Precision Mastering Bundle

Precision Mastering Bundle


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Precision Mastering Bundle

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A. Vax

October 26, 2007

i change Mackie Final Mix to Precision Multiband.
And now i have clear sound.

A. Vax

October 26, 2007

not like it. i made dance music and need monstrous RMS. vote for precision maximizer!
this plug is for soft rock music for jus tcut some peaks.

A. Vax

October 26, 2007

it's precision. VERY precision! :) must have for mastering engineers!

J. Tamasovich

October 13, 2007

It is everything I could hope for in mastering my own projects. Every plugin is extremely useful..very transparent and accurate. I luv the fact that if you use any of the other compressors in the preproduction, the coloration is enhanced goin through this mastering bundle.Great work UA. Great for Hip Hop & R&B tracks....and pretty much anything else.

C. Hogommat

October 2, 2007

Mixed feeling on this one too, the main problem on the precision limiter is that on a main bus for (pre)mastering it does really take off the attack and power on your drums, the attack must be too fast and it does really change your mix's sound.
Waiting for the mrecision maximizer demo to see if it fixes this problem, i wouldn't be surprised.

J. Philippart

September 20, 2007

With the current trend of over the top mastered pre destroyed dynamic range,here is the ability to do it right or loud as chafe, this is a well engineered and very musical plug ,it oozes with transparency,even at what i consider to be wrong levels dynamicaly ,eg just plain loud,its actually quite impressive though i personally steer away from that sort of mastering,its ironic here we are in an age of digital where we no longer battle with the likes of hiss etc ,yet we appear to be to lazy to simply turn that volume knob up,remeber the old days when when you did that and well recorded album would sound fantasticaly dynamic,not so whith most modern albums turn them up and fatigue, horrid lack of musical involvement with listener,distortion of the undesired kind,LOW and behold if used right this plug is outstanding and the magic of the living pulsing loud soft all those attributes of music we crave are right there. later P.

D. Ralph

August 23, 2007

AHHH i hate UA! They keep making me open my wallet!
I'm almost out of moths.

This is the only plug that i have reviewed but have not purchased, this is solely because at the moment i've spent me last pennys on the Neve 1081.
So what do i like about this? It's subtle! it's so subtle that it could get away with having three b's and still never need to pronounce either.

For what it's intended for it fills the position to a T, gentle EQ's of a final mix.

Without doubt the next plug i shall buy as soon as my wallet recovers.
No doubt a more helpful review will come at that time too!

D. Ralph

August 23, 2007

Probably one of the most perfect mastering plugs you can really buy.
I've used a few MBC in my time, the one i use most is Logics Multipressor.
First things first, what do i hate about it? Actually not much! Not being able to change the crossovers via a drag is miopic (suddenly gets embarassed, can you change it like that?) Having to type in numbers is too clinical, sometimes you just wanna drag it and see if it sounds good!

Overall that is very much my view on this plug; clinical, more clinical than a room full of proctologists.
However, thats not a minus point, it's just simply it's personality.
Most of the time i 2bus through the 33609 because i'm still in awe of how it manages to reduce dynamics so beautifully, but at times i do like to have a little more spectral control, which is of course where the MBC truly comes to life.

So if it's a multiband compo you want get this one! It's pretty much as good as i have heard, just think of it more like a tool that processes sound rather than a piece of musical equipment.

D. Ralph

August 23, 2007

M, i have mixed feelings on this.
Sometimes i find this works very well, but in all honesty i think it holds nothing over logics bog standard limiter.

Don't get me wrong i think its a good plugin, but for mastering? No, it's not there yet.

D. Craighead

July 15, 2007

This Multibandcompressor is just amazing. Always using it on any track and it ALWAYS sounds way better than without. The good thing is that it doesn't color the sound at all, it just underlines the groove and expands the frequency spectrum so you can use it in your mix OR for the mastering process, in both worlds it does it job really damn good!

M. Trujillo

June 2, 2007

I'm always skeptical of any reviewer that calls a mastering limiter 'amazing'. They simply make things louder which is certainly not an amazing feat given that there mastering limiters come a dime a dozen these days. I use to use Sonic Timeworks mastering compressor because it was the most transparent when compared with Waves. Then iZotope came out with Ozone and I started to use that because it wouldn't distort when too much low freq energy was out through it. After demoing the Precision Limiter I found it to be comparable to Waves and Ozone but certainly not amazing. I could hear it on my mixes more than I like to hear a mastering limiter. I love most UAD plug-in's and so I have the highest expectations when they release something new. They are, for the most part, the best out there. This one however is not the best our there, but perhaps just as good, and so somewhat disappointing for me since I already have several limiters that perform just as well. In my opinion its only worth it if you don't already have a plug in for this job that you're happy with. It's certainly not 'amazing' as others have claimed it to be (but I don't think any mastering limiter is). But as always, try it out for yourself and compare it to some others before shelling out your $199.

J. Hohmann

June 1, 2007

The precision limiter is beside the Sony Oxford limiter one of the best digital limiters I know. But let me tell you I've bought a Manley Slam. I know it is a bit unfair to compare a 200 $ Sofware with a 6000 $ hardware, but the difference is huge!! If you compare both units, the Slam is much louder an more spatial, very round at top and low end. Don't think you could do anything with the precision limiter.

E. Balabanov

December 13, 2006

Precision it's best sound! Now I get result quickly and very qualitatively! Thanks Universal Audio! Greetings from Russia:)

C. Ruther

December 6, 2006

PLimiter... What can I say about it..... THE BEST software based Peak Limiter on the planet!!! Amazing punch without messing up the upper harmonics and the soundstage!! The PL is a KILLER!!!!

T. Makitalo

September 20, 2006

What more do I need to say after these all positive reviews ?

This Plugin is just working in ANY type of audio project and it just KICKS ASS !!!!!!

T. Makitalo

September 17, 2006

PM Is one of my most wanted plugins ever, I couldn't even dream someday to get my hands on something that sounds like this little dream machine =)
When combined to Precision EQ and Limter this is all i need in the future mastering projects.
This is awesome plugin when used in mastering or as an track FX and i use it on all my mastering projects.
Thank you UA and UAD software team for making this dream possible !

C. Mcconnell

September 15, 2006

Somehow UAD never ceases to amaze me with the incredible, professional results I get with their cards and plug's.

I used the Prec. Limiter Plug on ten-year-old audio files that were recorded with pre-Digi001, AudioMedia cards. The tracks were all jacked up noisy, over-normalized--with volume going up and down, etc. This one plug nailed them, dialed them in, and practically punched me in the face. My jaw dropped over and over, each time I tried it on my old "junky" stuff--wait, is it still old junkie stuff now? Hmm, $200 to take all my old stuff that I was going to trash and make it useable?

Simply put, (for me--'can't say for everyone)
This one plug transformed my ten-year-old, poor-quality (unmastered) recordings (that were going to be trashed) into much higher quality material. I thought that I was going to have to re-record all that stuff if I ever wanted to use it. The thought of that made me want to cry and/or just throw everything away and be done with it.

The problem I faced after I got this plug was that I wanted to go back and remix all my old stuff--'stayed up all night more than a few times with this one plug.

Also, the extra "presets" on the newer version make it much more useful for me.

A. Arfaras

June 3, 2006

I've had a studio in my home for over 20 years. Avalons, Neumann, Waves, Finalizers, etc. etc. I'm serious when I say it, you're not going to find a higer quality product on the market. The Limiter and the Eq are my favorites!

N. Hollis

May 9, 2006

i got this eq a few weeks ago and now i use nothing else for my mastering work, really does sound like a well rounded analog eq up there with best of them,returned my faith in mastering in the software domain,no one else has come this close before,again UA keep up the stunning work,and keep us guys smiling.

Z. Marc

May 9, 2006

woow, this is just breathtaking, the only eq-plug in that allows me to turn the knob into the "plus" zone without sounding unnatural like all others. first i wanted to buy a hardware tube eq to master my trax, but this superb eq saved me thousends of bucks :-) now i have the sound of the big guys...

Thank you for creating such a great tool.

521-540 of 596 Results