot!

B. Williams

September 12, 2017

Oxide Tape Recorder Plugin

This thing works great. It gives a great driving sound to instruments and clarity when needed. definitely worth a look.

R. Polson-Lahache

September 11, 2017

Head bump...

Yes, the head bump at 15 IPS is more pronounced than the other UAD tape sims. I like this plugin's simplicity but more so I love it's sound. It's straight forward in its operation and allows you to not over think and just move on to the next task in the production. I've been using this while recording and did an entire sound track of 90 pieces of music and it's in my favourites folder.

UAD User

September 11, 2017

nice highend

nice highend but it is difficult to use. when we miss use it, we can easily add excessive high. but if we understand exactly what oxide do, it can give rich bright tone as well !

F. Biagetti

September 11, 2017

Really easy to use

Set the input to either soft or in the red & output gain to match and there you go, nice tape saturation (or at least what I imagine it would sound like in real life...).
Not sure if it's anything like the real thing, but it sure sounds good on my bass & stereo drums so I'll take it

R. Polson-Lahache

September 6, 2017

Loving it's sound

The head bump at 15 IPS has a fantastic sound with it's own character that's different than the other UAD tape sims. Love recording with this on drums and vocals. It makes recording in the digital format that much sweeter.

S. Murphy

August 26, 2017


In my opinion, the best of the Tape Simulators!!

G. Descoutieras

August 25, 2017

Excellent & smooth saturation

I can't live without this plugin. Thanks so much for having emulated it. I put it a bit everywhere is needed: drums, percs, vocals, etc. < 100 >

UAD User

August 19, 2017

More for less

So user friendly and warm. I tried the others and to me this one sounds better for less money. UA you did it again.

S. Snyder

August 18, 2017

Pretty good

it is a dsp-friendly tape sim. Not the best or most customizable but FAR from the worst. it fits well with drums and bass.

B. Bentiba

August 18, 2017

Gorgeous tool money can buy

This is the most essential tool that you can put on the bus. That is why I bought it in the first place. It can can tighten up a drum kit. All in all you can I oomph to your track by applying a tiny bit of this coloration compression.

B. Bangera

August 16, 2017

Very impressive

I recently pick up the Tape emulator and am very impressed. I would recommend it to everyone. will be using it very often indeed.

H. Jacobs

August 14, 2017

Top Tape!

I’m new to UAD, was using VTM as my tape plugin before buying this but afterwards didn’t need VTM anymore. You INSTANTLY hear the difference in your mix when applying Oxide Tape to it, very simple to use and easy to dial in a good sound. Best tape plugin I’ve used thus far, mixes come ALIVE!

L. Estudio

August 5, 2017

Great analog sound

I use it on all buses even on the master bus!

L. Smith

August 3, 2017

Awesome tape emulation.

I use this plug-in on every track while recording. Everything sounds bigger and better with it.

E. Sokolowski

July 27, 2017

Got this for free

I use this for fun occasionally but with the studer and ATR available I often forget about this one. Nothing wrong with the sound and the simplified interface can be nice, but I'd recommend other saturation choices first.

Also, unless I've missed something, I'd love to see the input and output linked.

T. Hinton

July 27, 2017

This one is really good

Was surprised by this one it added that last professional hi end compression on the mix buss but can also thicken up individual sounds.

M. Logan

July 18, 2017

Not the best but still good

Very obvious effect, EQ curves you cannot bypass, and unlinked In and out controls, but great sound for obvious tape effects.

B. Krueger

July 15, 2017

Great simple tape emulator

This is a great simple tape emulator. It is much more simple to use than the Ampex or Studer. Only a few controls and sounds great when you turn it on.

T. Stenkjær

July 12, 2017

Great for subtle warmth and organic overdriven vocals

Had a topline to deliver which needed a bit of edge. Works wonder on pop vocals that need that a bit of help sitting right in the mix.

301-320 of 627 Results