Precision Maximizer

Precision Maximizer

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Precision Maximizer

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J. Andersson

December 13, 2015

Precision Maximizer

It like the sound when i use it on the master. It feels so natural och real.

D. Schneider

December 12, 2015

Great Product!

After watching a video by Pete Deoll on UA Precision Mastering Plug-Ins, I purchased both the Precision Maximizer and the Precision EQ
to go with the Precision Limiter I already owned. I am very pleased with how well these plug-ins work together and the results I have had.
These plug-ins are easy to use and I am well pleased with my purchase.

F. Ortiz

December 10, 2015

Precision Maximizer

Defintivamente no hay punto de comparacion entre los plugins de waves y los dsp de UAD. Las carateristicas son mucho mejores mas limpias y neutras.

F. Ortiz

December 10, 2015

Precision Maximizer

Like every single plugin from UAD is much better than others in same range. Cannot compare any waves plugins with DSP UAD plugins.

A. Shevchenko

December 10, 2015

Maximaze your sound!

Absolutely must have beast! Long time I try to find processor for do this job. I use MD3 algorithm but Precision Maximaizer much more easy in use and punchy sounding. insert it before limiter on master bus and your mix would be ready for radio.

J. Kitawongwat

September 17, 2015

I love This

I love This Plug-in / Precision Maximizer make my music so good .. it easy to use

S. Attila

April 19, 2015

Great tool, love it!

I can't compare this with a Waves L1-2-3. It can be pushed far more without distortion. Plus the Shape button does a very nice work. I use it mainly for the master bus with limiter function on and I am satisfied. Compared with the Precision Limiter, but the Limiter is too neutral for me and can't be pushed as the Maximizer (I think this pushing thing depends on material). The only thing I miss is a digital RMS meter on the output, would be nice if I shouldn't always load one third party meter.

UAD User

March 26, 2015


great Maximizer ! & very easy

UAD User

February 27, 2015




L. Bruno

January 13, 2015

awesome plug

The Maximizer is an awesome plug-in
Precision Maximizer makes material sound louder and tubelike ... adding shine and presence...and so simple...

A. Kleyman

January 6, 2015


This one is a must have. Great Maximizer. You can use it in different combinations on the mix and master.

S. Popyk

January 2, 2015

Only positive impressions of use and good results working with maximizer.

Only positive impressions of use and good results working with maximizer.
- It is not like other maximizer
- Emphasizes the attack in the mix and the individual tools
- Adds a bit of Presence
- Makes the mix brighter and harder not just brighter.
- Remains the same after the maximization of the mix that was to
- At high values appear to overload midrange instruments and tracks - especially the vocals. Need to be careful for large values of the RMS
- Built-in limiter liked more than pretsizhn limiter.
- Very convenient availability knompki - mix. You can mix with processed and unprocessed signals
Good work VJ! I would like to see in the future, other plug-ins for mastering that include Dithering, analyzers and monitoring - mono, stereo

J. Patiño

December 13, 2014


El Maximizer de UA, en todo sentido es muy bueno, existe una gran diferencia de calidad con su similir L2o L3 de waves, sin pensar seguire trabajando con este fabuloso plig-in, hay como utilizarlo sutilmente o muy fuertemente. Un plug-in muy bueno recomendado para quienes quiere tener una masterización unica..

A. Sulok

December 12, 2014

Excellent Precision Maximizer

In music the gain is important. Clear and transparent compactness which I have long sought. work - UAD developers best. Excellent - simple work in Precision Maximizer Plug-In. THX

Y. Chistyakov

December 12, 2014

Precision Maximizer

maximizer good, works well, is easy to use, what else do you want? an excellent result.
Thank you UA

A. Berkut

December 11, 2014

Best maximizer from universal audio

For me this is the best maximizer which ever heard. It is great to increase the volume and saturates the sound. He becomes richer and thus remains transparent. Really great device

K. Péter

December 8, 2014

Not soft. But verrrrrrrry strong

It is so powerful and heavy I love it really. Just cannot live without this. I dont know any maximizer on the market what is more useful for me on the market, for drum buss and master chain (before the limiter)

D. Charles

November 17, 2014

grainy, distorted

Use can use up to a point then it distorts. This does not make your mix any better. Wouldn't recommend.

H. Fitzpatrick

October 25, 2014


This is quite good. It is less grainy and digital sounding than my Sonnox Inflater. I end up with a cleaner master. I still can't get up to commercial levels with my Precision limiter and Maximizer without entering into distortion, but it's better than just my Waves L3 and Sonnox Inflater. Certainly a worthwhile addition to my plug-ins.

G. Braconi

October 21, 2014

Precision Maximizer

I use it during the Mastering and the result was great!

101-120 of 222 Results