Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter

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Precision Limiter

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UAD User

March 8, 2017

the sound is just my need.


UAD User

February 28, 2017


Exactly what I was looking for my mastering ...

J. Copeland

February 16, 2017


Love this plug definitely does something different from all other limiters. Since I've had it I haven't not used it.

M. Diaz Velez

January 12, 2017

Total control on your master

I use it to control my Masters, I'm a mastering guy that do not over compress the master, I love to hear the music breath! This is perfect for me because it handles the peaks without destroy them! Totally Recommended!!!!

L. Alin Gabriel

January 1, 2017


The most "musical" sounding limiter I owned. Not the most transparent but beautiful sounding. I prefer it miles ahead other "transparent" limiters. Also it does not create intersample troubles even when heavy limiting (and I'm very serious when I say "heavy"). Just set the ceiling to -0.3 db and no intersample, at least for me. Excellent product.

M. Antonio Delfine

December 28, 2016

Precision Limiter

Very good

M. Narain

December 14, 2016

Precision Limiter

I love it! It's clean, powerful & accurate. I've used waves mastering limiters for awhile & they sound good & I know using my ears is the best way to go but I still didn't like that they didn't seem to display accurate gain reduction. Only reason I gave it 4stars is cuz I'd like it if it had an output knob but I've learn to work around it.

M. Fubler

December 12, 2016

Great, multipurpose tool!

I use this on almost every input channel and on the master of all my DAW projects. It sounds great and adds an interesting character when you start to really crank on the boost.

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

Does the job

My go to limiter on the master bus, most of the time just using the preset, does the job because you can forget you put it there. When tweaking (which occurs seldomly), beware of distortion artifacts when levels are too high.

T. Hinterholzinger

November 29, 2016

a wonderful addition to my palette of sound colours...

The Precision Limiter sits right next to my Nugen ISL, Waves and Sonnox limiters. When I do mastering, I always try every limiter plugin against my others. I worked with a lot in the past. Voxengo Elephant is huge and big, Fab Filters Pro-L is clean and nice, Waves L2 is brighter and radio like, Sonnox is clean on pop but can't do huge swings of level and distorts midrange siney waveforms like on acoustic classical organ music or vibraphone. The Nugen brings the vocal up front, in a most extreme way, that often is just so cool! But the Precision is just true. As long as you don't do more than 2dB peak GR, it is the most transparent one, at least imho...

D. Sokolov

November 18, 2016

Real Precision !!!

unfortunately I have long regarded this plugin biased, but when I tried the demo - simply could not comprehend how I managed without it ?!

A. Pesic

November 4, 2016

Forget about anything else

I have been using some other products when it comes to a limiter , and the first time i have tried precision limiter . This is the first limiter that does the job without adding a color or artificial sounds. Amazing !!!

G. Reinert

September 14, 2016


Always I looked for a limiter where I could make sound volume without ruining my mix. With the Precision Limiter I found. I recommend!

J. Ortega

August 26, 2016

Johnny O

Most transparent limiter I have ever owned. The gain reduction is not harsh at all, very clean (until you starting shoving of course). One of my most used plug-ins.

m. nakanami

August 19, 2016

Open my eyes for recording

Although I have been using limiter which is bundled in the DAW soft ware, I am not satisfy it, because of sound is not loud and lack of expression. After changing Precision Limiter, recording can be carried out high accuracy level, and I could open my eyes for Mastering.I think that high accuracy level meter is necessary tool for Recording and Mastering. I feel like my music was reborn.

UAD User

July 13, 2016

Great Results!

Very nice limiter for a lot of different material!No distortion and the meters working pretty proper!
Precision Limiter starts to became my go to limiter most of the times too.Thanks Universal Audio for the great Limiter!!!


July 12, 2016

A must have for Mastering

The sound quality of the plug-in is amazing . I use it in conjunction with my outboard hardware . It's a perfect combination because of it's transparency. A must have for post production.

J. Schmitz

July 5, 2016

Smooth and easy

I'm not a mastering engineer, but when I need to pop a mix up so my client can reference it closer to it what it will be at, this thing rocks. Not sterile sounding like the L ones from Waves. But very smooth and transparent. That's all I need! Awesome level monitoring options too with as many as you can want. I'll sometimes turn off the limiter just to use its meters. And you can't complain about its DSP usage! Thanks again UAD!

w. wan

June 25, 2016

Must have the plugin

The sound quality is very good, is also essential plug-in, customer service is very good, very responsible for answering some questions

W. Kroeger

June 18, 2016

Bullet proof

Very little second-guessing comes into play when using this plugin. This limiter stays true to the mix you put through it and it takes a lot of wrong doing before you can hear any negative effects. All and all, I feel it is very transparent and adds a very subtle amount of colouration. Playing around with the release time can beef up your song nicely. Very happy with this one!

41-60 of 268 Results