Precision Mastering Bundle

Precision Mastering Bundle

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Customer Reviews

Precision Mastering Bundle

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W. Schlender

October 5, 2014

Precision EQ Plug-In

Very powerful sound shaping tool!! great features!

K. Paktrakettrin

September 15, 2014

Simple but powerful

Thank to UA again and again This plug totally change my work forever, I use it a lot.

J. Battle

September 7, 2014

Great Limiter!

Love the amount of Options! Great addition. Very Transparent Limiter here!

J. Battle

September 7, 2014

Great Limiter!

Love the amount of Options! Great addition. Very Transparent Limiter here!

C. Rogers

August 20, 2014

Perfect Limiter

I love how easy it is to use and that it is sparkling clean.

M. Fekjær

August 10, 2014

My go to limiter

I've tried a lot of limiters, but this is still the king in my opinion :)
Always on the end of my master chain.

J. Peter

July 27, 2014


its a fine tool, not absolutely fine like my tc6000, but good and well working

thanks juerg ton

E. Regul

July 24, 2014

Precise and transparent

This is a very nice mastering tool. I do now use it on nearly every single mastering session I work on. You kann precisely pic out every little thing that's too much our bring some life back into your masters with the built in expander.
Also nice in the mix to calm down single tracks that contain harmful peaks in single frequency bands.
Would buy it again.

G. Bonnier

July 16, 2014

Most responsive limiter i've used yet

I pût it on each of the 8 stereo busses comming out of the computer at mix down. Awesome!

N. Macpherson

July 15, 2014


amazing sonic quality...worth every nickel....the apollo system is so reasonably priced for what it is that it makes sense that once these plug ins are heard, future purchases will be made. Great marketing.

J. Jack

July 15, 2014

good design

i use Studio one and Cubase.
this is awsome GUI, but high latency
sound? That is something I still do not know about.

A. Han

July 12, 2014

Very Nice!

Although there are many other alternatives like Massey Limiter,
UAD Precision Limiter gives very transparent limiting if you don`t push too hard.

S. Verma

July 7, 2014

I like this pulgin. Before I was useing tc 3x

I like master pulgin. V good low end hi end.
Can you give me more idea for start project with this pulgin

S. Arts

July 4, 2014

Transparent & smoothest in town

Im using my UA precision limiter for a while now. Handy for K-system monitoring. I love the "non-colour sound" and it`s big horizontal metering. Smooth as a jellyfish, big waves, small waves.. This one takes UAverywhere!

V. Sibley

June 30, 2014

Incredible thing!

All I can say that this is the most accurate,transparent limiter I ever used!Natural attack,pure sound and legendary UA sound!

P. Gharapetian

June 29, 2014

a must have for uad owners

clean, transparent and full of features. use it sparingly. use it wisely. don't use presets. multiband compressors are the quickest way to destroy your music. that being said. this plugin will help take your music to the next level. just use your ears (with great speakers).

P. Holubar

June 25, 2014

Useful mastering EQ

Very useful mastering equalizer plug-in. And with small DSP usage on UAD2 (6,8% only in stereo mode on UAD2 solo)

P. Alves

June 22, 2014

Multiband for everything

Very versatile multiband comp with very linear response!

T. Spratt

June 20, 2014

Easy to use

These plugins are so easy to use. They may say Mastering in the name but they can be used for so many different things. Busses, individual instruments, what ever. They sound great and I'm glad I made the purchase.

G. Taylor

June 18, 2014

Best quality limiter

I've switched from using the Waves L2 at the end of vox chains to using the Precision Limiter. The quality shift is incredible. Very transparent!

321-340 of 642 Results