Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter

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Precision Limiter

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E. Maccoppi

September 8, 2015

The only one !

That's what I was looking for.

M. Bongiovanni

August 1, 2015

This Thing put the LIM in Limiter

I love this plug in, so clean so transparent. It will be in my mastering chain.

I. Papagiannidis

June 2, 2015

the best limiter!

the best limiter! i rally love it to control the volume even to raise the volume without having picks!

S. San Martin

May 4, 2015

Mountain peaks

Precision Limiter keeps the mix dynamics punchy and sharp though the full-frequency spectrum. It offers a wide range of transparent gain reduction or boosting with very few controls for fast tweaking. The major choice is: which of 4 algorithms to run; A or B for a faster or more subtle grab; and your levels. Within that simple alchemy are the tools to amplify and unify any material.

This lives on the mix bus - I generally mix with the limiter engaged so there's no surprises. Every mix sounds better with Precision.

UAD User

April 19, 2015


I'm no mastering engineer but I can hear the difference between some of the other limiters out there, quite simply it does it's job with out adding nasty artefacts. Great tool for mixing and sending a premaster version to clients. (or they can use the volume knob!)

K. Storkås

April 15, 2015

Precision Limiter

This plugin can make your master loud! Its way better than L2 i think. Its smooth and does its thing. Good sound quality. I haven't got any experience with good hardware limiters in a pro mastering chain, but this certainly does the job on rough mixes to send to clients, and i use it to check what mastering will do to my mixes when the client wants loudness. Best used sparingly, like all plugins.

D. Avidon

April 4, 2015

Still The Undisputed Champ

My first major purchase back when I was just starting my own shop was UAD accelerator and the complete (I think it was V5) set of UA plugs available at the time. These days I run a largely analog, very nicely appointed studio, and I have quite a range of limiters both hardware and software to choose from. The Precision Limiter is still the best of all of them if the specific goal is to leave your tracks sounding as close to a louder version of the unaltered original as possible. I've run some pretty exhaustive comparisons with it up against dozens of other brickwall limiters, some much newer and more expensive, and still to this day nothing ever beats it. It might be the only limiter you'll ever need.

J. Walsh

February 8, 2015

Simple, powerful and useful

Fantastic processor, purchased as I required a decent limiter for creating demos and for voice over work - stuck this across my stereo bounce with or without a touch of the Fairchild 660 and BAM! Transparent and loud without killing your mix too much ! Good selection of metering and nicely laid out... What more could you want at that price? Demo it and try for yourself :]

P. Lalama

January 20, 2015

Precision limiter

Many limiters out there but none that sound as good as this one!

D. Zannoni

January 16, 2015

Great tool for Mixing

Reduces greatly the peak value without changing the sound.
Perfect for Kick - Snare - Percussion
Very Very Very Great . This guy pump the mix !

V. Laznyevyy

January 12, 2015

Precision Limiter it's a Bomb!!!

You 100% need it, if you don't want listen overload on your live recordings!
Many Thanksss to UAD for this amazing plugin. My recordings go to another high level! Thanks!!!

D. Emmanuel

January 12, 2015

Precision Limiter Plug-In

A master recording engineers must have for mastering, that gives a fantastic result of superb quality that is beyond another limiter out there.

Y. Chistyakov

January 12, 2015

Precision Limiter

one of the best plugins. easy to operate and very effective. use almost anywhere. my opinion - need to have.
thanks UAudio.

D. Stephen

January 11, 2015

Precision Limiter is great!

Very transparent and open, yet brick walls as it's supposed to, with minimal artefacts even with high gain reduction. Easy to use and not too processor hungry.

A. Kleyman

January 6, 2015

That's it.

For me ist this limiter one of the best on the marked. Easy to understand and to use. What should i say same way great like the Maximizer.

D. Perez

January 6, 2015


very transparent response! go for it!
la respuesta es muy transparente, ni lo dudes!

E. Macedo

December 26, 2014

Great. in my mixes and mastering, just use Plugins Uad!

Great. in my mixes and mastering, just use Plugins Uad!

T. Child

December 16, 2014

Unbeatable limiter

As others have said this is my go to limiter, it’s a super transparent extremely useful and a very musical limiter.

I didn’t think until now that I would find something as useful as this on all my mixes, as most of the limiters I have used before I used sparingly as needed, picking the right one for the job.

but now I have this used lightly on all my buses and it really helps, sometimes some additional character limiting from other UAD plugins also helps.

S. Verma

December 11, 2014

Need start mixing tips

Limter is very good
But I need help were to place in fader

C. Coates

December 8, 2014

Drum buss!

I was able to tame my drum buss without ruining its feel. Ran this plug after the Fairchild 660(stereo) plugin to shave off the big peaks and suddenly I had a super loud but expressive drum sound. The metering is excellent... and the plug only used 1% dsp on my Apollo Quad. I have a feeling this will be used a lot.

Felt better than the stock Logic plugs, and the Waves L2. It really is transparent, which such a welcome treat after crafting such a nice tone through tracking and mixing.

81-100 of 268 Results