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Oxide Tape Recorder


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Oxide Tape Recorder

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J. Alberson

August 21, 2016

Great for Cheap Mics

The Iron Oxide plug in does a great job of un spiking the top of digital recordings of voice with Cheap sibilant mics ! It is the single cheapest thing you can do to improve your voice recordings! Hurry up and demo it or just buy it!

J. Kroehnert

August 17, 2016

My Favourite Plugin for Colouration

I bought this Plugin for only 50 bucks in the Magnetic Tape Month. I love the coloration of the Plugin. A few days ago I used it on a solo Voice and it adds a really nice Character. To Eq and Compress the Voice to my satisfaction was easier for me than without the Plugin.
I demoed and like the other Plugins like Studer or Ampex also very much but I never bought them because they vere to expensive for me. Also the CPU hit caused by Oxide is not so high which helps me to handle up to 6 Devices with my Solo Card.

So thank you very much for the Magnetic Tape Month and this new Plugin! :)

L. Seiders

August 17, 2016

Easy Pleasey

I'm a long time Slate VTM user, and before that, Waves Kramer Master Tape. I've been finding myself using Oxide as a subtle Comp and EQ plug just as much as a tape emulator. Stick it on the first insert, tweak, and be prepared to suddenly feel like the track is sitting well without any more plugs. I still use the VTM, but Oxide has crept into a close 2nd. Who knows, by next month it could be my go to.....

J. Jung

August 16, 2016

Scrape the tape

A no nonsense tape saturation for cheap. It does enough to get that warmth and magic. The Studer and Ampex plugs might give you a little more parameters but this does the job without all the mess. Basically, does what you want it to do.

R. Troncoso

August 16, 2016

very happy

great plugin I like how smooth it makes everything sound

R. HoGeon

August 16, 2016

Very Good Plug in

I'ts so awesome! i use that my mix master bus. So Powerful and Glue it.
My favorite Plugin

m. zallio

August 16, 2016

Tape glue

The Oxide Tape plug in give that analog color that glues a mix in anyways you uses it.
In Individual tracks, in a bus track or in the master tracks

The presets are an excellent start point

D. Giraud

August 15, 2016

Une touche analogique

Oxide tape rec est une nuance qui s'ajoute à la palette des sensations analogiques en plug.
Peu gourmand en DSP, avec simplicité et qualité, il vient complèter les autres émulations déjà proposées .
Un outil qui, utilisé subtilement, enrichit ma panoplie pour le mixage au studio Golgoth-43.com.

m. jackson

August 15, 2016


Often adds a lot more to a mix or track than expected. Was skeptical at first, but from the moment I inserted the demo version I was very impressed. Colors the sound very similar to my 8-track 1/2 inch. I purchased it and use it often....Highly recommended....

A. Gorman

August 15, 2016

Fantastic quick and dirty tape

Great alternative to the other UAD tape emulations in that it has minimal controls and most of the time it's just a case of instantiating the plugin and affecting the input and output! Lovely sounding saturation if you want to drive it and is the perfect antidote for sometimes anaemic digital recordings. Big thumbs up!

C. Soto

August 12, 2016

The Right Complement to the Studer and Ampex Machines

Just like many folks before me, I thought that there was no room for improvement after buying the UAD tape machines. In fact, they have left my U-He Satin sitting virtual dust. However, Oxide is another flavor to add to the roster. It may look like a dumbed-down version of its older brothers, but it's not. It's simple to use, great sounding, and a *different* tone from the other two tape machine emulations. If you can't jump the gun for Ampex or Studer yet, this is a great way to get your foot through the door. And you get a discount for the other two plugins in the future.

S. Giordano

August 9, 2016

Tape Simplicity

Warm & punchy. Easy to use. The other are great as well, but this doesn't discourage me with all the buttons and knobs. simply a few knobs to find the sweet spot. Another winner from UA!!

p. nikpour

July 31, 2016

Great plugin

Oxide is a magical plugin that every music producer will enjoy having that.
It's really nice and tighten up low frequency and punch to your tracks wich is difficult to set it up with other tape saturators.good to know that i have ampex 102 and studer a800 but this is something else.

P. Breuker

July 29, 2016

Big bottom

I find myself having to work the lows with a multiband a bit (which I do anyway) after placing it on the masterbus, but for my style of production (hiphop, alternative rock) this is the one seems to work best and it has taken over the Ampex position in most cases. Still use Studer for individual tracks.

L. Zavala

July 28, 2016

The Main reasons I own the UAD Mastering Systems...

Their Tape emulations are SPOT-ON and this unique Tape emulation is a ver good introduction to those who find the Ampex or Stuter 800A a little complex for them. But don't let that fool you. The quality is beautiful and has that warm and very pleasant sound in the peaks the few times it does peak :D

B. Ward

July 26, 2016

Easy to use Tape emulation

This came with my Apollo 8P purchase and was a pleasant surprise. It adds character and punch to tracks with a very simple to use interface. I will be using Oxide Tape a lot.

UAD User

July 21, 2016

Tape emulator

I don't know what it really does but I like it. Seems to act like a saturator.

B. Davey

July 20, 2016

Instant better maker

Having been disappointed by tape emulators in the past, I hadn't delved into UAD's more expensive offerings, figuring the benefit to cost ratio wouldn't be to my advantage. Recently, I found myself with a coupon and nothing I really wanted that I didn't already have, and I noticed the lower price of Oxide. I thought, alright, give it a try, and activated the demo. After inserting instances on drums and bass of a recently tracked song, I immediately heard the improvement to what I (and the band) thought were impeccably recorded beds. Further applying it to the scratch guitars and vocals closed the deal. I purchased Oxide right away. Now I'm considering a second Satellite so I can run more instances of it on bigger projects...

A. Faur

July 14, 2016

Smooth, saturation

Ver nice saturation, good low end bump, I use this on vocals, drums, bass, buss channels...

C. Howat

July 14, 2016

Fast And Effective

This plugin is what I've always wanted in a tape emulation. I have the Ampex that I use primarily for the wow and flutter effects. For the quick "tape" sound, Oxide is the best I've used. I demo'd the Studer, and it is very much in that same ballpark-except that since there are so few options, Oxide takes less than 10 seconds to dial in the perfect setting and then I'm moving on. It took a couple minutes at least with the Studer because of the options. This is my utility, cumulative-effect plugin that makes stuff sound better. Try it out. Buy it up.

341-360 of 440 Results