Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder

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Customer Reviews

Oxide Tape Recorder

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B. Clarke

July 29, 2020

Fantastic! A workhorse for sure.

This has immediately become my most used plugin. Used on the way in with conservative settings, it really does help glue tracks. Used in the mix on most things, it accomplishes the same thing. Works better on multiple tracks rather than just a bus, though I'll use on a verb bus as well to smooth out and lengthen the tail. Great for adding saturation when you push it, and I love the versatility of 15 or 7.5ips, and also the choice of EQ compensation. I cut my teeth on 2" analog, and I really appreciate what this very affordable plugin brings to the table.

j. stepien

July 29, 2020

Smooth as silk

I demoed this plugin and after two days I decided to buy it. So smooth and warm!

J. Lee

July 26, 2020

best tape emulation

can get the analog sound very easly. from vsti tracks to master bus.

C. Kiasi

July 24, 2020

Integrates well with Luna

I absolutely love the Luna integration with the Oxide. I have it on every track I work on.


July 18, 2020

Oxide Tape Recorder

Very Effective tool to use it on the master or in voices. It adds something difficult to explain. It makes your track to sound clearer and in an oldish style.

B. Gibbons

July 15, 2020


amazing plugin, use it on every channel

G. Balistreri

July 14, 2020

my guitar

very good

貴. 川吉

July 12, 2020

my guitar

my guitar got great tone with this. and this plug-in is just easy to set up.

T. Dodds

July 11, 2020

A crucial processor for my external gear

I basically run everything through Oxide. It really brings out the best in my DSI Tempest, introducing subtle compression and helping the kicks sit better in a mix without reducing overall impact. Similarly, adding Oxide to my bass input chain after a Unison amp gives me really lovely, balanced tracks that I don't have to do as much with in my DAW. It's a nifty little plugin!

H. Kim

July 4, 2020


Good Quality!

N. Pinto

July 1, 2020

Simple tape plugin, but does the job!

Sounds great and it's so simple to use to get some extra warmth.

G. Polito

June 27, 2020

Very good!

Sounds good and easy to use! It gives sound as soon as you place it in insert!

O. Lamas

June 24, 2020

Not magic, but it’s a cool trick on all tracks.

I have quite a bit of other plugins that attempt this. Oxide just gets it right. It just sounds cool on everything I place it on.
Try it and you will love it.

A. Bromke

June 24, 2020

Great but subtle

great stuff-nice saturation -pretty intuitive to use etc.

I. Sisko

June 22, 2020

Simple and Great!

Super easy to use and always a great sound. I used it on all projects since the purchase.

J. Aguirrezabalaga

June 22, 2020

So easy getting great sounds

Very intuitive, really easy to get that smooth and musical tape saturation I was looking for.


June 18, 2020

Excellent !

Fait très très bien ce qu'on attend de lui, je le recommande vivement !

B. Murphy

June 15, 2020


After decades of music production that started with analog tape machines I was never a believer in these tape machine simulators until I tried this one. It’s tough to describe what it does. There’s a warmth and depth that is immediately pleasing. To really hear the scope of what it does, run a very familiar piece of music into a stereo virtual channel and put oxide on an insert. Adjust input and output to taste. An A/B comparison will reveal something you’ll notice easily but find difficult to describe in words.
I want it on everything now!

T. Przestwor

June 15, 2020


The Oxide Tape Recorder plugin was all that it was hyped it would be. I found the way it causes the vocal tracks to stand out but not over power the rest of the project is just what I was looking for.

A. Shevchenko

June 14, 2020

Simple and powerful

Very nice sounding tape emulator. Easy make sound warmer and bigger.

21-40 of 627 Results