Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter

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Precision Limiter

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T. Makitalo

September 20, 2006

What more do I need to say after these all positive reviews ?

This Plugin is just working in ANY type of audio project and it just KICKS ASS !!!!!!

C. Mcconnell

September 15, 2006

Somehow UAD never ceases to amaze me with the incredible, professional results I get with their cards and plug's.

I used the Prec. Limiter Plug on ten-year-old audio files that were recorded with pre-Digi001, AudioMedia cards. The tracks were all jacked up noisy, over-normalized--with volume going up and down, etc. This one plug nailed them, dialed them in, and practically punched me in the face. My jaw dropped over and over, each time I tried it on my old "junky" stuff--wait, is it still old junkie stuff now? Hmm, $200 to take all my old stuff that I was going to trash and make it useable?

Simply put, (for me--'can't say for everyone)
This one plug transformed my ten-year-old, poor-quality (unmastered) recordings (that were going to be trashed) into much higher quality material. I thought that I was going to have to re-record all that stuff if I ever wanted to use it. The thought of that made me want to cry and/or just throw everything away and be done with it.

The problem I faced after I got this plug was that I wanted to go back and remix all my old stuff--'stayed up all night more than a few times with this one plug.

Also, the extra "presets" on the newer version make it much more useful for me.

N. Hollis

May 4, 2006

just brought the precision limiter all i can say is im stunned,i always thought my waves stuff was good but this is something else,no harsh bite just nice full sound with no distortion in sight i would recomend this to anyone in the mastering game,spot you guys in the white coats keep up the good work

A. Canini

February 17, 2006

Incredibile !!! L'unico Limiter software senza effetto pompaggio...

R. Teague

December 22, 2005

If your debating purchasing this plug-in, stop debating and buy it. It's exactly what you want for a master-limiter; transparent, musical and loud. This plug-in makes the other company's limiter sound harsh and cheap. The UAD card and plug-ins have been the best money I've spent on my studio.

A. Cavaluzi

November 14, 2005

This IS the most transparent limiter. (And what a great level meter, too!) I use it on every one of our tracks from now on.

J. Wirtz

November 6, 2005

Since I have this Limiter my hardware Waves L2 is "only" my favourite AD/DA Converter ;-)
I don´t know how they did such a transparent crest ratios with a full-band-limiter, but I love it !!

K. Andersen

August 20, 2005

While the L2 smashes up all my snaredrums finalizing hiphop, this baby simply limits the sound leaving it sounding as intended - though heavily limited. If you materialize the Waves L2 limiter it will become a plastic limiter, this baby would be pure gold..
I really have no use for my Tc finalizer 96k no more.. either!
Buy this baby.. Its a winner ;-)

D. Suycott

July 6, 2005

wow and i thought the cambridge was remarkable, amazing work you people do.

K. Depenbrock

June 9, 2005

The best limiter I heard so far. Even better than my hardware Waves L2. I sold it and spent some of the money I got into another UAD-1. Thanks UA, keep on working like that.

K. Larin

May 15, 2005

:) Nothing to say... Best of the Best.
1 week ago I used Precision Limiter like a final touch for EUROVISION 2005 "Opening Song - Ruslana & Kids"... I tried all - Waves,Shmaves,Hardware Gears - but all sounded incorrectly... Except for UAD-1-PLimiter, It has given excellent detailed elaboration and a transparency!

L. Anderson

April 22, 2005

I run multiple mastering compressors on the mixbus in Cubase SX2, and the Precision Limiter is the first in the line. It adds a hair of color, a punchiness and warmth without hurting the highs at all. It's good for about 6db of peak limiting. Well worth the $2 bills. Nice job, UA!

I. Vering

April 10, 2005

This is a wonderful limiter! It is my new secret weapon for my drum bus....oops....leaked it. Keep up the great work.


Isaiah B. Vering

J. Guilford

April 5, 2005

This is the best sounding limiter we have ever used in all situations, Whatever the genre of music or the task, the precision limiter will produce the results. Brilliant we wished we had this product sooner.


R. Steele

March 26, 2005

This is the bomb,better than waves ultramizer,worth every penny,this with the fairchild,an a decent eq is all you need to master a cd,not to mention a good set of ears

D. Udris

March 20, 2005

This is a miracle maker.Crank it up and expect distortion? Oh no.Not with pretty thing.Bring the most dullest of tracks to life with a turn of the dial.Love it..a!

G. Chantraine

February 19, 2005

By Far, the best software limiter around. Better than Wave, Ozone or even Voxengo. It's more transparent, more musical. It fattens the sound without crushing the dynamic right away and it's the cleanest I've heard.

I would definitely recommend this purchase ! :)

C. Finster

February 14, 2005

Well im sure im just repeating 90% of the reviews on the PL, but this thing absolutly crushes the L3.
Its also kind to a drum sub mix.

Chris Finster-

Geomana Studios.

P. Inder

February 9, 2005

The sound of the Precision Limiter is very warm, natural and open ended. It's a great plug-in for use on things like drum overheads, or on inependent tracks or virtual instruments to give them that natural rounded analog limiting effect. However, as a mastering plug-in, I found that when compared to my Alan Smart C2 hardware compressor (on an insert on my TDM system) this plug-in doesn't provide the dynamic headroom and volume required to master mixes for release on air or for general release.

The puzzle has still yet to be solved on how to create a mastering plug-in that can provide an impressive volume output whilst retaining the clarity and musical definition/separation of the audio material without breaking up and getting muddy when pushed to the ceiling, the fatness and transparency like a dedicated piece of expensive analog hardware on the output bus. But for those without mastering hardware, this plug-in is the best thing currently available. Waves don't come close when it comes to analog emulation.

D. Vermuijten

February 4, 2005

This thing just blows me away !! It has a very transparent sound and is now on every track I make . It has the edge that some of the waves plugs are missing . 10/10 !!!

281-300 of 315 Results