Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder


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Oxide Tape Recorder

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R. Benjamin

May 8, 2018

Simple et efficace!

Facile à utilisé , il apporte facilement de la chaleur au signal! Parfait pour les batteries et la basse!

N. Guillabert

April 23, 2018

Simple et efficace !

on prend un preset selon le but recherché (drive ou warm) et on prend un instru qui correspond et on se met au niveau du preset... et ça sonne...

Y. Dayong

April 21, 2018

Simple, convenient, effective, I need it ;)

简单方便,有效,我需要它 ;)

K. Takeuchi

April 20, 2018

Great Tape Sim!

Very easy and intuitive to use, yet great output. Definitely love it as my go-to-Tape sim.

M. Lian

April 20, 2018

Affordable Realistic Tape

One of the best tape sims out there, super easy to use.

UAD User

April 19, 2018

Less is more

There aren't many control so you can't go any deeper but you will realize that the sound after Oxide Tape is just in it's right place.

P. Moshay

April 18, 2018

big - warm - fat - driven

Im blown away at how much bigger my tracks sound with this across them..... even the factory preset is magic! the amount of that "Tape bottom" that punches you in the gut can't be had any other way I've tried other than this Oxide..... its a unique one and performs magic!

B. Wennerborg

April 16, 2018

Really simple to use

Really enjoying this one so far. Just pick a preset, perhaps do some minor adjustments and your done!
Anyhow, if you want to be able to change a lot of parameters, this is not the tape sim for you I guess.


April 15, 2018

Magnifique !!!

Essayé une première fois et je n'avais pas été convaincu, j'ai lancé une seconde fois la démo. Je l'adore sur les drums, il apporte une légère coloration douce et merveilleuse. Essayé aussi sur des pianos, et guitares. Vraiment un bel outil qui augment les aiguës avec douceurs et arrondit les "sub" très joliment. Merci

S. Seaman

April 12, 2018

Only have one complaint...

As soon as I picked up Oxide I tried it on an acoustic guitar track.... Stunningly beautiful detail it added! Very 3 dimensional warmth it added.... my only complaint.... I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT SOONER!! Thanks UA, another winner!!

C. Tambornini

April 12, 2018

Oxide- Best tracking tape sim

Amazing toy. I would use atr-102 on a mixbuss or more complex tasks but for the purpose of working on individual tracks it's just super and much more musically effective than other tape sims. Don't let the simple interface and restricted number of controls trick you because you can really go from subtle warmth to heavy crushing with it. Recommended.

L. Bertone

April 12, 2018

I like It!!!!

I like this Plugin, because it really does an excellent simulation

S. Parker

April 11, 2018

Go with the Studer

This is fine, but come on. Scrape up the extra money and go with the Studer.

J. Tario

April 11, 2018


I love this plugin. It is simple to use and sounds great. I enjoy playing with the IPS setting. Using the input and output can give you a nice variety of saturated and clean sounds. I love UAD

A. Fizzotti

April 10, 2018

Great tape saturation

i got very very good results with this one on drums guys..not only acoustic material, tried on electronic as well...so simply to use and great presets ready to use...only 4 stars because there's no auto-compensation level when you turn up the input..

B. Olah-Lautner

April 10, 2018

Put this onto your digital audio

As an electronic musician, I'm using this plugin frequently on synthesizer tracks. It makes any cold digital sample a warm analog-feel "hardware" sound. I love especially the typical transistor shaped result and the saturation in overdrive - it really makes the sound wet. However, massive overdrive can harm a well-designed track, but usually it sits just fine near instantly. You should buy this unit.

M. Travelstead

April 9, 2018

Awesome Tape Sim

Another fantastic plugin from UA. When you need to add just the right amount of warmth just dial it in. Another great plugin from UA.

M. Travelstead

April 9, 2018

Awesome Tape Sim

This is another fantastic “must have” plugin from UA. When you want just the right amount of warmth just dial it in.


April 9, 2018


now it sounds…

g. oh

April 5, 2018

Very Good

Very Good Sound! :)

61-80 of 439 Results