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Precision Maximizer


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Precision Maximizer

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P. Gharapetian

June 29, 2014

simple and clean.

Simple and does what it says on the tin. doesn't kill your attacks like most limiters & maximisers. clean and simple.

R. Giovanini

June 23, 2014

The best plugin

One of the best plugins. Gives a shine to individual instruments and joint and solves the problem in mastering. I was really impressed with the quality of this plugin. Worth buying!

A. Kotelnikov

May 15, 2014

Precision Maximizer biggest loudness!

This is a very good peak limiter, I like to use it to mastering to achieve a dense sound track, it is very well raises the volume of the whole mix!

C. Tamas

May 8, 2014

Precision Maximizer Plug-In

great sounds - big skill - love this plug in / 5 stars

T. Friesecke

May 3, 2014

Very Nice!

Pure loudness while you have great sound! Perfect!

J. Ackerman

April 18, 2014

Fantastic Tool. A keeper from the first time I applied it.

When I moved over to Pro Tools 11, I no longer had access to some of the mastering limiters I was using in 10, so I tried this guy out to see if it would do the job and bring everything together for me in a way that sounded musical and powerful . . . . It's just glorious.

I've used this in the last few days on a totally brutal thrash metal band and also for a bluegrass acoustic song (or three) and it dazzled in each case.

The only problem that I have with any of the UAD plug-ins I have purchased is that I would be totally lost and heartbroken if I didn't have access to them anymore. If there's better software out there, I have never heard of it.

J. Carmo

March 31, 2014

Best Maximizer i ever used

The punch and clarity are great and the 1 and 3 band mode are awesome.
It´s the best maximizer i ever used. Thanks UA !

G. Leonard

March 17, 2014

Precision Maximizer

The Precision Maximizer is a fantastic plug-in and has become my go-to for both mastering and mixing applications. Like all UAD plugs, the sonic character is superb. While versatile, it is also intuitive to use and smoother and warmer sounding in side by side comparisons with similar products. A valuable and worthy addition to my growing arsenal of UAD plug-ins.

J. Winkel

March 8, 2014

Perfect live tool (and studio 2)

I use the Maximizer in combination with Precision Multiband Plug-In and the Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder Plug-In on the Apollo Twin Dual in the live set up. In this way my output is ready 2 go!! A soundcheck is only a matter of gain in the FOH console.

In the studio I use the Maximizer also on individual instruments.

TIP: don't over do it and the result is perfect!

M. De

January 13, 2014

precision maximizer

This maximizer is the best for me.
I use it at the of my master chain in only project
and it help to me all the time because its clear
and deep. I mix and record acoustic music with strings
guitars double bass voice cello and di use it after
the manley, the shadow hills and precision K .
Finally it's very easy to use.
simply great plugin!

S. Rayeen

January 12, 2014

For those who love saturation

This Plugin is for those who love saturation. Very easy to use and gives amazing results. Must have plugin for all.

A. Pir

January 12, 2014

It's better than sonnax!

It really make the track bigger without noticeable damage to it.I love it when I used it on my drum bus.

R. Rosso

January 9, 2014

a useful quick facility

very useful to maximize the RMS/UFS of the final mix especially for folk music. Very transparent effect. SImple application for a good ear.

R. Rosso

January 9, 2014

a useful quick facility

very useful to maximize the RMS/UFS of the final mix especially for folk music. Very transparent effect. SImple application for a good ear.

P. Lira

January 2, 2014

Loud, smooth, round and punchy!

This plugin is awesome! it will enhance the harmonics of your mix and definitely bring it to the next level by a lot! If you can crank it or keep it discrete, it will make your whole mix sound better.

F. Speer

December 28, 2013

Besser als Inflator

...aber auch etwas anders. Besitze beide. Am Besten fährt man tatsächlich meistens, wenn man von beiden nur maximal die "Hälfte" des Möglichen dazugibt.

S. Berujanyan

December 20, 2013

The best Maximizer

A good quality product, UAD Maximizer is great for making my tracks loud,It is an excellent plugin.

S. Jachelli

December 20, 2013


My mastering are no longer the same after I used the plugin, powerful..

V. Bonev

December 15, 2013

Maximize your soundz

I like this thing so far it seems to not over saturate, but still experimenting with it and learning it ! Would be cool to have a enlarge the plugin option and undo buttons. Please consider

E. Toussaint

November 15, 2013

Clean and Loud

Seems to retain most of the dynamic range when limiting, but dont push it tooo hard. Sounds great, kills most native limiters instantly.

81-100 of 165 Results