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Precision Limiter


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Precision Limiter

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R. Valle

February 8, 2013

Always on my master srtip

A gentle limiter that do anything I ask it to do. Wish my wife was just as gentle, yet firm...


H. Nakanishi

February 7, 2013


It's so clean Limiter! With no color...
It's great one more than anything I have ever tried...
I Love it !!

R. Woitowitsch

January 14, 2013

Great Sound!

Amazing transparent sound! I would recommend this product to anybody serious about getting a "real sound!"

J. Carr

January 14, 2013

Precision Limiter

I LOVE UAD! These guys just get it right EVERYTIME! The Precision Limiter plays a big part in all of my productions as does many other UAD plugins. I am an extremely happy UAD customer :-D

R. Sokolovski

January 11, 2013

Happy to av it back

After working years with other best limiters ( non DSP ) on the market, I am really happy
to have Precision Limiter back in my arsenal. No doubt, best software limiter I have ever used.

G. Cento

January 5, 2013

My perfect solution

Precision limiter Plug-in
has been suggested me.. by some people that actually work in the professional audio environment.
I had to stard the demo because of a job I was busy with, when I truly understood the way this plug-in works.. I figured out that it was my ultimate limiter!

Completley transparent: first feature I expect from a limiter
Incredible headroom: no distorsion occur, even when you're really pump out!
Very useful metering: The metering tools are so much helpful, especially true in mastering session

I bought the authorization once the license has expired!

Highly reccomended, thanks UAD!


S. Braun

January 5, 2013

good limiter

It is very easy to use and gives good results. I like it.

C. Maffia

January 3, 2013

Essential Plug-In!

I tried the demo after purchasing my UAD-2 Solo card. Went back to my old projects and remastered with this plug-in and realized I needed to have it in my tool box. VERY transparent and does what a limiter supposed to do. Definitely recommend this one and the price is pretty good (especially since I had the $50.00 voucher!)

K. Péter

January 1, 2013

Clear strong loud

I was surprised after trying this compared with the Voxengo Elephant or Sonnox Limiter or L3 from Waves.

It was more loud and less distorted, but, more "alive", breathing. You can push this much more strongly than any other and the result still will be great.

It is the best piece what I know for the last but one in the master chain
I allways put to the in-the box mastering chain like this:

1. Studer (it is too expensive to have the Studer and the Ampex together, people says, for mastering the Ampex is better but Studer is also great )
2. Precision buss compressor
3. Manley mastering EQ
4. Precision Multiband
5. Precision Maximizer
6. Precision Limiter

F. Scarpa

December 23, 2012


Mantiene l'effetto della dinamica riducendo senza grosse limitazioni il livello di db.
La pasta sonora rimane molto fedele all'audio non processato.
A differenza della concorrenza, l'effetto "impatto" del plug-in è sensibilmente più presente mentre il suono risulta essere molto più rotondo e morbido senza quell' effetto "digitale" che penalizza i suoi concorrenti.
Un altro ottimo lavoro per le schede UAD2.
Precision Limiter è utilizzato assieme ad altri Dsp UAD in Riviera Recording Studio

A. Fragkos

December 20, 2012

Presicion Limiter

this is from the best plugins ive used.excellent plugin.period!

G. Rezendes

December 11, 2012

precision limiter bliss

I recently purchased the Precision Limiter after the 2 week demo. I, like many small studios, end up having to master tracks for clients who can't afford professional mastering. While I would prefer my mixes to go to my favorite mastering house (they always make my work sound it's best), I have to have good, reliable tools to help me do the best I can on mastering in house.
The PL is helping put the finishing touches on my mixes with ease; It's very intuitive, easy to use and sounds great. Thanks again to the UA people. I'm a loyal customer and especially appreciate the quality products and service they offer. Great companies always get my hard earned money first. George @

A. Pierre

November 20, 2012

very cool !!

thanks for this amazing plug in !!! i use it on all my production now

S. Chen

November 18, 2012

what a lovely Limiter!

This is the best Limiter I ever use, the sound it come out is very very good, I can't work with out one of this limiter. thank you UA, your guy did a great plug in that benefice for all the engineer!

S. Towns

November 8, 2012

Precision limiter review

The limiter is awesome. I have only managed to use the presets so far - but these are more than adequate for the time being.

It really enhances the final mix and adds real boost to the total track.

love it!

A. Bacciolo

September 24, 2012

Essential mastering tool

This is the essential plugin for a good punching master.
I produce house music and RMS is a must .. this plugin is the smoother limiter ever.
Hardly suggested when quality and loudness is required.

J. Ka

September 21, 2012


Cool limiter. I like........................................

J. Alberto

August 19, 2012

pasta los graves

en mi opinion , aplasta los graves , esta muy bien para baladas y temas suaves pero para musica techno , disco , hip hop no vale , necesitamos algo mejor para ese genero tipo maxxbas o algo asi , gracias

S. Metraux

August 14, 2012

I'm always looking for plugs you can't hear. That's exactly what you get with the Precision Limiter, clean limiting and no coloration.

P. Monteiro

July 31, 2012

Great Limiter and great sound overall (even if you are not limiting), just adds great punch to Mixes, and it's so easy to work with.
Would choose it over other well known limiters on a glimpse!

181-200 of 287 Results