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Precision Limiter

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B. Offermann

March 5, 2014

Great Mastering Tool

Already on the UA roster for a while, but just purchased this item to replace a hardware limiter in use. Besides precise brick walling, the metering of the limiter PI is unbeatbale useful and accurate (different modes help bringing your mix to the dynamic scope it needs to be).

R. Weissauer

February 22, 2014

And at the end ...

... of the master channel I use the Precision Limiter.
I confess, after a short demo test I immediately decided
to buy it. For me it simply works perfect!

T. Tufft

January 31, 2014

Love it

Love this limiter favourite uad plug in so far, it's easy and simple to use and gives great results!

H. Fadel

January 22, 2014

Best of both worlds

This limiter can be grungy when you want it. On the other hand, it can be dialed to perform clean and transparent limiting on your tracks. I've tried it on all kinds of instruments and outdoes any other limiter twice it's price. I highly recommend it!

P. Bogdanovic

January 13, 2014

Excellent choice

My search for the limiter ends with Precision Limiter Plug-in. Definitely, the most useful limiter when it comes to mastering on "In The Box" mode. Now, it is indispensable in mastering chain in my songs.

Y. Bernagoult

January 12, 2014


Very good plug. I use it all the time on my master track.
It makes the sound very clear

G. Barbera

December 22, 2013

very useful

this limiter is one of best i've tried. he didn't add to much "compression" even if you go up with the gain, he works in a very "intelligent " way and is really transparent. a good choice for pros use. the differents way to control the peaks are the last but not least jewel in this product, also the "auto" release.

G. Gassert

December 22, 2013

This one seems to be replacing my L2

I love to use this on The end of my Parallel Compression busses right after and 1176 or LA-3A just to hold it steady ,,,, I like it better than the L-2

J. Peter

December 19, 2013

very good

its a very very good limiter
i use its as any kind of a limiter, also as brick wall.
it sound very good

i also use the md 6000 from tc, but the had limiter is in a box and does the job very very well.

j. peter

B. Sanhaji

December 19, 2013

ok, but not perfect.

Distortion at the Bassdrum with higher Gain reduction.
I dont have this experience with other good limiters.

P. Duarte

December 18, 2013

Great Limiter

for me the limiter works really good like vst pluglin, one of the best i had in my tracks.

K. Cheung

December 18, 2013

nice limiter

i think it is a best choice for mastering if you without a real high quality limiter.its sound good,but not so well.

V. Bonev

December 15, 2013

Precision Limiter Rocks

I like this product so far, the metering seems to be great!. I only wish i had the option to make this and other uad plugins zoom in like the waves durrough meter. Also it would be nice to have a undo button to backstep adjustments.

P. Holubar

December 8, 2013

Brickwall limiter

Precision Limiter plugin is my "Only the one" brickwall limiter on Cubase's master output.

C. Laurent

December 6, 2013

Génial !!!

Totalement transparent, le précision UAD Limiter apporte à mes mix la puissance transaprente et une qualité de plugin haut de gamme...
Facile à utiliser, il est simple et efficace.
Attention à ne pas en abuser pour ne pas abimer vos mix...
Merci UAD

D. Hiett

November 30, 2013

dont hesitate

retire L2 or better yet adaptive limiter if your still in the dark ages. This thing will help you tremendously if you are mastering your own work. like all things too much aint a good thing so don't be greedy just hit it right and you will love it.

M. Quinzio

November 6, 2013

A must have.

Nice open sound, low distortion, great alternative to L2.

G. Olson

November 4, 2013


Best limiter I have ever used, hands down. Very precise (obviously), and very transparent, even with large gain increases. The perfect end to any 2 bus chain!

K. Merrow

October 27, 2013

Set it and forget it!

I use this on my master bus at the end of the chain. I just put it on auto, and let it do it's thing. It stays very transparent, and will only introduce distortion if you REALLY slam into it with insane DBs. Best limiter, ever!

A. Eriksmoen

October 12, 2013


I really like this plugin. I put it on every mix I do in the master bus. I also use it often on individual channels. Very passive.

181-200 of 325 Results