Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder

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Oxide Tape Recorder

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S. Giordano

August 9, 2016

Tape Simplicity

Warm & punchy. Easy to use. The other are great as well, but this doesn't discourage me with all the buttons and knobs. simply a few knobs to find the sweet spot. Another winner from UA!!

p. nikpour

July 31, 2016

Great plugin

Oxide is a magical plugin that every music producer will enjoy having that.
It's really nice and tighten up low frequency and punch to your tracks wich is difficult to set it up with other tape saturators.good to know that i have ampex 102 and studer a800 but this is something else.

P. Breuker

July 29, 2016

Big bottom

I find myself having to work the lows with a multiband a bit (which I do anyway) after placing it on the masterbus, but for my style of production (hiphop, alternative rock) this is the one seems to work best and it has taken over the Ampex position in most cases. Still use Studer for individual tracks.

L. Zavala

July 28, 2016

The Main reasons I own the UAD Mastering Systems...

Their Tape emulations are SPOT-ON and this unique Tape emulation is a ver good introduction to those who find the Ampex or Stuter 800A a little complex for them. But don't let that fool you. The quality is beautiful and has that warm and very pleasant sound in the peaks the few times it does peak :D

B. Ward

July 26, 2016

Easy to use Tape emulation

This came with my Apollo 8P purchase and was a pleasant surprise. It adds character and punch to tracks with a very simple to use interface. I will be using Oxide Tape a lot.

UAD User

July 21, 2016

Tape emulator

I don't know what it really does but I like it. Seems to act like a saturator.

B. Davey

July 20, 2016

Instant better maker

Having been disappointed by tape emulators in the past, I hadn't delved into UAD's more expensive offerings, figuring the benefit to cost ratio wouldn't be to my advantage. Recently, I found myself with a coupon and nothing I really wanted that I didn't already have, and I noticed the lower price of Oxide. I thought, alright, give it a try, and activated the demo. After inserting instances on drums and bass of a recently tracked song, I immediately heard the improvement to what I (and the band) thought were impeccably recorded beds. Further applying it to the scratch guitars and vocals closed the deal. I purchased Oxide right away. Now I'm considering a second Satellite so I can run more instances of it on bigger projects...

A. Faur

July 14, 2016

Smooth, saturation

Ver nice saturation, good low end bump, I use this on vocals, drums, bass, buss channels...

C. Howat

July 14, 2016

Fast And Effective

This plugin is what I've always wanted in a tape emulation. I have the Ampex that I use primarily for the wow and flutter effects. For the quick "tape" sound, Oxide is the best I've used. I demo'd the Studer, and it is very much in that same ballpark-except that since there are so few options, Oxide takes less than 10 seconds to dial in the perfect setting and then I'm moving on. It took a couple minutes at least with the Studer because of the options. This is my utility, cumulative-effect plugin that makes stuff sound better. Try it out. Buy it up.

D. Woodford

July 14, 2016

Oxide Tape

It's excellent. Try it. Instant glue on drum groups or mix buses, adds character to individual tracks etc... A different flavour to the ATR. marvellous.

C. Hutcheson

July 13, 2016

Better than I thought it would be...

I purchased an Apollo 16, and Oxide came with it as a promo. Honestly, Oxide has sounded so good when applied to selected tracks, that I have started adding it to ALL tracks on recent sessions. Although the Studer & Ampex are highly priced, am seriously contemplating them as well. I'm currently remastering a 90's traditional country CD "in the box", and I'm using all UAD plug-ins on the master track. The differences are subtle, but amazingly noticeable when you get the presets / settings right. Although I feel UAD's prices are a little high, this one may be worth the $$$. I use more and more UAD plug-ins on every session.

UAD User

July 12, 2016


Great tape émulation , fat Sound !

J. Aitkens

July 11, 2016

Liking the sound of tape again

I learned how to record on tape and love the sound of the but is way to expensive and is a lot more work. With the Oxide I get that tape flavor for a low cost. It make my tracks come alive and very fast. Thought my mix was good but once I added the Oxide the song I was working on came to life.

R. Sudduth II

July 10, 2016

Very easy to use

And it sounds great. Great for quick saturation tasks.

UAD User

July 9, 2016


The minute I put this on some sample cello tracks I knew I was in for a treat. Great sound, subtle if you want it to be too. Really warms things up. Really love it on VST strings.

R. Tagirov

July 6, 2016

Little beast

I was impressed by Oxide demo and decided to buy it 3 days after.
It does great job on drums and mix busses.
Be careful with it on master, because it significally boosts lows and highs, do not over-use it.

l. cooper

July 6, 2016


Quick and easy better-Izer. Feels like cheating.

d. white

July 5, 2016

Has its place.

Having used a Studer and Otari many years ago, I think I may have a little perspective. Like all plugins, this has its place and I do not expect it to always work on every source, but is fantastic when it does. I love the simplicity. I can put it on a track and after tweaking for 20 seconds or so, I know if I am going to like it or not. If I do, then I can fine tune it for bit longer and I am done. I also have the Kramer Tape and I like this WAY more. Nice job UA!

M. Butler

July 5, 2016

Oxide's the Reel Deal

I recorded to tape most of my professional life, thousands and thousands of times. I've been in major studios hundreds of times, and have used most every brand of tape machine and type of tape. I've tried or bought most of the other major companies and producer tape sims. Only UAD's ATR-102, worked for me. It sounds great, but I use it as a form of EQ, saturation and level, because it really didn't feel like tape. Got UAD's coupon, bought Oxide. Oxide is the only plugin, really, the ONLY plugin that FEELS like tape. It was actually a little spooky. I don't know why, don't care that much why, but it's the first time I've felt right about a tape plug. Bravo UAD, whatever you did there, you've fulfilled a promise others have failed to keep.

F. Calle

July 4, 2016

Great Job

This is a great plugin to achieve fast results and great sounding tracks. It's not as dsp hungry as the ATR-102 (not as versatile too) so you can insert on every track and get great sounding tape saturation tones with little tweaking. Great buy!

361-380 of 449 Results