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Oxide Tape Recorder


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Oxide Tape Recorder

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a. Di giorgio

May 6, 2016

the best

+Brad Kinder The DSP usage is needed because they emulate as accurate as possible so that eats a lot of power. The issue is that the UAD2 DSP chips are 10 years or so old. UAD should urgently come out with a new board. Analog Devices - the DSP manufacturer - now have new SHARC DSP's with dual cores and at higher clock speeds so UAD could easily tripple their power on a new Octo card. Honestly I don't understand how UAD even dare to sell a 1 DSP chip board. That's totally ridiculous. An Octo board isn't even enough to make a track with all UAD plugs.

a. Di giorgio

May 6, 2016

Best of the best

was a cririticel about tape saturation plug-ins. My fboy friend tolld me that i directly hear big diffrent. said it was making a huge improvement to his mixes so I bit the bullet and bought the Oxide Tape Recorder plug-in. I have to say this plug-in is the difference maker. Its the biggest single improvement I have have never done to my mixes. Nevder heard so deep betveen the instrument. After a wihileI her alotet of things such a sound that i never heard.
I highly suggest everyone to try this out and hear for yourself what magic it can do to you mixes.Its the best plug in on the market.


UAD User

May 6, 2016

Easy to Use and Great Sounding Tape Emulation

The Oxide Tape Plug in is a really intuitive, easy way to add a variety of character to both mono and stereo tracks.
It can be subtle or aggressive and it pretty dsp friendly. Works great on the stereo bus!

j. hartmann

April 27, 2016

wenn's nicht drauf ist fehlt etwas...

ein sehr cooles Plug-In. Es rundet schön ab und gibt einen warmen, angenehmen Glanz. Glanz und nicht nur Wärme, denn der Puderzucker kommt von oben...

F. Carcone

April 15, 2016

Tape Power

So simple to use, and so punchy, great !!!

K. Salter

March 24, 2016

The difference maker

I was a bit skeptical about tape saturation plug-ins. My friend said it was making a huge improvement to his mixes so I bit the bullet and bought the Oxide Tape Recorder plug-in. I have to say this plug-in is the difference maker. Its the biggest single improvement I have done to my mixes. The demo videos I have watched don't do it justice.
I highly suggest everyone to try this out and hear for yourself what magic it can do to you mixes.


UAD User

March 21, 2016

Very, Very Nice

Oxide is standard for all my mixes. The sound becomes warm and more organic. Great work!

M. Ortner

March 17, 2016

Great Plug-in!!

I use it a lot on my tracks. Makes everything a bit smoother! Great!
Thank you UA!

T. Engel

March 15, 2016

apollo twin duo usb 3

Das was mir gefehlt hat. Kristallklarer und präziser Sound. Super, eine gelungene Hardware.

S. Hyvärinen

March 9, 2016


i love this thing! <3 It´s a plugin that makes everything sound better. It gives you that polish we´re all looking for. Beautiful!

J. Boyat

March 5, 2016

For the Drums

Very, very good on drum's track. Add depth and wide and sounds analog.
On clean guitar too, very beautiful analog sound.
A must have.
Et voilà ...

W. Karadjian

February 16, 2016

great sound / very few dsp needs

I use to work with the J37 tape simulator from Waves, on a bus track, sending lots of the instruments in it.
Now, and consequently to its very few dsp needs, I can plug the Oxide Tape on almost every tracks I have.
And I'm telling you, it sounds great. It does something really subtle and essential at the same time, it's bonding my tracks one another.

P. Moshay

February 15, 2016

So useful for shaping tracks

I was so pleased how unique this plugin was after using it for a while, its not like the other tape plugs...... it really gives you more unique shapes that can really transform your track into more tonal shapes than other tape emulations.
This is a must have along with the Studer and Ampex to me.

E. Burnett

February 11, 2016

Basically a poor man's Studer - and it's great!

I've worked with the Studer and Ampex plug-ins here and actually found them a little too feature packed - when I'm quickly looking for a nice tape effect the Oxide is a perfect place to start. And obviously the DSP hit is so much less than with the Studer/Ampex - great job UAD!


February 7, 2016

Oxide a great low cost option

Now that I have had some time behind the promotional plug-ins that come standard w the Apollo 8p and Twin Duo hardware, I needed something to add more depth and texture to my mix. I was holding out for sales on the Studier and Ampex tape recorders when, BAM, here is Oxide. Subtle, easy to use plug. It really brings out vocals when patched on a single track and gives the whole mix a round, whole feeling of context. Thanks for the coupons and keep those sales coming!

a. terris

January 31, 2016


Simply magic ! It's sound really great on my drums tracks !!! And affordable too ...;)
A must have.

E. Zimmermann

January 30, 2016

Great sounding plug

I've got some prior tape experience, and I feel like the compression and distortion that this plug offers is similar. Is it identical? I don't know or care. I do know that it adds a subtle, yet noticeable compression and smear (in a good way) that sounds perfect on some recent work I've done.


January 30, 2016


İts amazing and very easy to use :))

J. Philippi

January 29, 2016

Pleasure for my ears!!

I had my doubts! I have the Slate VTM and thought why another one? I wanted a warm distortion on a snare drum.. my TS808 didn't sound right.. thought about a saturator and somehow I thought tape saturation/compression might be it.. plugged in VTM... naaaa, not at all what I wanted. There's this new Oxide tape, I thought... Gave it a try and demoed it.. Plugged it in, turned up the input.. tried that thing on a bass guitar.. went straight to UAD and bought the plug in!! That's the tape sound I always wanted!!
Not much DSP is needed. That's really a great job you've done here... Thank you!

E. Burnett

January 28, 2016

Easy GUI, DSP friendly and sounds great!

Had the Studer and loved it but with just a Twin Duo couldn't afford the DSP to use it on every track. Oxide is the answer - for anyone using the more modest Apollo devices this gives you the Studer experience without the painful DSP usage. Incredible job UA!

581-600 of 652 Results