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Precision Maximizer


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Precision Maximizer

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A. Bochagov

December 5, 2016

Alexander Bochagov

Always use this plug-in mastering and very happy, because the sound becomes more saturated and bright

j. osorno

December 4, 2016


le da mas claridad y realce a la mezcla con unos pocos movimientos

J. Jackson

November 30, 2016

Glad I Purchased This Plug-in

For me I had to choose between this plug-in and the UAD Precision Limiter. I understand that they both have their different strengths and characteristics, but I could only choose one for now. So I went with the Precision Maximizer and couldn't be happier. It maximizes and has a limiter function as well. I do plan to add the Precision Limiter eventually, but for now I am happy with my purchase. It helped to read the UAD-Plug-Ins Manual to get some pointers on how to use this maximizer.

D. Whittington

November 25, 2016

Must have

This Maximizer adds nice harmonics to your master project. I like it as a brick wall limiter as well. Doesn't allow much movement but I make Drum & Bass and I like volume and movement is in my mix. Stands strong!

D. Whittington

November 11, 2016


Plugin is the bread and butter of my mastering chain. Like my knock it out of the park plug. What's it's job? Just smack it out of the park :D. Sometimes I don't even limit after depending on how happy I am with my mix. Sometimes I put Precision Limiter after to cut some peaks. Either way, I like pushing this over the limiter. Shape, Mix and go!

Thank you Universal Audio

I. Papagiannidis

October 28, 2016


I wasn't a fan of maximizers ,since i do not master my songs. but this is more than a maximizer. it makes the sound more 3d with the shape button and its perfect for control with the limit button

great plugin!

G. Reinert

September 14, 2016

Precision Maximizer Plug-In

Completely changed the quality of my mix! I recommend!

G. Hampton

July 21, 2016

Don't Wait!

All the praises everybody has written is 100% correct! I love this Plug-in!

R. Robertson

July 18, 2016

Maximizer Works greaet

Tried it - liked it.
It helps enhance you mix just like UA's video says.
Add it before the Precision Limiter and listen to your mix.
This completed the four plugins I needed for home mastering.
Now my mix's have gone to a whole other level.
Thanks U.A.

F. Schoffelen

June 23, 2016

Good vibe

Even on mainly acoustic material I was convinced after a couple of comparisons with similar maximisers. I used fabfilters Pro-L and Saturn for quite a bit but this plug got me same or similar results way faster and easier. I like what it does to a master bus and especially the timbre of vocals and guitar. Together with an instance of a clean Oxide setting for glue it really works well.

H. Luton

June 21, 2016

Precision Maximizer

Really very good doesn't seem to colour the mix which is great but it is still early doors for me, i was however hoping for more impact level wise but maybe thats down to how i use it.... would love a tutorial video on how to get the maximum out of theses plugins not just videos of top players recommending them as that would be invaluable still a thumbs up from me.

J. Petersen

June 20, 2016

Very useful!

I don't master my own tracks, but it is a great and fast solution to put this on the master bus if you want to make your track sound slightly more mastered and finished when arranging. It's also a great plugin to put on lead synths if you want them to sound a bit more aggressive and powerful.
In any case, I'm satisfied.

M. Nykvist

May 21, 2016

Precision Maximizer Plug-In

Really good i use it most Projects.

M. G.

April 4, 2016


Increíble plugin!!! Es realmente lo que cuenta la publicidad. El limitados muy bueno. Normalmente lo uso con la opción 3 bandas y sube la señal que es un alucine y siempre con la ventaja del uso DSP UAD, que deja la cpu del ordenador libre para otras acciones. RECOMENDADO!

R. Mannarini

March 31, 2016

Simply the best

Super plugin.
Make difference with my tracks ...

A. Jarrin De La Torre

March 11, 2016

Una Máquina!

Antes utilizaba el maximizador de BBE el Loudnes Maximizer, pero siempre encontraba que los masters perdían totalmente la dinámica, las baterías aplastadas etc etc especialmente cuando quería lograr mayor nivel en el master. con el Precisión Maximizer la diferencia es brutal, el sonido es limpio y puedo llegar a un m¡nivel superior antes de aplastar todo!. un plug-in altamente recomendado.

R. Matias

March 7, 2016

Found it

I've been looking for perfect brickwall limiter more than a decade, unit which wont go mushy but can push signal to extremes, and here it is. Finally my mixes sound BIG. Thank you UAD!

R. Matias

March 7, 2016

Found it

I've been looking for perfect brickwall limiter more than a decade, unit which wont go mushy but can push signal to extremes, and here it is. Finally my mixes sound BIG. Thank you UAD!

M. Vila Nova

February 27, 2016


Excellent plugin! Very powerful yet with it's own personality. Not like other alternatives that crush in a sterile way! Great!

J. Kitcher

February 25, 2016

Definitely has uses but...

... I'm not sure if this is suitable for mastering dance music (although I've not tried it on any acoustic / instrument-based material). It's certainly effective in the mix process, fantastic for beefing up a bass or synth layer.

41-60 of 170 Results