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Customer Reviews

Precision Enhancer kHz

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B. Wolbert

June 17, 2011

Really nice to add a bit of crispness in the mids/highs. I use it HEAVILY on HHs to give em a bit of that extra metallic feel [ x0x box HHs never really seemed over metallic-y to me]. Sometimes ill toss it on a master just to add a little overall high end clarity and sharpness. When i get a UAD, id plan to get the low end [Hz] booster and hopefully have the same results of niceness and useage

S. Lougheed

June 17, 2011

I should have known better than to purchase this product. It does exactly what it says it does, but what it does, I do not need. Perhaps it will be useful on the day I get tracks to mix that are really dull or problematic, but until that happens, this plug will not really be pulled out. It is not subtle enough to use on well-recorded material. I never liked hardware "aural enhancers", I should have known better than to purchase a software "aural enhancer".

G. Petho

June 17, 2011

Beautiful sound, excellent plugin!

Nice to use it every type of music, it helps a lot to bring out the maximum from the instruments.

D. Pratt

June 17, 2011

This baby sounds great On shakers. Just makes them sound right.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Use judiciously.
Or you'll pay for it with your top end.
You just gotta find the frequency, add it and knock it back, walk away and come back.
Or listen to the results tomorrow. I use this by adjusting it to where I'm happy and then turn it down and it's just right.
Recently resurrected a grainy LP piano recording, no tops on the vinyl version.
I don't know where this plugin found the harmonics but it was like i went back 5 generations of tape, if you know what i mean.

A. Eftimov

April 10, 2008

This is great plug-in and so easy to use.Just put on whole mix and it can change the world.
UAD again are the N1.
Keep in that way ahead.
Please keep to surprise us.

D. Craighead

April 2, 2008

Beeing a trance producer, this little baby is just what I missed so far to produce this fat transparent sound. You can't just boom the sound up, there are so much possibilities to put the mix in the "right picture". I will never work without this litttle baby again, there is definitely no other plugin that gives this high end touch the a mix! I love UAD!!!!

P. Belcl

March 31, 2008

its wery good plug in i am wery hapy using uad 1 & uad plug s

R. Masters

March 28, 2008

A very fast and easy way of finding that sweet spot that’ll make the difference. Thanks a lot UAD you keep on digging into my bank account.

V. Karmishin

March 16, 2008

Yet another cool gear from UA.
This enhancer sounds very nice on master buss, generating missing frequencies in your mix.

101-110 of 110 Results

  1. 1
  2. 2
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