Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder

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Oxide Tape Recorder

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M. Smith

December 4, 2015

Worth It

Great product for adding that special something to your sound, Great little plugin that I know I will use on all of my mixes. Cant fault what it does to your sound.

B. Offermann

December 4, 2015

one of uad's most must-have-tools

First doubting if this new tape recorder plug-in would be a starved design and mixture of the two well known UA tape machines, I took the venture of buying it at bargain. After using on a few mixes (not tracking thru an Apollo interface yet), I must say: the shop reviews giving laurels to it do fit. It is not only an easy and fast to adjust plugin but gives you the possibility of levelling tracks in an extraordinary way without loss on sound quality unless you want to drive it really hot. And, important to say, it is a slim programmed plug-in in the way that you easily can use 6-8 instances without getting your UAD-2 card on it knees while (in my case) still having a hand full other resource-hungry plug-ins plugged.

L. Broussard

December 3, 2015


Oxide tape is great it sounds are definitely old school tape ... great job!

A. Spinato

December 2, 2015

Warm Glue to a Mix

I have to say I've had the Studer and The Ampex Tape Machines for over a year now and I'm still very happy with them. I use the Ampex to finish my mixes, but the new OXIDE really has some new flavor thats great to spread across the tracks. Easy to use if you have used tape emulation before. UA is always getting better! Sounds warm and amazing. Best Tape Emulation!!! Thank You!!

n. mendez

November 30, 2015

OXIDE is UA's Precision Version of Analog Tape

You have to come to Understand the Mind Set of UA, They Know Exactly What You want and Dedicate There expertise to Create The Tools you Need To Get That Million Dollar Record Sound You Long For...This Is to me the Precision Type of Plug In and solution for those whom are Craving that distinct Analog Tape Musical Distortion within a Minimal Budget.If the Studer is not in Reach here is your Alternative.....

UAD User

November 28, 2015


My new go to tape machine!

M. Kapuscinski

November 26, 2015

That low end!

Siply put it on every track and it shines! Best for tape distortion!

A. Berkut

November 21, 2015

Oxide Tape simple and powerful

I bought oxide immediately after the test demo. Very easy to use. Excellent results in working with him. Thank you UAD for a great tool

J. Noteboom

November 19, 2015


Super FAT on my programmed drums. A++++


November 19, 2015

What a great a Plugin

Oxide tape is great it sounds and feel like old school tape without the hour set of a 2" tape recorder.I use it on all my recoding Tracks and mixes can't live without it Thanks UA all your Plugins sound just like the real hardware no joke.

UAD User

November 18, 2015

This is special !

I'd first like to say I absolutely love UA plug-ins. They are the best. Period. This is the best of the best. You know when you listen to a song like "dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and you can hear the air around the instruments & vocals & you can SEE the warmth like a blanket? To me, this is what that does- in a plug-in version. Outstanding!

I. Qadarsih

November 17, 2015

finally, a digital tape emulator that makes sense for me

it doesn't do dirty as real tape machine as you ancient analog guys expected ... but yes it does the "magical" glueing that what I need for polished product. and this is my first "accepted" tape emulator that respons like a real one sans dirts.

R. Savelli

November 15, 2015

Instant Mojo ..... a Must Have!!!!

Been a little skeptical at first ..... But as long as you get Deeper ( presets are a gold start ) .... My acoustics Tracks are now breathing .... In the right way !!! And last but not least .... My clients gratification ..... And feedbacks are extremely Positives ( was workin... For two clients that needed some serious analog feel....treatment ) Job done !!!! thanks Uad Oxide !!!!!!!

361-373 of 373 Results