Precision Buss Compressor

Precision Buss Compressor


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Precision Buss Compressor

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C. Birkedal

December 11, 2014

Very usefull buss compressor

I find this buss compressor very usefull when gluing things together. A lot of options and still very simple. Gotta love this buss comp.

P. Bogdanovic

August 22, 2014

Precision Buss Compressor

The right thing! From now on, an indispensable tool of my mix chain. Extremely transparent, clean and very usable.
Compressor for each recommendation.

P. Gomes

April 18, 2014

Precision Buss Compressor

Whenever the subject - "Buss Compressor" - is approached, the SSL 4000 compressor comes up. I have the SSL duende mini with the Channel Strip and the Buss Compressor and I like better the UAD Precision Buss Compressor because it sounds more transparent and have more options. The low end filter and the mix knobs were great ideas ...

... This is not just a Buss Compressor is a swiss army knife of compression that can be used on any type of material.

Paulo Gomes - Portugal

D. Emmanuel

January 14, 2014

Precision Buss Compressor Plug-in

The Precision Buss Compressor Plug-in, is a one of a kind, that compensates all needed limiter and compression in a controlling a mastering or an individual instrument.
It is one that I found that does what it is design to do, plus.
A great plug-in.

A. Kasher

January 10, 2014

The best of the best

awesome bus compressor !

i really love it and use it on all my bus/groups.
amazing on drum bus , super transparent and clean.

love the built in parallel compression option with the mix knob and the filter section for reducing sensitivity of the compressor to the low frequencies,just genius.

Ariel Kasher.
music producer,mix engineer,recording engineer.

R. Mckean

January 9, 2014

Orthodontist's golf bag

It reminds me of a rabbit hewing my socks when I'm not at home.

V. Bonev

December 15, 2013


I'm still learning the Funtions and knobs on this device but ,just dumbing down and using presets for a quicfix, does nice results. I also like the fact that you can mix in the compressed signal , which basically achieves parrellel compression without creating a addition aux bus!

A. Kamali

November 30, 2013

Great Buss Compressor

Very good buss compressor , love the wet/dry mix function. Thanks UA !

A. Sutton

September 21, 2013

Best Bus Compressor

I compared this to the SSL Bus Compressor and this is more transparent and maintains the quality of the audio better than the SSL.

Try for yourself and see.

If you want to hear a mix where this was used on the master, check out "Steppin Out" track.

C. Aguilar

September 16, 2013

Great compressor

A very simple to use compressor, for a very fine job. This a very transparent tool, super clean, the auto release it's very helpful, specially when the clock it's ticking. It's more a mastering compressor, not a coloring tool, i'm sure you can fin the way to get a lot of tricks out of it but to me, and for it's interface, i find it very usefull on a summing track or sub mix bus... very clean, very smooth, ideal for a final mix make up gain. Really good plugin.

C. Waiters

July 12, 2013

Very Good Sound and Very Accurate

It allows me to get what I need for what I'm doing. It sounds great and puts what I need together with a smooth over view of my mix. It is strong but not to hard. Thank You

A. Benoni

July 12, 2013

Precision Buss Compressor

This is a versatile Plug-In, that among things, I've started to use on some tracks while mixing. Great tool!

F. Bourdonneau

July 11, 2013

very good compressor

the single transparent compressor UAD, highly complementary with other compressor, very effective

S. Suarez

July 11, 2013

Precision Buss Compressor

Very nice purchase, love it! will use in all of my tracks!

E. Waters

July 4, 2013

Like it.

Discrete, gentle compression. Works nice just before my L2 on the Master Fader. Works well on mix busses too. Like the Mix Knob (dry/wet) a lot. It's a subtle plugin but does its job well.

W. Wei

June 6, 2013

The sun came out!

The sun came out! Use these words to describe my feelings, without excessive! , Let my eyes see clearly everything is like polished my eyes!

E. Sarli

May 7, 2013

I freaking love this thing!

This plug-in is absolutely great. It's transparent if you want it to be, and it can be glaring if that's what your after. Not only that, but this is the glue on my master buss I've been waiting for. Try it on a drums buss/guitar buss/whatever buss and you will not be disappointed.

A. Chisare

May 5, 2013

Nice Job

ThePrecision Buss Compressor Plug-In does an great job.

A. Anyn

April 16, 2013

Precision Buss Compressor Plug-In

Very flexible and intuitively clear tool.
Perfectly copes with the task on the master bus though it is used by me on different sources from drum busses or overheads to vocal groups, or even as a channel compressor on individual track inserts. Improbably thin and sympathetic. almost surgical instrument.

T. Karim

April 9, 2013

Precision Buss Compressor Plug-In

Good compressor and you can use it like bus or single track this is very cool and the the usage dsp for are very low so you can have more than one in your project .

41-60 of 88 Results