Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder

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Customer Reviews

Oxide Tape Recorder

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D. Poznaks

October 3, 2020


Warm and juicy!!!

С. Денисов

September 30, 2020



J. López Uribe

September 12, 2020

Awesome weight and texture

I use it on every track and buss. It just works on everything

E. Grebeznieks

September 10, 2020


This plugin is magic, I can't even imagine how I did without it before

A. Biggers Sr

September 9, 2020

Heavy Weight Contender

I love this plug. It adds so much weight to anything I throw at it. I have even used it on the master bus.

B. Zhang

September 1, 2020



M. Malinski

August 24, 2020


Its really great, tons of fatness, punch, depth

K. Breazeale

August 18, 2020

A Must Have!

If you looking to add thickness, depth and dimension to your mixes, this is a must have! If you are interested in adding presence and warmth to your gain staging, this is a must have! And guess what, there's something here for everybody. For those who like to tweak and customize, go for it. But if you are of the drag and drop generation, there are awesome presets customized for guitars, vocals, keyboards, strings, drums, synths......you name it. And, through the UA interface, you can assigned it to multiple tracks, lessening the burden on your computer's processor. So, get it, get it.

L. Gonzalez

August 13, 2020



A. Fazil

August 13, 2020

Simple but effective tape emulation

Add some distortion and tape affect to your instrument and drum channels. Make your bass sound more alive. I use this on all my channels that need defect. Brilliant plug-in

UAD User

August 13, 2020



C. Bruce

August 9, 2020


I use this to get the music to sound not like it’s all 1”s and 0”s

I. Inkilä

August 1, 2020

Nice to add when needed

Quick and easy to work with. It's not as fiddly as the Studer so it speeds up decision making. Just add it on a track and call it a day!

A. Fazil

July 31, 2020

One of the best Tape Plugins

Very simple and easy to use, and the effects are just amazing. You can add this to your mix busses and you can hear immediate change
to the sounds. Great Plugin.

B. Clarke

July 29, 2020

Fantastic! A workhorse for sure.

This has immediately become my most used plugin. Used on the way in with conservative settings, it really does help glue tracks. Used in the mix on most things, it accomplishes the same thing. Works better on multiple tracks rather than just a bus, though I'll use on a verb bus as well to smooth out and lengthen the tail. Great for adding saturation when you push it, and I love the versatility of 15 or 7.5ips, and also the choice of EQ compensation. I cut my teeth on 2" analog, and I really appreciate what this very affordable plugin brings to the table.

j. stepien

July 29, 2020

Smooth as silk

I demoed this plugin and after two days I decided to buy it. So smooth and warm!

J. Lee

July 26, 2020

best tape emulation

can get the analog sound very easly. from vsti tracks to master bus.

C. Kiasi

July 24, 2020

Integrates well with Luna

I absolutely love the Luna integration with the Oxide. I have it on every track I work on.


July 18, 2020

Oxide Tape Recorder

Very Effective tool to use it on the master or in voices. It adds something difficult to explain. It makes your track to sound clearer and in an oldish style.

B. Gibbons

July 15, 2020


amazing plugin, use it on every channel

61-80 of 681 Results